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UK Financial Collapse: Only Whites Bank Accounts To Be seized. BILDERBERG LEAK

I don't know how true this is but it certainly wouldn't surprise me. Decide for yourself -

"In an amazing conversation with a member of staff from the Hotel near Watford in Hertfordshire where the Bilderberg meeting took place, a drunk member of the Grove Hotel kitchen staff was overheard in a night club telling an astonishing tale of how he listened in to a top security meeting in the hotel through an air-vent linked to a hotel pantry from an upper room. “It was a known secret to some of us that we could hear voices by listening to this vent which was in a small storeroom for tinned luxury food like caviar. During that very busy period I did not use the staff canteen preferring instead to be available for advice from the staff under my care especially temporary staff and so I ate lunch in the storeroom” he said. “Imagine the shock when I found myself eavesdropping on an important meeting of senior regime figures!”

The meeting was apparantly attended by bankers, influential cross-party parliamentary and media figures, all Jews (at one point he referred to someone in the room saying “We Jews” in the context of the delicate position of being at the heart of the running of the country) included Jeweller’s son Ken Clarke MP and James Harding head of BBC News. Most of the discussion went well over his head the staff-member admitted, the banking lingo in particular. But he said the meeting concerned a co-ordinated plan to seize the bank accounts of millions of British people; middle and higher earners, in the event of economic collapse.

Ken Clarke, who appeared be to acting as a liason between the Bank of England and the British government spoke of progress in a plan to co-ordinate bank accounts with census and the electoral rolls. The plan was that no money should be seized from the accounts of ‘vulnerable’ non-white minorities; Blacks, Jews and Asians, but the burden should rightly fall Clarke said on the bulk of the white population who would, given their track record of support for social justice, readily accept it. Clarke discussed selling that news to the public with Head of BBC News James Harding who claimed to represent all editors of UK news outlets via a Reuters-AP-NUJ co-ordinating group.

At one point Clarke is alleged to have mocked people who “are foolishly hoarding gold” in the event of financial collapse “Who do they think they will be selling the gold to? He-he, Right, you got it, bargain basement prices!”

At one point Harding spoke of a list he claimed would be drawn up in the event of economic collapse by the civil service which he said will include all figures the government would exempt, ‘the core establishment and apparatchics’ he called them, from the Royal family, aristocracy, senior think tank directors and staff, senior NHS, Media, farming, education and other such figures and what he called ‘vital propagandists’ jokingly saying that this will include ’our comedy wing’ naming Mark Steele, Jo Brand and Ricky Gervaise as examples. “We must have all our own people on board” he is reported to have said “To keep the sheeple on board and sell this as well as they always do such matters.”"

Ken Clarke, who appeared be to acting as a liason between the Bank of England and the British government spoke of progress in a plan to co-ordinate bank accounts with census and the electoral rolls.  

Ken Clarke, who appeared be to acting as a liason between the Bank of England and the British government spoke of progress in a plan to co-ordinate bank accounts with census and the electoral rolls to determine racial origin of account holders.

Would you be surprised if this really happened?

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How The Broadcast Media is Controlled - Part 1


(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist </em>not<em> to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.) Videos linked or embedded may contain foul language and violence.; As pundits pondered whether calling George Zimmerman a “white a** cracker” was a racial epithet, black mob violence in other parts of the country proceeded apace last week, almost unnoticed.

In Niagara Falls, a black mob of 20 attacked a mother and her family on a picnic. They hurled racial slurs and told them they did not like their “Puerto Rican (expletive) music. The Niagara Gazette described what happened next as a “fight,” although many would call it an assault. Her son was punched and kicked by several people and fell to the ground. When her son picked himself up, the woman said a man from the group pulled out a pistol and pointed it in her son’s face. She said someone in the group was yelling, ‘Shoot him … shoot him.’

The woman said the man with the gun, later identified as Dionte D. Dolson, began working the pistol’s slide as if the pistol misfired or didn’t work properly. The woman said she ran to her son as she was in fear for his life and Dolson pistol whipped her twice in the head, causing two knots to her head. Two people were arrested. Just a few hours earlier a few hundred miles away in Pittsburgh, a mob of black people “savagely beat” a white teenager, then stole  his shoes. All on video. All the while screaming “World Star. World Star, ” apparently a reference to popular hip hop website that often features videos of black-mob violence.

District Judge Jim Motznik promised the local CBS affiliate that this kind of violence was over in his town. He “guaranteed it.” Which is of course the same promise other Pittsburgh authorities made when a mob of black people attacked a Pittsburgh teacher last year. That happened two times, actually, with both incidents caught on video. As well as other episodes of black mob violence involving football players at Pitt. And a good old fashioned race riot at a Pittsburgh high school. On video.
A few days before and 2,500 miles away, a black mob attacked a white woman in a busy plaza in downtown Seattle. As a dozens of people looked on, doing nothing, at least three black women repeatedly punched and kicked an unidentified woman in the face. Knocking her down, sending her to the hospital streaming blood from her forehead. While their compatriot caught the action on tape.
“It’s unbelievably violent and shocking. We need to find the attackers, they need to be arrested,” said a police spokeswoman to KIRO TV news.
A curiously similar incident was also captured on video last year in Seattle. A mob of black people beat a hapless bus rider waiting for her ride, this time in front of curiously detached security guards.

