Thursday, 31 May 2012

WeAreChange Proves Tony Blair Lied To Parliament About Bilderberg

Very interesting little video.

BlIar reveals maybe a little more than he intended when put on the spot.

He loves the limelight so much that he can't help but stop to answer questions put to him by the WeAreChange group.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The carnage in Syria carries on.
Last week Cameron said he would possibly send British troops to that country and now Hollande of France says his country could take military action.

Let's step back a bit away from all the politicing and take an impartial look at the situation.

The Assad regime is and has been notorious for suppressing dissent but in that multicultural society a firm hand could have been necessary to stop civil war.
Free speech is suppressed and the people yearn to be free.

In that aspect Syria is similar to our supposedly democratic country.
We have been invaded  by aliens with the collusion of our governments of both the main parties. We do not wish to see our town's streets infested with these people, let alone paying taxes to support them.

Ah yes you could say, we have the freedom of the vote and free speech.
Do we? What choice have we? The major parties have similar policies on immigration and free speech so we have no choice there.
But we have a free press you may say.

NO. The press is controlled by the same Common Purpose dictatorship which rules the political parties.
New or smaller parties who oppose their anti democratic cabal are routinely vilified in the media, their policies distorted and supporters forced to hold their tongues in order to keep their jobs.
Only today a woman was sentenced to 21 week's jail for saying WHAT MILLIONS THINK.




There is a rebellion in Syria against a tyranny. Could it happen here?
Well no, or not yet.
An interesting aspect of the Syrian rebellion is the relative impotence of that government to silence the rebels. Our police and army would have gone through a rebellion like a dose of salt.
This means the rebels are armed, so the question must be, by whom?
Foreign influence is obvious here as is a supply of arms to the rebels. It suits the globalists to ferment trouble in Syria to overcome the present regime.

Russia and China have until now acted as a brake on precipitate action by that poodle of the globalists, the UN. These two countries realise that if they grant legitimacy to foreign intervention into internal affairs this could legitimise interference in their own country's affairs and so will not play ball.
Another interesting aspect of this crisis is the relitive absence of concern of countries supposedly liberated in the "Arab Spring", in fact the only Arab countries helping the rebels are such "democracies" as Saudi Arabia and some Gulf states.Turkey is standing by, waiting to pick up some spoils after the fall of the Assad regime.

Now I accept atrocities have been committed by that regime but am sure as the Russians say both sides have done the same.
It is obvious that an international cabal under the UN is determined to destabilise and overthrow Assad. Who is behind that we can only have a GOOD guess at.

The point is that the rebellion is an internal one for Syria and none of our business. We should keep our noses out and certainly not risk the lives of any more of our troops.


BUT WHAT CHANCE HAVE WE of ridding ourselves of the equally undemocratic system we now have?

On the pretext of avoiding gun crime (that's a laugh) British citizens have been disarmed and we are now powerless and in the clutches of international globalist capitalists.
We are mere units of production to be used to further the agenda,softened up by television trash shows to keep us temporarily subdued. Our pubs and clubs have been systematically destroyed by big business interests and with them our sense of community so that our virility and power to resist, replaced by propaganda stuffed in our face by the television.

Bread and circuses they called it in the past.

Revolutions start in tap rooms, and that is why the government is destroying pubs.

If you put all the things happening, at home and internationally and think about it I believe it is impossible to miss a sinister plan by those in power.
For further details read 1984.

And in our "free" country you can desecrate our cenotaph and get a slap on the wrist but tell aliens you don't like them here when drunk you get 21 weeks.

Justice and freedom?



A woman whose racist abuse of fellow passengers on a packed Tube train became an internet hit has been jailed for 21 weeks.

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, from Romford in Essex was filmed ranting at passengers on a Central Line train in January.

The video, filmed by passenger Galbant Juttla, was uploaded onto YouTube and has now been viewed 200,000 times.

Mr Juttla was returning from a funeral when the incident happened.

Woodhouse is seen in the seven-minute video carrying out an expletive-laden rant at passengers.

She repeatedly asks them: "Where are you from? Where are you from?"

One passenger is heard to say: "I'm British."

She pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to a charge of racially aggravated assault.

Woodhouse arrived at Westminster Magistrates Court with two friends, who shielded her from photographers with an umbrella.


When the INDIGENOUS WHITE BRITISH POPULATION are treated by the state as 3rd class citizens in their own country for stating the obvious, when IMMIGRANTS can attack and beat a woman senseless on the streets of her country, shouting KILL THE WHITE BITCH, filmed on CCTV, and blame it on not being used to alcohol as Islam does not allow Alcohol AND GET AWAY WITH IT, you go fighting in your local town center after a few beers and tell the judge will see your use of alcohol as a mitigating factor in your violent behavior and send you to prison.


Say a few words about an immigrant, don't even mention his race or colour and you get sent to prison for RACISM.


