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Record immigration expands population by quarter of a million

A total of 252,000 more migrants arrived in the UK than left in 2010 – the highest figure ever for a full calendar year.

It was due to a huge fall in the number of people emigrating, especially Britons who left at their lowest rate for more than a decade.

The world economic crisis was blamed for fewer people looking abroad for work and fewer Britons looking for a retirement in the sun.

Foreign students also arrived in the UK in record numbers while Eastern European workers are moving back to the UK at three times the rate they did at the height of the recession.

The figures are a major headache for David Cameron who has pledged to bring net migration down to the “tens of thousands”.

The Home Office last night insisted it was till too early to see the impact of planned measure to cut numbers and that more up to date provisional estimates suggest the trend is reversing.

However, some of the main drivers behind the figures are beyond the Government’s control, such as emigration and the flow of EU citizens.

Matt Cavanagh, associate director at the think thank IPPR, said: “Today’s figures remind us that it was a mistake for the Conservatives to choose “net immigration” for their overall political target.

“The figures confirm that net immigration in 2010 was the highest on record. Not because immigration is rising – as the ONS make clear, it has been stable since 2004 – but because emigration is falling.

“The government cannot control emigration – just like it cannot control immigration from the EU – so it ends up trying to clamp down even harder on those areas of immigration it can control.”

A total of 591,000 migrants arrived in the UK during 2010 while 339,000 left, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Britons made up 136,000 of those leaving, the lowest level since 1998. The number of people emigrating who are of retirement age has also fallen dramatically from 21,000 in 2005 to 6,000 last year, including a fall in retiring Britons from 16,000 to 4,000 over the period

Related figures showed the number of people leaving for work purposes in the year up to March 2011 was 174,000, the lowest level in five years.

Previously popular emigration destinations such as France, Spain and Australia have all seen falls.

The trend reinforces claims that fewer Britons are retiring to southern Europe because the exchange rate with the euro is so low while fewer people are looking for work overseas because of the dire global economic conditions.

In a further blow for ministers, a record 238,000 long term students arrived last year.

And the net inflow of Eastern Europeans workers from Poland and other countries who joined the EU in 2004 has trebled from 16,000 in 2008 to 49,000 last year.

Sir Andrew Green, the chairman of pressure group Migration Watch UK, said: "At over a quarter of a million in 2010, net migration was the highest it has ever been. It was more than five times the level of 1997, when Labour came to power.

"It is absolutely vital to get this down to less than 40,000 if we are to keep our population below 70 million."

UK Independence Party home affairs spokesman Gerard Batten MEP said: "The Government has to own up. It hasn't a clue how to deal with the problem, and it has to be honest that whilst our migration and asylum rules are set in Brussels it will never have the power to control it."

The net migration figure was the highest for a calendar year although the level for the 12 months to September 2010 was higher at 255,000.

The Home Office last night leapt on separate, provisional figures that showed net migration in the 12 months to March this year showed a fall to 245,000.

Damian Green, the immigration minister, said: “The latest net migration figures are also encouraging, showing a fall since the recent peak in September 2010, but we are clear there is much more to be done."

Downing Street said Prime Minister David Cameron remained committed to reducing immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands.

Asked whether he thought it could be done, Mr Cameron's official spokesman said: "Yes, he does, but clearly that process is going to take some time."


So much for the promises to bring immigration down to the TEN'S OF THOUSANDS but we have over a Quarter of a Million a year entering this country, it'll be more as they don't know how many are here Illegaly.

THE LIB/LAB/CONNED are one and the same say one thing and do another.

Have any of them followed their Manifestos, and if not haven't they lied to the Electorate?


Over the last couple of weeks I have searched the main BNP website in order to keep up to date with the activities and progress of "Britain's fastest growing political party", but in vain.

There have been no new articles for two weeks.
Perhaps it is because the writers of the articles are busy signing up new members or taking the message further afield.

I would however have thought to have heard of some activities local to me. In the past there were frequent meetings and I was often spoilt for choice.
It seems others are also in the dark as I get frequent phone calls asking what is going on and unfortunately I have to confirm I know nothing. This seems surprising in such a rapidly growing party. It would be nice if I or other members could be kept abreast of the activities and the rapid progress in our fortunes.

In desperation I looked at the "Cumbrian Patriot blog" run by Clive Jefferson and found that there had been no articles for six months.

Now I know Clive is a very busy man filling a multitude of roles in the Party from Elections officer to Treasurer, not to mention his arduous duties as a parish councillor and must be hard pressed to write articles for his blog.
I feel however he should delegate his blog writing to someone else, for how else are we to know of the progress made?

