Tuesday, 8 May 2012

IMF: ‘No More Payments If Greece Disagrees With the Measures’

The IMF are threatening and trying to blackmail Greece if the new Government does not do what they are told to do by the IMF,and probably a few other NGOs as well.

They are threatening and trying to blackmail Greece into submission

Is the IMF so powerful that it can dictate to Governments and countries around the world?

The IMF is threatening Greece that they will stop paying installments if the new government disagrees with the future austerity measures,” reported an IMF official to the Dow Jones news agency.

According to the news agency, the creditors are willing to wait until Greek parties form the new government, but they do not intend to change their plans. On the contrary, they call on Greeks to obey the ‘rules’ and observe the pledges.

The same official stated that the IMF will visit Greece as soon as there will be a new government and they would then be ready to negotiate. Otherwise, they will not give any more loans to Greece.

Another EU official said that Greece cannot escape the Memorandum measures.

Who knows what will happen; new negotiations always bring new results. Taking into account that Greece did not negotiate in the past and just approved of the measures, the IMF and the EU officials have to face a new reality in Greece.


Is this the NWO/EU flexing its muscles and throwing its weight around?

The NWO/EU has replaced the Governments in Greece and Italy with puppets from the EU

We can see the unelected EU is placing its own unaccountable shills into Sovereign Governments, taking over as Prime Ministers and Presidents who are unaccountable for their actions, with an army of unaccountable, faceless bureaucrats within the EU, and from NGOs within and without the EU.

The idiots in the EU have replaced the Prime Minister of Greece,with Shills of their own but they failed in their attempts to bring Greece back into line.

Funny how the replacement could/did not change a thing in Greece, but they were being paid substantial amounts of money for looking at the wreckage, they have done nothing to help the situation in Greece and Italy, because of the size of the debt mountain these countries find themselves in.
No amount of bullying, cajoling, blackmailing and threats to these countries will resolve the situation.

Whose Next inline to be threatened and blackmailed by these NGOs ?