Then -


Monday, 28 May 2012


Cheapest stations within 5 miles of wn1 3sh for Unleaded


Asda Golborne

Edge Green Lane, Golborne, Warrington, WA3 3SP

Asda, 4.65 miles away, last updated on 27 May


Asda Wigan Automat

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Asda, 1.67 miles away, last updated on 27 May


Tesco Wigan Extra

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Tesco, 0.32 miles away, last updated on 27 May


Sainsburys Wigan

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Sainsburys, 2.55 miles away, last updated on 27 May


Shell Goose Green

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Shell, 2.65 miles away, last updated on 26 May


Unless the British government concedes to the popular demands of the British and, in particular, the English people, to hold a referendum on the immediate withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the illegal and unlawful European Union, this writer, a Freeborn Englishman subject not to the laws of unelected parasitic elites in Brussels, will be dead by means of starvation in the name of a Free-Sate England within 60 days, probably less, for, being naturally skinny and having endured an uncompensated vaccine injury in 1993, I have always weighed less than 45 kilos (seven stone).
I am largely untrained in the use of firearms, and, in common with all of my fellow Englishmen, have been denied the right to use force in determining the future of a nation oppressed and crippled by social engineering, multiculturalism and draconian laws that defy all humanity and common sense. There is only one option left open to me as a man who loves his own people and who cares for their welfare and civil liberties.
I, Michael James, born just before midnight on 20 December 1959 in the Danesfield Maternity Home, Jarrow, as a Free Englishman endowed with the Natural God-given Rights of a subject of Her Majesty the Queen, hereby give notice that, as from this very day, Sunday, 27 May 2012, I shall desist from the consumption of all food other than glucose and water until my people are granted their popular demand for a referendum on whether or not to remain within the Soviet European Union.
Mr Cameron, ostensibly the First Minister of the British Crown, an entity established to protect the rights of speculators and war profiteers based in the City of London, and who yet was also purportedly elected by the people of my nation to protect their interests against all enemies, both domestic and foreign, will have to answer to God Almighty and the English People should my death yield no concessions to the outrage against the undemocratic and monstrous intrusions on the British way of life by a universally despised Soviet-style bureaucracy that has robbed my people of their freedoms, their prosperity, their unique culture and their civil liberties.
Under Federal German Law, I cannot be detained or force-fed against my will should my decision to go on a hunger strike for freedom is informed by reasonable political conscientious objection. From the illegal Maastricht Treaty to the abhorrent and undemocratic Lisbon Treaty, both of which transformed, against the will of all the people of Europe, a free trade area formerly known as the EEC into what has become a hideously oppressive and unnatural political “project” known as the “European Union”, the Free People of the British Isles have become as slaves.
For the last twenty years I have been working and living in Germany. Yet I am proud to call myself a patriotic, true-bred Englishman, a member of one of the greatest races of men and women to grace this planet. All of my rights, freedoms, liberties and responsibilities were, in common with all born in the loving image of our Father, granted to me as a gift from God through his Son, Jesus Christ, not to be transgressed or abridged by the demonic machinations of men in suits, are sacred and inviolable.
Nobody has the right to rob natural-born indigenous Englishmen or Englishwomen of their God-given liberties, for every Englishman is a King, every Englishwoman a Queen. To this cause I am willing to lay down my life.
I am therefore appealing to you, dear reader, whatever your nationality or culture, to disseminate and publicise my stated aims as widely as possible, for I am hated, ignored and pilloried by the mainstream media as a dangerous “alternative thinker.” I shall soon be too weak to muster the strength sufficient to the task of writing to just one newspaper editor or government official. I thus implore you to make my case known to the world. Without your support, the pains yet to afflict me will be for nought. Please e-mail, fax or copy this article to as many news outlets and government officials as possible.
This I do for you, no matter who you are, whether you are rich or poor, black or white, Muslim or Christian, Jewish or Hindu. This I do in the name of all Mankind, for the destruction of the illegal and Satanic European Union and everything for which it stands is imperative to all of us in bringing to an end the sheer evils of the globalist New World Order, its fascist military wing, NATO, and its long-term Malthusian designs that seek to both dehumanise and then depopulate the world of all but half a billion human beings.
Yesterday, mindful of the Wall Street and Deutsche Bank seduction, pillage and rape of the people of Greece, I ate my last meal, constituting a small amount of rice and Gyros. In my heart, I know it shall be my last, for I see no circumstances under which the British Crown will allow my people the right to self-determination.
But if my death, no matter how demeaned, ridiculed and slandered I am by the mainstrean media, lights just one spark of hope in those yearning for Freedom from the tyranny of the Soviet European Union and the Military-Corporatist control of all my fellow human beings, then my passing shall not be in vain.
Let that spark light a bonfire of Liberty that can be seen in the hearts of all men and women sickening under the strictures of a corporate-fascist world order that seeks to make of the Children of God mere slaves to Mammon.
Then, like me, you shall be free, my friend. You shall be free.


"As Mr Blair looked on, the protester said: "This man should be arrested for war crimes. JP Morgan paid him off for the Iraq War three months after we invaded Iraq.

"They held up the Iraq bank for $20bn. He was then paid $6m every year and still is from JP Morgan six months after he left office. The man is a war criminal."

Ratko Mladic is being tried as a war criminal in the Hauge for defending his country from attack from western backed ISLAMIST FORCES.
The man is no war criminal, just like Bashir Al-Assad is being set up by London and America for defending his country from ISLAMIST INSURGENTS/TERRORISTS.





Sunday, 27 May 2012


Nick Clegg has warned that the foundations of the eurozone are "weaker than anyone could have predicted" (as he continued to gaze into his crystal ball*), as he urged Greece to stay in the euro and stick with its austerity programme.


It comes as Business Secretary Vince Cable insisted the UK's double-dip recession meant it can't "lecture" countries on how to run their economies.

In a veiled attack on Greece, Mr Clegg told The Andrew Marr Show: "The eurozone rules, as they were formed, have not been stuck to. Its foundations are weaker than anyone could have predicted."