So Nick and Clive, do not let modesty get in your way. Let the people know what you are up to. Broadcast it to the nation and afterwards relax in the knowledge that others can see these and the warm glow of pride in a job well done.

I appreciate the work you have to do, the sackings, expulsions, court cases and financial worries may leave little time but can you not give members some indication of the rapid progress you have made so we may brag about it together.



Tuesday, 22 November 2011


The latest government scheme to stimulate the economy and solve the housing problem demonstrates their lack of economic knowledge.
The idea that to help first time buyers with their deposits by guaranteeing most of the amount will make buying a house easier is madness.
The cause of the present high house prices was that borrowing too much too easily caused a boom in those prices.

I know a high deposit is hard to save for but if this is made easier house prices will go up by an equivalent amount as more people take advantage of the seemingly favourable terms and rush to buy.
This will help nobody least of all those young people tempted by this seemingly good offer as they will end up paying a much higher mortgage. If in the meantime interest rates go up they would become unable to keep up the mortgage payments and be repossessed. It would be a repeat of the sub prime disaster in the USA.

The government it seems not to have learnt from this recent lesson in economic madness.
Continuing in this cycle of madness, after enough people had joined this band wagon causing a temporary rise in prices when the inevitable slump came many would be in negative equity.
Of course the banks and builders would benefit from this temporary boom but the price would be paid by those conned into buying at a time when prices are higher than what is sustainable in the long term.

Of course there is a severe house shortage as there is bound to be with 500,000 extra people entering the country each year.
That is what prices the young people out of houses, a shortage caused by immigration.
There is a shortage of council accomodation as well. The government idea is to continue the Thatcherite idea of selling public housing to tenants at knock down prices and using the money to build fewer houses elsewhere.

I have always been against selling council houses off. They were originally built to serve a social need, housing for those who were unable to afford to buy. Now it seems they are increasingly allocated to immigrants.
These houses were originally built with the taxes of the British people and should be reserved for the poorer BRITISH PEOPLE.
They should not be sold off, least of all to those people from abroad who have jumped the queue to gain social housing.

A simple way of solving some of the problems would be to reserve social housing (and housing benefit) for those of British stock. If that were done there would be houses enough for all British people, and it would encourage alien people to return to their own countries.
It would also reduce the cost of mortgages, rents and the price of houses, to the benefit of all apart from those who paid too much for their properties and speculators in the housing market.
It would also reduce the need for taxes as rents could be lower and thus housing benefits.

It won't happen of course as the government is in hock to the building industry and the immigrant "communities"which supply them with the cheap foreign labour to the detriment of our own youth.

But just say it did.

We could then have cheaper houses for OUR young people, more jobs and relieve our countryside from the danger of being completely built over.

If the value of the properties owned by my generation fell they would be just as liveable and be a small price to pay for the future of our descendants who it seems are now destined to a life of unemployment and unable to afford a family while immigrants occupy the social housing stock and use this asset to achieve race replacement by out breeding us.

Common sense Nationalist economics I think.

Our "leaders" for the most part studied "Politics, Philosophy and Economics at university.
Either they had poor teachers or were poor learners as their politics has been shown to be a failure (the EU project) philosophy(destroy the British people?,foreign wars?) or economics (massive debts).

We are ruled by incompetents who mostly have never worked with real people in the real world and know nothing of the subjects they were so expensively subsidised to learn.
That Cameron knew so little about life was shown yesterday when he walked round a building site in his specially provided boots with his trousers outside them.

Our leaders are fools but so are those who voted for them.

When will the people learn?


Monday, 21 November 2011


As the Euro crisis deepens, hastening to its inevitable, and to most in our country welcome demise those in control desperately try to keep the show on the road at any price.
Unelected bureaucrats have been imposed on the peoples of Greece and Italy and only time will tell whether the people will put up with the measures prescribed.
Stock markets are falling and bond rates are rising, both indicative of a lack in confidence in the whole concept (or a ploy by bankers to cause further assaults on democracy)

Some were shocked at the imposition of unelected leaders to Greece and Italy, without realising that the European Community is run by unelected behind the scenes bureaucrats.
The EU Parliament makes resolutions but has no effective power. That is exerted by the unelected "Commission". Not exactly democracy, but then it is little different from the situation here when Cameron renages on his promise for a referendum, cuts in immigration and unsuitable and unelected people given power,("Baronesses" Warsi and Ashton for ecample)

The justification for this stealthy and massive retreat from democracy is that these people know better than the average pleb.
Well on past form those now ruling us have not acqitted themselves very well as they designed the obviously failed concept of the Euro and cooked the books to allow Greece to enter the Euro zone. It is ironic that the man who committed this fraud now runs Greece.