In Chicago, this episode of black mob violence even has some local police shaking their heads. In the upscale Lakeview neighborhood, a black mob surrounded and beat two men who had pursued and captured the men who stole their iPhones.
While they waited for police, “at one point, between 15 and 20 people surrounded one victim as the two alleged attackers continued to beat him,” said the DNA Info news site. “A witness on his way home from a party stumbled upon the scene.”
“He was knocked out, completely,” said the 36-year-old witness. “He was on the ground, right by the alley. One guy hit him in the face, and another guy kicked him. It looked like he was going to die or something.”
Two men were charged with assault and “mob action.” Black mob violence is an increasingly common feature of life in that part of town, say members of the Chicago police department. As is its denial at the highest levels of local government and media.

Back in Philadelphia on Tuesday, a mob of black people followed a man onto a bus, beat him, kicked him and stomped on, then ran off. All on video.
In Milwaukee, a local TV reporter started off her segment on a recent case of black mob violence by saying “most of the people I talked to in the neighborhood say they hadn’t seen a huge fight. Recently.”
It might be a bit of a secret to people outside of Milwaukee, but inside that city, locals know it as a place of frequent and intense racial violence. Many of the attacks are on video and documented in “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.”
By Milwaukee standards, this “massive” fight video was tame: Dozens of black people, fighting, creating chaos. No one died.

Just a few nights after that, three black women attacked a white female saxophone player at a public place in Milwaukee because they objected to her playing Minnie the Moocher.
They said because she was white, they did not want her to play it, reported the local Fox affiliate.
Meanwhile, police departments all over the country are getting ready for one of their busiest days of the year for racial violence: The Fourth of July. Last year, more than a dozen cities experienced widespread black mob violence, most after the fireworks were over.

One such place getting ready for the summer is the formerly bucolic Muskegon, Mich. Last Tuesday, according to the Michigan Live website:
“Muskegon Police officers had to use a fogger to disperse a large fight at Fifth Street and Southern Avenue around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25, after a couple of males inside the high school gym had been fighting and were kicked out.”
“Officers have had to break up fights around the facility every night since the program started.
“Police were dispatched to the high school on a call of a fight outside the facility around 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 20. Patrol officers intervened in a potential large fight between a group outside the school, many of them from the Muskegon Heights area.
“When the group left the high school area and headed back toward Muskegon Heights, patrol officers located the group armed with clubs and concrete that police believe would have been used in some sort of altercation if they hadn’t intervened.”
Muskegon Heights is 75 percent black and the per capita income is $11,000. Commenters to local news sites say the people involved in the mob violence are black.
For the rest of the summer, cops are putting miscreants on notice: They are using pepper spray and other mob control devices to root out the “bad apples.”
In Baltimore, police are promising a “dramatic” increase in law enforcement through the Fourth of July because of a “spree of deadly violence.” Some of it connected to black-mob violence, including one incident last week involving 100 black people fighting and creating chaos.
Police called it a “community altercation,” but did not mention race.

Three people were shot. According to the Baltimore Sun, which often runs editorials criticizing any public official if he or she notices the members of the mob are all black, “Police officials vowed to deploy up to three times the number of officers typically on the streets over the weekend, with the city’s patrol forces being joined by officers from the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transportation Authority and the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office.”

Black mob violence is a regular feature of life at the upscale Inner Harbor during Fourth of July celebrations over the last ten years.

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And our Politicians and Political Parties are all "FRIENDS OF ISRAEL".
If you want to know why Britain is being destroyed and it's INDIGENOUS POPULATION being treated as 3rd Class citizens in OUR HOME LAND just look at which people are in real positions of Power and where their true loyalties lie.

Wonder why we can't send Immigrants, Legal or Illegal back? it's due to the Immigrants who have been allowed to sit in Positions of Power and preside over who can and can't stay in Britain.

Judges who allow Foreign Criminals to stay in Britain. (LINK)

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Two Christians, one of them a priest, have been beheaded by militants because they were suspected of cooperating with the Syrian military. A video uploaded to the internet yesterday shows two men with their hands bound, surrounded by dozens of people, many of them armed and cheering in celebration. Obama backed rebels, western backed rebels. The knife probably says made in the usa on it. How could anyone back these people and have any moral justification for it? The video is super graphic so if your squeemish or anything like that, don’t watch it. Iraq war redux
Source - 


And the CONservatives and the LIBLABS want to arm these evil bastards.
William Hauge, David Cameron and the rest of the Traitors are just as responsible for the deaths of these two Syrian Christians by giving aid to the EVIL TERRORIST CANNIBALS who take delight in beheading another Human Being and who eat the hearts of those they have just murdered.

I don't get it though.
The Islamists are supposed to be the enemy of Israel yet they don't attack Israel or Jews. They wage war on their own kind and anyone in between, backed and supported by the AXIS OF EVIL - Britain, America, Israel France etc to wage war on stable Countries and turning them into hell holes.

Assad wasn't murdering his people or oppressing them.
Where did the so called Syrian Free Army (TERRORISTS) come from ?
Most of them are Foreign Jihadists (TERRORISTS), mainly those used to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya along with ISLAMIC TERRORISTS from all over the world and Assad is doing what anyone would do if their country was attacked by Foreign Mercenaries.

All this was planned years ago by Evil Men in positions of power with the aim of weakening the strongest countries around Israel so it will be easier for Israeli Imperialism to take over their Countries after they have been softened up and worn down by these Western backed ISLAMIC TERRORIST.

We are Governed by an elite with no morals or conscience  who take their orders from the Israelis running OUR COUNTRY.

The Jihadist TERRORISTS in Britain are already beheading OUR INDIGENOUS POPULATION IN OUR OWN COUNTRY but do you hear anything on the news ?

It's time to start removing Islamic immigrants and closing Mosques down in Britain before any more of our people lose their heads to the NUTTERS OF GOD.


Spend the money on Britains Pensioners instead.