Greece will hold another election on June 17 after a May 6 vote left parliament divided evenly between groups of parties that support and oppose the austerity conditions attached to a €130bn bailout agreed with the European Union and International Monetary Fund in March.

Anti-bailout party Syriza is reportedly the favourite to win the fresh elections, raising questions whether the debt-stricken country - whose economy shrank 6.2pc in the first quarter of 2012 - can remain in the single currency.

Greece's To Vima newspaper claimed that former prime minister Lucas Papademos sais his country will run of money by the end of next month.

Mr Clegg maintained that, on its own, Greece is not a problem, but the knock-on effect of a euro exit would cause an "unravelling" that would be "impossible to predict".

However, he hoped this would not happen: "The Greek people have to decide what their future is. We hope they decide to stay in the euro. If they want to stay, they have to abide by the [bailout] package they agreed to."

The view was echoed by Germany's deputy finance minister on Sunday. “We are hopeful when they have elections on June 17 the situation will emotionally calm down,” Steffen Kampeter said. “But I don’t see any alternative but to go on with reforms, stabilizing the public budget, and investing in future growth in Greece.”

Last week Bank of America Merrill Lynch warned that the fallout from a Greek exit from the EMU would cause UK GDP to shrink 2pc, forcing the Bank of England to restart its quantitative easing programme to the tune of £200bn.

The bank's prediction came shortly after first-quarter GDP was revised down to -0.3pc, deepening the UK's double-dip recession.

"A strong eurozone is good for us," Mr Clegg told the BBC programme on Sunday. "But what [the Coalition] has done [with austerity measures] means the UK now has breathing space to switch up a gear, do our bit to support demand. We need to be resolute on public finances and help damaged banks restore their balance sheets."

He added that eurobonds, the system promoted by France but rejected by Germany in which countries pool their debt, "can only be part of the bargain", saying economic reforms are also needed.

Mr Clegg also maintained that there is "no question of the UK joining the euro [at this time]".

The interview came after the Business Secretary told ministers to show "humility" when dealing with their eurozone counterparts. Speaking at the end of a trade visit to Germany, Mr Cable said that hectoring from across the Channel is "badly received and not appropriate".

He told The Independent on Sunday: "It is quite legitimate to point out that, although we are not in the eurozone, we are affected by it, and therefore can reasonably have a view. But I think any sense that Britain is lecturing is badly received and is not appropriate.

"I certainly approached my visit [to Germany] with some humility, because they are a very successful country and we have got to learn from them. Our credibility rests on how well we do with our economy."


The truth is their for all to see except for the blind the ignorant the loonys and the THICK.

Cleggy still thinks that the EURO is the way to go.

Never mind that it's destroying countries one by one, with the first to go being Greece, yet the THICK C**T still wants Greece to stay in with the Euro and the EU when they haven't got two Drachmas to rub together.

This is proof positive that Cleggy should be consigned to a padded cell and straight jacket, crayons provided at the patients request.

With our country still nosediving into the pits of depression we could actually start to make a few bob here.

Bring back the Victorian past time of Let's go and watch the loonys at the asylum.

Cleggy and friends would provide hours of cheap, but profitable, entertainment.

We could even have free passess for the unemployed, just so that when they realize they are not in as bad a condition or position as Cleggy and friends, can go home feeling better about themselves.

Oh when do we put an end to our ENEMIES like Cleggy ?

* That was not in the real headline but added by me for effect.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012




I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I wasn't there in person to show my support for the NATIONAL FRONT AND NORTH WEST INFIDELS in showing their disgust to the PAKISTANI PERVERTS, THE PAKISTANI PERVERTED LABOUR and LIB DEM COUNCILLORS and THE COWARDLY POLITICAL SCUM IN POLICE UNIFORMS.

Well done to all who were present and who were unwilling to give ground or temper their voices just to comply with the demands of the POLI(TICAL)CE - SS (Who, after all, were only following orders). It didn't work in Neuremberg and when the cowardly pc traitors in Public Office get their days in court it won't work here either.

Cheapest stations within 5 miles of Wigan Town Centre

Cheapest stations within 5 miles Wigan Town Centre Unleaded

132.7p Asda Wigan Automat

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Asda, 1.67 miles away, last updated on 16 May

132.7p Asda Golborne

Edge Green Lane, Golborne, Warrington, WA3 3SP

Asda, 4.65 miles away, last updated on 20 May

132.9p Tesco Wigan Extra

Central Park Way, Water Heyes, Wigan, WN1 1XE

Tesco, 0.32 miles away, last updated on 20 May

132.9p Warrington Road Service Station

Warrington Road, Goose Green, Wigan, WN3 6PB

BP, 2.11 miles away, last updated on 19 May

132.9p Morrisons Ince

Makerfield Way, Ince, Wigan, WN2 2ER

Morrisons, 2.42 miles away, last updated on 19 May

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Read “Buy Britain’s Gold Bank.’ We told you Britian would be forced to buy back the gold it sold.


I have been following the reporting of the ENGLISH defence league and it's zionist political party the BFP.

I have asked once or twice on the GofV comments section what ISRAEL and ZIONISTS have to do with the DEFENCE OF ENGLAND and the EDL/BFP.

For my sins I have been banned from commenting on the PRO ISRAELI/ZIONIST GofV.

To all self respecting NATIONALISTS in Britain I urge you to shun the GofV blog, the ENGLISH (ZIONIST) defence league.