Democracy is a concept our people hold dear, have fought for and will not give up easily. We were ruled by kings and dictators in the past but nowadays it is bankers.

The will of the people they say is often wrong and dictatorships can be more efficient and get things done. What the people want is not always in the best interest of the country they say.
That is no doubt true sometimes in the short term until the inevitable corruption takes over, but do our so called leaders expect us to believe that our countries and lives will be run in our interests rather than the bankers who rule us now?

And don't think dictatorship by bankers is more benign than those of former Communist or Fascist dictators. Many of the recent wars have had banking advantages as a motive.

Cameron said last week that if we left the EU we would end up like Norway.
Well that's the best reason for leaving, as Norway has a high standard of living and a budget surplus owing to its gas, oil, hydroelectric and fish resources, the latter saved from over exploitation by its freedom from the EU.
Does Cameron really believe Norway is at a disadvantage, or Switzerland, a country which decides its future by referenda?

Cameron has shown himself as much a traitor and in hock to the NWO as his Labour predecessors and the Europhiles in his own party who, with the complicity of the bankers are presiding at the ruin of not only this country but Europe as a whole.

The Eurocrats have mixed our populations in order to dilute national solidarity and opposition to the injustices now being perpetrated on us. The multi culti mix will make a "peasant revolt" harder to sustain.

When the iniquitous Euro project does collapse it will be hard for all Europeans, but with luck we will be able to unite with the people of those countries to take them back, and

PUNISH THOSE WHO BETRAYED US by taking our peoples into a system destined to fail and against our interests.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

BBC's biased reporting of Global Warming - the consequences

The debate about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) rages within the blogosphere, but not in the U.K. mainstream media, which is led by the leftwing newspaper The Guardian and the BBC.

In Britain the BBC wields more power to shape public opinion than any other organisation over any other nation on earth. Moreover, the BBC invariably takes its cue on the big issues from The Guardian, from which it stands accused of adopting its political outlook.

Consequently the BBC has relentlessly promoted one side of the argument whilst suppressing the other, with catastrophic consequences for the nation's governance.

There is however a significant fact-based scientific consensus that argues against the theory that man has had, or is having, any significant impact on the climate.

These scientists cite the fact that past rises in global temperate predated the atmospheric rises in CO2; that the past rises in CO2 were actually a product of temperature rise, not their cause; and that the temperature rises were actually a product of increased solar activity.

It is, however, a side of the debate that the BBC refuses to air, contrary to its lawful obligations.

This twelve-minute video introduces the style in which the BBC covers the warming debate, followed by a selection of clips featuring renowned scientists whom the BBC freezes out, delivering the arguments that the BBC refuses to air.

The final four minutes introduces a major story of Press criminality, which for the last thirteen years the BBC and the rest of the media have suppressed.

The relevance of this notorious political scandal to the issue of AGW may not be readily apparent. However, all will become clear by the sequence of captions leading up to the video's climax.

Friday, 18 November 2011


Being a true Wiganer I have little interest in soccer, preferring the real game for men Rugby League where diving is non existant and men are really men.
Other "sports" such as tennis , OK for soft public school people like Cameron, Clegg and Blair also do not interest me and I speak rarely about any of these activities.
However in the press and television today there seems nothing else apart from the "racist" aspects of soccer.
Sepp Blatter has been accused of "racism" by saying that players should shake hands and make up if a naughty racist word has been uttered in the heat of a match.
What's wrong in that?
A South African official, I can't remember his name has said John Terry should not captain England after some remark he made, and the Bulgarian FA have been fined because some of their fans have shouted racist words.
It has been noticed that other European countries do not follow the "Kick racism out of football" concept to the letter as we do in our country.

It is true that insulting comments (only to a black player) will in this country possibly get you a jail sentence but this does not apply to other European countries YET.

The fact that English fans have to keep their mouths shut does not mean they welcome African players any more than fans in other countries.

The black "English" players (an oxymoron if ever there was one) have threatened to strike.
Let them.
We should be represented by English players and if African players are good they should play for African countries who would then possibly do well.
They would however have to be good to beat the German side as they train hard but if they do, good luck to them.

No doubt they would do well as they are without doubt generally good athletes, and they seem to be very touchy, but they have a lot to be touchy about and that probably explains it.
Apart from their athletic and musical ability Africans seem, as judged by the past achieved little in such fields as science or any intellectual persutes.
In all societies they are at the bottom of the pile and that is not the fault of English "racists". So whose fault is it?

No one denies they are great runners and sportsmen but they are not European and the people of Europe resent their presence in large numbers here however good they are at these non academic spheres.

It is known that there is much anti white racism in Africa but that is never mentioned.
Gagging the European people will not stifle their resentment, it will stay hidden because of the law but it will remain.