It seems the GofV would prefer it if the EDL/BFP do not defend ENGLAND but defend ISRAEL and it's ZIONIST masters.

If you don't believe me ask the GofV if ISRAELI/ZIONIST JEWS are going to defend the ENGLISH/BRITISH in our HOMELAND.

It won't belong before they ban you.


If you don't believe me go and watch the latest interview with TOMMY (I'M NOT ENGLISH) ROBINSON, HE STATES THAT THEY SUPPORT JEWS/ISRAEL.

ask them what does the ENGLISH defence league has to do with ZIONISTS/ISRAEL and JEWS.

Don't expect them to post your comments.

Strange how an American website tries to tell the BRITISH and ENGLISH who to support.

Gates of Vienna is run by the American Security Services.

Friday, 18 May 2012


Our country is in a double dip recession.
Our banks are exposed to disaster because of the Euro fiasco.
Governement debt is increasing by over £100 billion per year.
Austerity and cut backs are advocated but--

What is the latest idea to put matters right and counter this looming disaster?
We have had the proposal for "gay marriage", the pasty tax and now we have the nappy advisory service.
At a cost of £millions the government has set up an agency to advise mothers how to change a nappy, what to do when babies are teething and even advice on names.

"These are gritty matters" said our Prime Minister. "I wish I had had some advice when my children were babies" he added.

Well if he thinks these matters are worthy of his consideration at a period of financial breakdown it shows he should have had had advice, not about looking after babies but being Prime Minister.

At times of austerity, when essential services are being cut and taxes raised to even consider such an irrelevant and costly project shows how out of touch he is with his priorities.
He also wants Yoga classes and help with nannies, presumably for nice "middle class mummies".

I suppose advice on nappies could be important for the large rapidly breeding Somali population as they will probably never have seen nappies in the country whence they came and to where they should return.

I read somewhere that they have dogs to lick babies clean in those East Africa countries rather than nappies, good in countries where nappies can not be washed owing to lack of water and possibly nutrition for their dogs. It could therefore be of use to teach some of these people modern hygenic living to prevent London and our inner cities coming to resemble Mogadishu in cleanliness standards.
 Oh wait, some already do so Cameron is possibly trying to clean up these inner city ghettos.

As far as a name for a male child is concerned, he needn't bother. They already have a name which they seem to give to most of their children---


Thursday, 17 May 2012


The news that the Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere Port  has been saved and will have new investment is very good news for the NW economy and Britain in securing thousands of jobs.
It confirms that in spite of those who say British workers are lazy they are able to compete with the best in the world.

BUT the question has to be asked why has so much of our industry been sold abroad? and why is our motor industry foreign owned?

The workers are the same so the cause of our industrial demise must rest with management.
In the bad old days of British Leyland the management let trouble causers such as "Red Robbo" rule the factories and sabotage the factory's future. In this they were assisted by Left wingers such as Tony Benn and Michael Foot.

But it was the management's fault that this was allowed to happen.
They did not manage.
They should have sacked the destructive militants, closed the factory and taken on those prepared to work. But they gave in continuously.
The management were to blame, as much of the success of the motor industry recently has been due to better management.

But that is not the whole story.
Our management did not invest. The factories were allowed to decay giving the preditory capitalists of the City of London and foreign countries to buy them cheaply and move production abroad.

For years the City has made its vast and unearned profits by feeding parasite like on the corpse of British industry, feathering its own nest when, if they had any interest in Britain they would have invested in new technology and innovation, not short term profit but long term growth.

German, French factory owners would not have allowed their major industries to be taken over by foreign busnesses.
It is ironic that many of the most successful firms in the country are now in foreign ownership, new management, same workers, and not under the malign influence of the City of London which has done more to damage our industries than anything else.

And they say they support the country financially.
Yes in the same way a con man gives a gullible pensioner a small amount of cash for his savings, making him feel temporarily better off but in actual fact robbed of the bulk of his assets.
For once we can thank the foreign owners of these industries for their faith in British workers and be glad they are not in hock to the short sighted leeches of the City.

Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS TO ELLESMERE PORT, and thanks to GM for that expression of faith.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


An interesting piece in the news today.
People including Trevor Phillips are bemoaning the fact that Social Services are finding it difficult to find adoptive homes for black and mixed race children and are trying to get the rules changed.
The cause it is said that PC rules adopted by Social Services prohibit mixed race adoption leaving these kids to languish in the "care" of the State, with all the disadvantages that entails.

The present theory is that children need to be brought up by "parents" of their own race and culture.
Mixed race kids even though half white are always classed as black by the authorities.

These prescriptive rules are said to be the reason why there are so many such children unplaced and efforts are being made to get the rules changed.

But think a bit further and what is evident is that black parents are unwilling to adopt children  even of their own ethnicity. They demonstrate a lack of compassion or desire to give a good home to one of their own.
As a corollary it shows that there are a disproportunate number of black and mixed race kids in care.
This large proportion in comparison to their numbers shows the lack of family values among black men who are content to have sex with many compliant women without any concern for the offspring from their brief liasons and leave the State to cope with the consequences.

Yes there are racial and cultural differences and these are shown in these facts.

The blacks cause the problem and the whites try to solve it but are not as yet allowed as that is not




Asda Wigan Automat

Robin Park Road, Wigan, WN6 7TL

Asda, 1.67 miles away, last updated on 10 May


Asda Golborne

Edge Green Lane, Golborne, Warrington, WA3 3SP

Asda, 4.65 miles away, last updated on 13 May


Tesco Wigan Extra

Central Park Way, Water Heyes, Wigan, WN1 1XE

Tesco, 0.32 miles away, last updated on 13 May


Warrington Road Filling Station

Warrington Road, Spring View, Wigan, WN3 4TB

Texaco, 1.82 miles away, last updated on 13 May


Morrisons Ince

Makerfield Way, Ince, Wigan, WN2 2ER

Morrisons, 2.42 miles away, last updated on 13 May

Monday, 14 May 2012


The disasterous situation in the EU with Greece possibly exiting was an accident waiting to happen and the possibility of such a situation obvious from the start of the experiment, at least to me.
That there was little in common economically and less culturally between countries as diverse as Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Finland should have been evident to all from the start.

A "one size fits all" economy could never work in Europe for two reasons, culture and geography.
A large economic whole will inevtably draw industry and output to the centre on account of transport costs. When this is compounded with an existing sophisticated industries at the centre the peripheral and more agrarian economies can not compete using the same currency.

The USA is often quoted as an example of a large land mass where disparate people have joined together to make a successful economy, at least up till now.
This explanation forgets or ignores the fact that the USA first ethnically cleansed the native people with the new invaders who could thus easily move and adapt to other parts and states as they were more or less the same culturally and linguistically.

In other words, to be successful a blank slate (or states) must be created by ethnic cleansing.
Even then religious and ethnic differences soon become apparent and a certain amount of ghettoisation forms.

Now it has become increasingly obvious that the EU concept was not necessarily an economic concept but a political idea to cleanse the nation states of Europe and replace them with an amorphous and docile population easily manipulated in the interests of "the elite" in the financial and business spheres.

It was shown by Goldman Sachs fiddling the Greek books (at a cost of 300 million Euros).
Democracy is the last thing on their mind. We the people are there to be used in the interests of this elite. Our national societies are to be broken up by the importation of millions of immigrants and the general movement of people from one country to another.
The aim is to break the cohesiveness of the European national societies, their individualities and cultures.

It is strange that these people who "celebrate" diversity try to destroy the diversity of national cultures.
This latter diversity is it seems the wrong type of diversity.

Now the economic s**t has hit the fan and their NWO plan is faltering trillions of Euros are being thrown at this project in a vain attempt to rescue it.

Much of the money Greece owes was lent to them by central banks happy to make money out of that country by charging high interest rates.
Much of the money they now offer with conditions is merely to pay off the compound interest owed on the money lent.
It will go straight back to the banks which lent it.
The Greek people are and will suffer austerity and severe cuts but strangely they are not asked to cut their armed forces. This is because much of their equipment is being bought under contract from France and Germany.

The tragedy in this economic shambles that even the UK through its contribution to the IMF is liable for some of these debts.
The tragedy for all European citizens is that the taxpayers are ending up funding this banking scam. Their standard of living is being reduced to save the banks while bank bonuses increase.

The sums lent and supposedly owed are so enormous that worldwide they exceed all assets in the world. This is obviously impossible.

This money does not exist, was created out of thin air by the banks and lent at a profit,and we will all be liable to pay it back with compound interest as will our children and grandchildren, IF THE SYSTEM SURVIVES.

It will not and can not and the sooner the banks go to the wall the better.
This scam has impoverished Europe and its people, but the chickens of the bankers are coming home to roost.

AND THAT IS THE REASON Nationalist parties are campaigned against.

The bankers are not bothered about immigration one way or another, rather the immigrants are one of the tools to facilitate their scheme, to be used to destroy our societies and increase their control.

They hate us more for our economic principles which if enacted would increase our prosperity but reduce their globalisation agenda and control.



Saturday, 12 May 2012


The policemen lost their jobs when their security clearance was revoked by senior officers after checks were carried out because of fears of “sleepers” in the ranks.

The Sunday Telegraph can also disclose today the identity of one of the policemen suspected of being at a terror camp in 2001.

Abdul Rahman had been a constable for almost three years when MI5 warned that he might have visited a training camp in Pakistan when he travelled there.

He resigned rather than be dismissed from the force and is now suing Scotland Yard for compensation. He says he is entirely innocent and has never been to a terrorist training camp.

His lawyers say he has never been questioned, arrested or charged under terrorism legislation.

Mr Rahman, 33, is the first British policeman ever disclosed to have failed counter-terrorism checks.

Scotland Yard submitted in legal documents that it acted against Mr Rahman “for the purpose of safeguarding national and public security”. A source familiar with the case said there were either one or two other officers who had also lost their jobs because of MI5’s suspicion that they might have trained as terrorists.

“There was concern that these people had come into the force under false pretences,” the senior Metropolitan Police source said. “There were two or three cases at the same time that were of a similar nature, where there were concerns about potential terrorist links.”

The development raises concerns about the ease with which potential terrorists might infiltrate the police and compromise national security.

It is believed that Mr Rahman’s clearance was revoked as part of a root-and-branch security review carried out by MI5 after the July 7, 2005 terrorist attack, and the subsequent failed July 21 bombings.

The fact that he was under MI5 suspicion was disclosed in court documents made public as he fights a lengthy legal case over his departure from the force.

The case is so sensitive that it is being heard by a security-vetted judge.

Mr Rahman, a Muslim who was born in Bangladesh before being raised in London and becoming a British citizen, does not dispute that he went to Pakistan in 2001.

However, his lawyers say he has been “tangled up” in national security legislation.