I resent my town being increasingly infiltrated by these people just as Africans resent us in their failed continent, but unlike them I dare not say anything.
I was brought up to believe in the free speech, hard won by our ancestors which it seems is now being taken away from us.
Insults I admit are unpleasant but how many of us have not been mocked over our place of birth or accent, but we have put up with it.

The old saying "sticks and stones don't break my bones" is still valid today in my opinion, and all should accept it.

Those who can not have a chip on their shoulders and to make a song and dance about of it indicates that perhaps the insults are deserved.
These insults in the heat of the moment are no more racist than the call in Africa for "whitey" to get out of Africa, so grow up and don't let it bother you.

BTW I will not get out of Africa as I will never set foot in that failed continent.

You want your continent back.


Mystery Radiation Detected 'Across Europe'

The hunt is on for the source of low level radiation detected in the atmosphere "across Europe" over the past weeks, nuclear officials said today.

Trace amounts of iodine-131, a type of radiation created during the operation of nuclear reactors or in the detonation of a nuclear weapon, were detected as early as three weeks ago by Austrian authorities and then two weeks ago by the Czech Republic's State Office for Nuclear Safety. Today the International Atomic Energy Agency released a statement revealing similar detections had been made "in other locations across Europe."

The IAEA said the current levels of iodine-131 are far too low to warrant a public health risk, but the agency still does not know the origin of the apparent leak and an official with the agency would not say where else it has been detected. Considering iodine-131 has a radioactive decay half-life of about eight days, continued detection means the leak occurred over a period of several days at least and is possibly ongoing.

The IAEA said it does not believe the radiation was left over from the nuclear disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant in March and the Czech Republic's State Office for Nuclear Safety said it was unlikely to have been caused by an incident at any nuclear plant's core. A meltdown there, the Czech agency said, would have released several other radioactive isotopes in addition to iodine-131.

The IAEA has been unable to determine from which country the radiation is emanating, and both Czech and Austrian officials said it was unlikely their countries were the source. Austrian officials said in a statement that a study of the dispersal cloud indicated the radiation is most likely coming from somewhere in southeastern Europe.

In addition to nuclear plants, iodine-131 is used in many hospitals and by radiopharmacutical manufacturers as it can be used to help treat thyroid problems in small doses.

"Anywhere spent nuclear fuel is handled, there is a chance that... iodine-131 will escape into the environment," the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says on its website.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Military bands to return after bomber's £2m last request

The former elite bomber pilot, who flew a De Havilland Mosquito for a Pathfinder squadron, loved to hear performances at the Victorian bandstand in Mesnes Park, Wigan as a boy.

But his home-made will left such vague instructions that it took a lengthy High Court debate to clarify his exact wishes after he died childless aged 91 three years ago.

Yesterday, a High Court judge finally gave a ruling that met the dying wishes of the popular veteran and finalised an agreement between Mr Higham's family and the Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust.

It means the Trust will now use the interest from the £2 million gift to fund at least two performances by military bands each year.

Before his death, Mr Higham, who was known as Billy, signed the will dividing his £7 million fortune between relatives and the Trust.

The handsigned will read: "I leave to Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust the sum of Two Million Pounds less the amount already donated over the last few years [ ...] to be invested and the income of which is to be used for the playing of Military bands (Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Army etc) in Mesnes Park Wigan.

"My trustees to ensure that my wishes in this matter are followed, and that they are fulfilled. Failure by the Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust to guarantee the provision of military bands in Mesnes Park Wigan would mean the return of these funds into my estate."

But the will was never formally completed by a solicitor and remained in its original handwritten form.

His nephew, John Higham, said his uncle's family home had been next to the park where he would hear the bands play every Sunday.

"He said it was traditional for them to have military bands in Wigan," Mr Higham told The Daily Telegraph.

"It was stopped for budgetary reasons but he always said there was no reason for there not to be military bands in Wigan park.

"He used to say, 'I'm going to leave some money for bands' but he said to me, 'it's got to be for military bands and/or brass bands.'"

Mr Higham flew Sunderland and Lancaster bombers for the RAF at the beginning of the war and later became a Mosquito pilot, joining the daring raids in Germany.

Mosquito planes, known as Mossies, were light aircrafts that were flown at low altitudes to attack specific targets in order to guide nightly raids.

They required great skill from the pilot to fly so low at very high speeds to drop flares and light up targets for larger bombers.

After leaving the air force, Mr Higham took over the family floristry business, which is still going strong today.

The veteran retired to Cornwall, where he died in 2008 with an estate that included paintings by his friend and artist James Lawrence Isherwood.