Mr Rahman became a probationary constable in the Metropolitan Police in September 2003 then attended Hendon Police College, completing his initial training in March 2004.

His passing out parade, at Hendon, was reviewed by the former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke, who at the time was Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism police officer.

As part of his recruitment Mr Rahman underwent a process of security vetting known as a counter-terrorist check (CTC).

However, his security clearance was suspended on June 22, 2006. He was interviewed three times — most probably by counter-terrorism officers — in the following months.

In November 2006 he was told by Det Chief Supt Robert Sait — a senior officer in the Metropolitan Police’s specialist operations directorate, which includes the counter-terrorism command — that his CTC vetting clearance had been revoked.

Mr Rahman was told that he had an internal right of appeal against the decision, which he decided to exercise.

A week before the appeal hearing in June 2007 he was told that if the hearing confirmed the removal of his CTC clearance he was likely to be dismissed.

The appeal hearing was conducted by Mr Clarke, who upheld the decision to remove his CTC clearance. Mr Rahman resigned immediately.

Shortly before Mr Rahman’s clearance was suspended, MI5 rechecked details of officers and civilian staff at the Met, and other forces, against their records of suspects who had been to Pakistan or Afghanistan and who it suspected might have attended terrorist training camps or madrassas — Islamic schools — run by extremists. Mr Rahman, who is married with four children, declined to comment on the case. He claims he is the victim of racial and religious discrimination.

His lawyer, Jasmine van Loggerenberg, of Russell Jones and Walker, said: “My client absolutely denies the allegations against him and this forms the basis of his claims against the police.

“It’s important to stress that this is a case being brought by Mr Rahman, not by the Metropolitan Police.

“There are no criminal proceedings against him. Mr Rahman has never been arrested, questioned or charged in a criminal context in relation to these proceedings.”

Mr Rahman’s father, who lives in Poplar, east London, said: “He is a very genuine and very honest man. He has nothing to hide. He is a family man.

“The allegations against him are untrue. He is very pious, he prays five times a day and I think he didn’t fit in in the police because of that.”

Last month, after a five-year legal battle, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that his case could be held in secret although Mr Rahman had wanted a public hearing. Mr Justice Mitting, a High Court judge who also specialises in terror cases in his role as

chairman of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, ruled that Mr Rahman and his legal team would be banned from parts of the hearing that concerned issues of national security.

Scotland Yard applied to have Mr Rahman’s case heard in secret because it is keen to protect intelligence sources which provide highly-sensitive information.

These sources might be compromised if the sensitive evidence emerges in open court. Some of the information might have come from overseas security services, such as the CIA.

Instead, a security-cleared “special advocate”, rather than his own lawyer, will be appointed on Mr Rahman’s behalf.

However, he will be banned from discussing the case with Mr Rahman and his lawyers. Mrs van Loggerenberg said that it was Mr Rahman’s position that questions of national security could “override natural justice”.

Mrs van Loggerenberg said: “This case also raises important issues on whether practices which disadvantage innocent people on the basis of their ethnic or religious background can ever be justified, when the allegations that result are so serious.”

Scotland Yard’s vetting unit is regarded as one of the best in Britain, mainly because the force has countrywide responsibilities in counter-terrorism.

However, it is understood that there are difficulties carrying out full checks on applicants born abroad or who have spent a long time living outside Britain.

MI5 carries out the CTC vetting on behalf of the Met, other police forces and government departments.

It is the lowest of three levels of vetting under the Cabinet Office’s Security Policy Framework. However, individuals who pass the CTC procedure are allowed access to documents classified as “confidential” and can be granted occasional access to “secret” documents.

They also have access to areas where classified papers are stored.

CTC applicants must fill in a detailed form. They are required to declare whether they have ever spent significant time outside Britain.

MI5 checks the applicant against its databases, and the person’s name is also run through the Police National Computer.

The process also includes checks to verify a person’s identity and their employment and education references.

It can take up to six months to complete vetting and clearance is valid for three years.

“If police officers lose their CTC they are effectively unemployable,” said a police source.

“They cannot be allowed to access the Police National Computer, or other vital things in the course of their day-to-day work.”

James Cleverly, a Conservative member of the London Assembly committee that oversees the Met’s work, said: “The fact is that this was flagged up and the security clearance was rescinded, showing the Met is not blase about such issues.

“The system seems to have worked at that level.”

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “Mr Rahman, a former police constable, is bringing two employment tribunal claims against the Metropolitan Police Service alleging race discrimination and employment equality.

“A full merits hearing is yet to be listed.”

The Government introduced new laws making it a criminal offence to attend a terrorist training camp as part of the Terrorism Act 2006. The offence carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment.

The first convictions under the new offence were secured in 2008.

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers said: “All police employees undergo a range of security checks when they join the service and, as necessary, these are reviewed through the course of their career depending on where they work and the nature of the material they are dealing with.”


The REAL ENEMY of the BRITISH are sitting in the Houses of Parliament and Lords.

If these EVIL CREATURES had not committed TREASON our country would be a beautiful place to live.

Now, what I really want to know is..WHERE ARE OUR SPECIAL FORCES ?

They could have taken these TRAITORS OUT a long time ago.

Our enemy within, or 5th Column are the MPs of the LIB/LAB/CON and the communist UNION LEADERS.

Come on guys, your supposed to PROTECTING US not going around the world as hired Mercenaries for the LIB/LAB/CON.

You should HANG YOU HEADS IN SHAME, or do you think the terrorists won't attack your area, family and home ?


Reports have indicated that police are investigating a new case of child grooming and abuse by alien muslim perverts in Rochdale.
I'm not surprised, there will be many more cases of such abuse in Rochdale and other muslim infested towns.
It's taken a long time to induce the police to get a grip and overcome their fear of being accused of "racism" instead reverting to their PC default position.
The Charlene Downes case is one the authorities wish us to forget especially since the case was dismissed owing to police incompetence.

Now in the Black Power activist and thug St Stephen Lawrence case, the law was  changed in order to gain a conviction, so determined were the authorities and police to push their agenda.
Up to now this double jeapordy law has not been used in Charlene's case. We can only hope.

The extent of muslim grooming which most knew about had been swept under the carpet until it became too severe to ignore further and the floodgates open.

The authors of the Mc Pherson report and their idiotic term "institutionalised racism" have a lot to answer for, many cases of abuse and even deaths. If justice were done they would be prosecuted for crimes against our people, but that will never happen.

On Question Time last Thursday panellists and audience tried to move the blame from the muslims and on to the children. The victims were it seems at fault.
I was particularly sickened by a vicar who blamed the girls and I switched off at that moment. No wonder the Cof E is such a laughing stock when its clergy take the side of the opposition.
How long before they cease to exist?

However there is a point that many of these young girls were in care and ran wild in spite of the care homes being lavishly paid to look after them.
It seems profit was all that counted and like many government organisations their actions were not "as stated on the tin",THEY DID NOT CARE.
These failing organisations have much to answer for.

A whole generation of young people have been betrayed by the authorities, Social Services, the police and educationalists and it is they who pay the price.
If a parent or teacher physically restrains a young person they can end up with a criminal conviction. There is no sanction for disobedience. Physical punishment is banned and young people prescribed drugs instead.
I do not see how years of being drugged up on Ritalin is preferable to a slap which is over in a moment.
It's the law of unintended consequences again.

But these deficiencies in the education of childern do not excuse their abuse at the hands of frustrated muslims. It is noteworthy that all these cases involve members of this pestilential creed.
Let's face it, they hold us and our society in contempt even as they avail themselves of our welfare provision and abuse our children.

It is no good the PC people in the media and goverment agencies trying to cover this up.
The cat is well and truly out of the bag and other convictions will follow and there is a head of resentment building up, in spite of the media not allowing comments.

Something will have to give and soon to at least stop the rot and begin to rid our country of this infection which threatens to kill our society, or-


Friday, 11 May 2012


The foiling of the "underpants" plot to blow up a plane by a double agent will reassure us all that the secret services are working to protect us.
It gives a different meaning to the old term "Arabs underpants"which previously denoted filth and unpleasantness but now it seems could mean danger.

The works of the secret services must remain by definition secret and is possibly a reason for the reluctance of MI5 to be more open about the "spy in the bag" case.

Although essential for our protection it should be borne in mind that this department is also used by the State to interrupt and foil people and opinions they do not like.
They have been found to be involved in infiltrating the "Green" movement and the IRA often using very sophisticated methods.

Which brings me to Mr Griffin.

As I said two days ago it seems incredible that a Cambridge trained lawyer could predjudice the trial of muslim perverts and cause one defendent to appeal on the grounds that there could be "a BNP mole" in court.
He of all people should have known the danger of this action.

I then thought about his actions over the past three years.

Jim Dowson we were told raised £1.6 million before the General Election, little of which was spent on that election.
Two months after we were told that the party was £600,000 in debt and that creditors would have to accept 20% of what they were owed.

However, in spite of the party haemorrhaging members and donations and being engaged in other ill advised legal cases, suddenly all the debts had been paid off.
A bequest we are told.

There may have been a bequest or bequests but it would be good if we had some more information about these, together with properly audited accounts of the Party's financial situation.
Such openness would reassure those supporters and bring them back into the fold.
But is there anything to hide in the source of these financial windfalls? I don't know but it would be nice to know.

Our time should have been now. What Nick Griffin forecast has at last come to light. We should have been able to capitalise on these horrific events, but the BNP has been denuded of most of its power and influence and its best people.
It has become an irrelevence.

Yes Clive Jefferson was arrested, a token gesture by the PC police of Liverpool which they would not have dared three years ago when hundreds could have been and were mobilised at the "Liverpool Thirteen" demonstration.
What a demonstration of the lack of influence in three short years!

I believe secret forces of the State have had some bearing on this.

I am also suspicious of Griffin's long standing leadership of the BNP, a tenure he has held while Blair, Brown, Howard,Hague,and now even Cameron is said to be vulnerable.
Abroad Sarkozy and the leaders of Greece and Italy have gone as have various Middle East dictators,

BUT GRIFFIN SEEMINGLY GOES ON FOR EVER, in spite of him promising originally to step down.
Why the change of mind? I do not believe his lame reason that it was by popular demand.
Why did he go against Conference wishes and fail to have a democratic constitution?

It is known that the BNP is infiltrated by the State but the question has to be asked who these destroyers are.

Nobody has done more to destroy the party more than Griffin so could one of these infiltrators be him?

Our time should have been now. Why have we not been able to capitalise on recent events?
It all seems to point in one direction.

BUT events are moving in Nationalist's favour.
What we need is a new clean leader to unite us, free from the old guard who could probably be compromised by the State.
Hard times are ahead for our country, both socially and economically and


Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The conviction  at long last of the muslim paedophile perverts from the Rochdale area who preyed on young children should be a lesson for the police and government.