"He's done well for himself and at the end of his life, he wanted to return a bit for Wigan," his nephew added.

"There were six brothers altogether and they all served in the war. Billy said he didn't want it in memory of him, he wanted it in memory of the Higham brothers of Wigan.

"I hope we can arrange for a Lancaster bomber to come flying over, in memory of Billy."

Stuart Murray, chief executive of Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, which manages the park on behalf of Wigan Council, said: "We're delighted with this generous bequest.

"April 2012 will mark the end of Phase One of a multi-million pound restoration scheme and the newly refurbished bandstand will serve as a perfect location for Military Bands performing in-line with Mr Higham's wishes.

"His legacy will ensure that many thousands of people will be able to enjoy live music in this wonderful park."

Rules of the Trust:

1. Wigan shall put on military bands at Mesnes Park on not less than two occasions each year unless due to circumstances of force majeure.

1.1 The exact number will be at the discretion of Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust.

1.2 Each event shall be open to the general public.

1.3 Each event shall be free

1.4 Marketing shall include a statement that the event is provided through the kind generosity and benevolence of William Higham deceased.

1.5 Wigan shall be entitled to put on military bands notwithstanding that they are not derived solely or exclusively from UK forces.

1.6 Wigan shall be entitled to put on military bands in pursuance of the purposes of the gift notwithstanding that part of the military band playing takes place outside the geographical limits of Mesnes Park.

2. Wigan shall file a report with the Executors by April 31 each year.

3. If the gift to Wigan falls to below £1 million, then the obligation on Wigan shall be to put on no less than one military band each year.


What's the odds that the CORRUPT WMBC use this money to fund even more diversity and lgbt officers instead of following the instructions to the letter.

You only have to look at how many buildings, wills etc left to the PEOPLE of Wigan have been ignored and abused, I'm sure most people of us in Wigan can think of something that was left to the people of the town only to be ignored.

Carnegie Library in Pemberton for one.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Dominating the headlines on the tv today we have the murder of the black power activist Stephen Lawrence. Murder for whatever reason is indefensible but this murder was "racist".

I'm not sure if you are murdered whether somebody said something nasty to you or not would make much difference but it seems it does.
I do not propose to put his photo on this blog, you have seen it many times in the papers, cropped of his "Black Power" fist and in any case I don't want to put you off your tea.

This case was only persued by the Daily Mail because the editor Paul Dacre had Lawrence senior to do some plastering for him. Not only that after the case the law was changed so that "double jeapordy" would be allowed that is a person could be tried a second time even if acquitted the first time.
The State have been determined to get a conviction for this case.
That is not to say the alleged perpetrators of this murder are decent people, (I nearly said whiter than white but you know what I mean), I don't know if they are or not.

It is said that the killers "swallowed" him.
Now that is an interesting statement in comparison to Charlene Downes who WAS swallowed after being made into kebabs. The police had evidence but for some reason failed to make it through the courts and convict the perpetrators possibly in order not to inflame "community relations".

But then this was not a racist murder so even though it is expected she was eaten it was not as serious as that of Lawrence who it is alleged as he was killed was called a black bastard or some other disallowed name, in spite of the fact that he was black and could well looking at his Black Power pose be a bastard.

Of course Charlene was killed with no independent witnesses present and possibly? no racist comments made but the fact remains that she was never seen again after visiting the kebab shop and in any case there are few prosecutions of aliens when acting in or saying racist comments.
Murder is murder whatever is said at the time and should be punished severely but one does wonder if the victim had been white whether such a fuss would have been made.

No such long standing campaign has been made by the press about Charlene Downes. Why?.
Is it because she was white?

Also Kris Donald brutally tortured before being set on fire did not grab the headlines as "Black Power"Lawrence's case did.
His parents have seemingly never been out of the papers, I am, although sympathetic to them at having lost a son am sick of looking at them.
It seems they revel in the publicity.
How many murders of black kids have there been since, mostly at the hands of other blacks.

Do these kids not count?
Evidently not, as a racial element can not be brought in and so the families of these kids suffer in silence with no publicity as there is no whitey to blame even though they are just as dead.

The Lawrence family, possibly willingly are being used by the State and media and the Equalities Commission to promote their anti British agenda.
I don't blame them for that, they have lost a son but they seen to revel in the publicity generated.
BUT justice should be equal for all even white victims.

After all it is STILL OUR COUNTRY.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Friday, 11 November 2011


The European shambles continues with the leaders of that delusional and failed concept doing everything to save it.
Greece has a new Prime Minister and Italy is soon to get one, both of them bankers imposed by the ECB.
Von Rumpoy has said that the situation should not be decided by democracy, a statement which betrays his undemocratic totalitarian beliefs.
So now two countries of Southern Europe are now run by unelected bankers. The justification is the mess the politicians have made and there is some sense in that.

But the mistakes or plans of the politicians were in the concept of the EU in the first place, putting different countries, societies and cultures under one umbrella in a "one size fits all " association.
But a one size fits all organisation does not fit all as anyone with an ounce of sense can see especially now, but the European Central Bank and the Eurocrats are now engaged in a scheme to displace democracy to achieve their desired plan.
That unelected bankers are now the leaders of two countries shows where the power is.
It is said that the bond interest rate has made this necessary (I don't know enough about finance to know the ins and outs of this) but it does seem interest rates play a big part of all this.

I agree many European politicians have been profligate with their finances
but the economists have not exactly covered themselves in glory with bank bailouts and collapses but now it seems these "experts" have been imposed on countries in undemocratic fashion to sort them out.

So both politicians and economists/bankers have messed up the European finances BUT the politicians have a democratic mandate, people have voted for them and can vote them out.
Can they vote out these imposed technocrats? If not, where is democracy?

I do not believe it is a good thing to default on debts but countries could repay the money owed without the interest payments which are the real crippling factor. Without these weights around our necks paid to wealthy and possibly subsidised bankers I believe the debts could be paid more easily to the benefit of the people.

I don't, in view of the undemocratic impositions of bankers to rule countries believe this will happen as it has shown who is really in charge, and it's not the people.
Hopefully they will not accept the "remedies" to be imposed on them and rebel and ask to exit the EU and-- with luck



I read tonight that several EDL have been arrested IN CASE they cause a breach of the peace.
Muslims were warned not to disrupt the armistice day proceedings and it seems have not done so, but the EDL people who would NEVER desecrate the memories of our fallen soldiers were arrested wholesale for behaviour they had not engaged in. THEY HAD DONE NOTHING.

I notice the soft touch the police take with students who campaign with violence and desecrate our centoaph as well as muslim protests but as soon as English people gather there are wholesale arrests before any violence or protests have been made, if indeed that was the plan.
What does this demonstrate?
It demonstrates the growing fear of the English voice rising and the authorities are desperate to snuff it out.

The politicised police by their unjust, undemocratic actions have further enraged the English people and they will retaliate in the name of our country against our traitors of political leaders who hve sold our country out to the banks and the muslim colonisers.
It's strange the police run away from the unwanted aliens in our midst but come down hard on our people.

When have our people caused violence or arson or looting.
NEVER, but they are arrested.
There is a head of steam rising among the disenfranchised English people against the injustice at being second class citizens in our own country, and the authorities know and fear that, hence these arrests.
They will not win as each unjustified assault on our rights gains more support for the EDL's cause.
I wish I was young enough to join them.

They are the footsoldiers of our people and their cause is our cause.
With luck a "peasants revolt" will knock some sense into those who undemocratically rule us.
We English people are becoming roused and angry and we WILL one way or another take our country back.

Keep going lads. You are our ground troops and someday we will prevail, and then God help the traitors who have so abused the English people.

I can't wait.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


It sems that the ugly muslim Choudary and his equally ugly alien friends intend to repeat their burning of poppies at this years armistice commemoration.
Presumably the £50 fine was not enough to dissuade him and his followers.
The poppy is for all true British people, a sacred symbol of thanks to our fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate price in preserving our freedoms.We owe it to these fallen heroes to remember their sacrifice and to defile this symbol is sacrelidge.

Recently barbaric aliens have been allowed in to our country and have used our hard won freedoms to attack and undermine our nation.The authorities seem paralysed or more likely complicit in ths insult.

I do not of course advocate violent action or conflict to combat this insult to our sensibilities, but perhaps an insult in kind to be enacted if and when a poppy burning should occur.
You can not protest that these muslims are ugly, a look in the mirror must surely have told them that, nor can you mention race except to denigrate true Britons.

So what could we do as a peaceful protest to counter their sacrelidge? Let's think. Perhaps burning or otherwise destroying a foreign object, say a book that is written in an alien script, or a cartoon picture of someone they hold in high regard. That would be a non violent way to show our displeasure.
This would be a legitimate response to their insults. Insult them back.
It would be interesting to see the response of the police if this was to happen. It would show whether they really are OUR police or agents of alien forces.

We will have to wait and see what happens.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


So, the cat is really out of the bag.
Sarkozy tells Obama that the Israeli prime minister is a liar. So far so understandable, all politicians are liars.
But then Obama replies I have to deal with him every day and you don't.

So what does that tell us?
The president of a country of 300 million people has to speak and take into consideration the views of Netanyahu(or watever his name is) the leader of a country of just 6 million people.
Is this not a case of the tail wagging the dog? It looks like it.
Why is the leader of Israel so important and influential in American politics?

Of course the answer is obvious.
The Jewish lobby wield far more influence in American politics than their numbers in America justify, but then they have the money and the media on their side (how they gained this excessive advantage is another matter which I will not discuss now).

However the Israeli government is now engaged in sabre rattling over the alleged Iranian atomic programme, and are determined to stop it even by act of war.
No mention that they have atomic weapons against UN resolutions, that seems OK to them and the Americans.

Now I detest the Iranian regime and its cruel and hard line muslim actions and its reputation is not enhanced by threats to Israel but some of these are in answer to Israeli aggressiveness against Palestinians.
Whatever, the problem is not ours and if we keep our nose out of it we can let them fight it out themselves and I don't really care who wins. They are both as bad as each other.

What DOES bother me is that Cameron now says he will back America and Israel in any conflict in that region.
Our armed forces are a shadow of what they should be and should only be deployed in our defence and not be involved in wars waged by aggressive nations in the middle east whatever the Zionist neo cons of the USA think.
We are in effect being used and put at risk by these people, again with no mandate from the British people.
This will inevitably bring reprisals against British people by the fifth column of fanatical muslims our governments have allowed to enter our country.

Whether they knock seven bells out of each other is none of our business and I have little concern who wins any contest.

WE WANT PEACE and not to be used by the forces of the wealthy for their nefarious purposes.

So Cameron KEEP US OUT OF ANY CONFLICT, or you also in the pay of the Zionists?


As my medical and computer trubulations have subsided I now feel able to resume my comments on this blog.
I have felt too exhausted by the results of my operation to gather my thoughts till now, in spite of the tribulations of the EU and Greek fiasco which were easily forecast as inevitable.

I stated in a previous blog that if I were Greek I would move my money out of that country or put it in gold and that it seems is what happened.
In the last two months ago 20 billion Euros have been withdrawn from Greek banks and the total this year is over 65 billion.

The horror of Sarkozy and Merkel to the possibility of a referendum to give the Greek people a chance to say whether they wanted to accept the terms shows the democratic deficit in the EU, and indeed our own country.
The question which was to be put to the Greek people was not whether to exit the EU but whether to accept the austerity ordered by the EU bankers. It was well known that AS YET the majority of Greeks would vote to stay in the EU. In other words it was just to give them a say over their livelyhoods an idea which is anathema to the rulers of the EU project.

While I accept that if the EU has to lend money to Greece there must be conditions but it should be up to the people whether they accept those conditions.

Now Italy is in the fireing line and officials from the EU are there looking into Italy's finances, worried whether that country will not be able to pay its debts which dwarf those of Greece.
Interest rates are rising for their debts making them unpayable without "growth" which will be hard to achieve.
In any case we can not grow for ever in a finite world and that growth is only to finance the interest imposed by the banks.

The common thread which links these two countries as well as Ireland and Portugal and possibily France if Italy fails is the attacks on their finances by international bankers.
These overpowerful people with the connivance of the rulers of Europe and the world leech off the productive citizens of the world and are impoverishing them.

The future for the European people will be hard but we will have to pay a price sooner or later with our standards of living. The longer we let this banking cancer fester the worse it will get. If we rid ourselves of this banking stranglehold and it brings down the EU it although hard will weaken the march to the global state envisioned for us.

Like the World wars it will be a price worth paying if in the end the people have a say in their destiny and a system of REAL democracy arises.
Yes the will of the people is sometimes confused inefficient and even at times wrong, but it could hardly be worse than what has been done supposedly in our name in the last 50 years.

In any case it may not be as bad as suggested as we would be freed from subsidising the banks and the EU politbureau.

There will be no wars as a result of the financial and political collapse but there could be "peasant revolts" all over Europe and it will be those politicians and financiers who have caused this mess who will be advised to avoid lamp posts.
Of course the deliberate contamination of our continent with millions of aliens could be a ploy to cause disunity among the peasants and save the leaders, but it is not as yet to late to take our countries back.

The indiginous Europeans do not want to fight each other and they never have or will. They want freedom from this political elite and their financial allies, and with luck we will get it.



Friday, 4 November 2011


This is the scam email below

" From: sandyforth
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 11:25 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Help.............Charles Mather.
How are you doing ? Hope you slept well last night ? I'm writing this with tears in my eyes,my family and I came Spain for a short vacation unfortunately we were mugged at the park of the hotel where we stayed,all cash,credit card and cell were stolen off us but luckily for us we still have our passports with us.

We've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and we're having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let us leave until we settle the bills,i'm freaked out at the moment.

I need you to help me out

Charles Mather."



This is a notification that my e mail has been hacked. I am writing this on another computer.
Please ignore any e mails purporting to be from me asking for money as they ARE FALSE.
I would be grateful if any people in the BNP or others who know me would inform their contacts that this is a scam.
I can not do it myself as I have lost many of my addresses.
I will not be on line from my own computer for several days and many of my address list names have been erased.
Apologies for any confusion

Charles Mather.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Congratulations to the Prime Minister of Greece in offering a referendum on the EU or the punitive terms of the so called rescue of the Greek economy.
At least he is offering the Greek people a say on the way their country is run.
I know the Greeks and other European peoples wish to run their own countries in their own way under their own rules and not dictated to by the bureaucrats and bankers of the EUSSR.

A Greek exit from the Euro will cause hardship but that currency and idea is destined to fail in any case and all will suffer including us who are not even in this web of deceit.

There are the shoots of democracy in Europe and the southern Europeans, being more volatile take to the streets more readily when oppressed in the cause of democracy. This latter concept has been lacking in Europe for the past forty years with more powers taken from elected representitives to the unelected EU bureaucrats.
Our MPs with a few honourable exceptions have been hoodwinked or bribed into believing in this untenable concept and with luck will get their come uppance soon.

The unimaginable sums supposedly owed do not exist. They are just lines of computer jargon, created out of thin air by the bankers who then charge interest on them condemning millions to poverty.

Now back to Greece.

The "experts" say that if Greece goes back to the Drachma nobody will trade with them as it is not backed by assets. They say Greece will not be able to buy essentials such as oil and food.

Do they think the Greeks are thick? Do they think they have wasted all this money they have had out of the EU and spent it?. Do they think the Greeks did not see this coming?.
What do you think they did with the money they were supposed to pay in taxes to support the banks but witheld?
They converted it into solid assets such as property and gold and hidden it.
I believe Greece has a lot of money which they have decided they will not give to the EU and the banks and underneath all this are quite wealthy as a nation.
If I were a Greek a year ago that is what I would have done, taken my money and put it in tangible assets and I am sure many Greeks have done the same now.

There is enough capital in Greece to start again with the Drachma.

So the Greeks in striking a blow for democracy will with luck begin to destroy the Orwellian EU concept and we will be able to look forward to a continent of friendly nations unconstrained by the banks and commisars of Brussells.

The people will not fight each other, only their treacherous rulers.

Greeks, we back you in your quest and to quote a Tory quisling we really are all in this together, apart from him and his ilk.

Yes there will be problems at first and some hardship but nothing in comparison to what could await us if they (and we)fail to rid ourselves of the EU yoke.

I congratulate the Greeks.






The news that the government is insisting that GPs encourage people on long term sick benefit troubles me for several reasons.

As an ex GP I had to dissuade far more people from working than the other way round.
Nowadays perhaps there is a perverse incentive for people who are unemployed to register as sick as to do so brings more in the way of benefits. In addition there are fewer jobs and those available so low paid as a result of competition from Eastern European workers living ten to a house making it impossible for a British worker to keep his household going on the wages offered.

The new instruction also supposes that most GPs do not encourage their patients back to work.
GPs already do this.

Many of those off sick are the result of the decimation of heavy industry and the jobs on offer are more of a clerical or scientific nature which their previous work did not prepare them.

If you are thrown out of a factory job at the age of 50 as a result of the business being moved abroad you are unlikely to be able to land a job paying a living wage. In other words many who have tired their bodies out with heavy but not very intellectual requirements are being asked to compete with fit young Poles who are well educated and computer literate.
You can not really ask our people to learn a new trade at 50 or do heavy work with their already abused bodies. These older people, prone to disease have paid in to the system while working and are less able to cope with any work available.

A GPs job is dependent on a good relationship with his patients and this new "advice" hinders that relationship. It would encourage the doctor to label their patients as workshy. In addition the doctor would take responsibility if the diagnosis was wrong and could end up in court if for instance a patient died after being told he was fit for work.

There are of course many people who are scroungers, usually young people, neurotic public employees who play the system to say nothing of third world immigrants and these people should work (or be thrown out), but the GPs should not be the gate keepers, and have the responsibility.
This duty should be performed by doctors working for the social security who can impartially assess people and give a second opinion without jeapordising the GP patient relationship.

The system I agree is a shambles and has been created by governments over the last decades to massage the high unemployment rates and now the state is paying the price.

A system should be devised, hard on young scroungers and immigrants who have not paid in but compassionate to the older people who HAVE contributed but lost their livelyhoods owing to government mis management.

It should be changed but it is the responsibility of the State and not the doctors.