Although DNA evidence implicating two of these animals two years ago it was not acted uopn.
You ask why? The police say it was nothing to do with fear of being accused of racism, but this argument does not hold as it is accepted as a uniquely muslim phenomenon even by some muslim groups.

To label these people as Asians is an insult to the law abiding Hindu and Chinese people who, even though they are alien to this land would not stoop so low.
It is the fact that the muslim religion holds non muslims in contempt and especially teenage white girls which is the driving factor in this abuse.

I do not know what the sentences for these crimes will be, but whatever they are they will be as nothing compared to what punishment they would receive if I found out that any of my grandchildren had been abused. I would not have waited for the PC police, hamstrung by fears of being called racist.

This muslim abuse is widespread and cases are pending in other towns discretely ignored by the press and more convictions will inevitably follow.
It is interesting that many newspaper comment facilities have been disabled over this matter, the editors wanting to keep this festering alien sore under wraps.
Free speech again shown to be secondary to muslim appeasement.

Let us hope that these alien perverts will be deported together with their families when their sentences are completed, but I doubt that will happen.

A few years ago Nick Griffin was tried TWICE for stating the facts about muslim grooming of children. It was known about then but the authorities wanted to hush it up.

However the actions of the BNP leader in posting comments last week on "Twitter" which nearly derailed the trial makes you wonder what his motives are.
He is supposed to have legal training but it seems is ignorant of the dangers of prejudicing a trial.
If he is so unknowledgeable and reckless with his actions he is not fit to be the leader of a political party.

We are all outraged by muslim grooming but justice must be done and seen to be done.
The law must be applied objectively, not subjectively as he should know as a man with a supposed legal degree.

Similarly according to the papers two muslim defence lawyers were assaulted outside the court, it is said by BNP members which caused them to resign from the case and cause a delay and a greater cost to the public. Those who perpetrated this assault should have been disciplined by the party.

Violence is NOT the nationalist way and should be left to the unwashed thugs of the UAF and never instigated by our side. It is only permissable in self defence.

But the biggest folly of these actions was that some of these perverts could have been acquitted of their crimes.
 Whatever these incidents show the BNP in a bad light.
It is no use getting in the papers for reasons of stupidity, that does not further the nationalist cause.

Played well this case could have been exploited for our cause and show that we are right about the dangers of allowing these people in our country and trying to appease them.

BUT IT HAS NOT BEEN PLAYED WELL and instead of furthering our cause it has hindered it and given the impression that we are fools and thugs.



Tuesday, 8 May 2012

IMF: ‘No More Payments If Greece Disagrees With the Measures’

The IMF are threatening and trying to blackmail Greece if the new Government does not do what they are told to do by the IMF,and probably a few other NGOs as well.

They are threatening and trying to blackmail Greece into submission

Is the IMF so powerful that it can dictate to Governments and countries around the world?

The IMF is threatening Greece that they will stop paying installments if the new government disagrees with the future austerity measures,” reported an IMF official to the Dow Jones news agency.

According to the news agency, the creditors are willing to wait until Greek parties form the new government, but they do not intend to change their plans. On the contrary, they call on Greeks to obey the ‘rules’ and observe the pledges.

The same official stated that the IMF will visit Greece as soon as there will be a new government and they would then be ready to negotiate. Otherwise, they will not give any more loans to Greece.

Another EU official said that Greece cannot escape the Memorandum measures.

Who knows what will happen; new negotiations always bring new results. Taking into account that Greece did not negotiate in the past and just approved of the measures, the IMF and the EU officials have to face a new reality in Greece.


Is this the NWO/EU flexing its muscles and throwing its weight around?

The NWO/EU has replaced the Governments in Greece and Italy with puppets from the EU

We can see the unelected EU is placing its own unaccountable shills into Sovereign Governments, taking over as Prime Ministers and Presidents who are unaccountable for their actions, with an army of unaccountable, faceless bureaucrats within the EU, and from NGOs within and without the EU.

The idiots in the EU have replaced the Prime Minister of Greece,with Shills of their own but they failed in their attempts to bring Greece back into line.

Funny how the replacement could/did not change a thing in Greece, but they were being paid substantial amounts of money for looking at the wreckage, they have done nothing to help the situation in Greece and Italy, because of the size of the debt mountain these countries find themselves in.
No amount of bullying, cajoling, blackmailing and threats to these countries will resolve the situation.

Whose Next inline to be threatened and blackmailed by these NGOs ?

Monday, 7 May 2012


Much comment has been in the media in the last few days over the poor turn out in the local elections.

The question that should be answered  but is not asked is Why?

The reason should be obvious.

We have no one to vote for, no one or party which motivates us to vote, no party which represents the policies which matter to the average British citizen.
When people are motivated turn out is higher as in Bradford when Galloway got the alien voters to the polling booths (and many multiple and dubious postal votes) on account of his statements about Palestinian persecution.
Of course these considerations, unjust as they may be are completely irrelevant to British people, but they motivated his non British voters who in a just world should not have had the right  to vote in our country.

What we THE BRITISH PEOPLE  want is a party WHICH REPRESENTS US, our desires and interests and then people will vote and I am sure vote the right way.

The BNP is talked about as a party which is a spent force, correctly I think, an irrelevence owing to the bad management of the leadership.
It is called "extreme right" by the media but on message boards is said to be extreme left.

Nationalism is in my opinion neither and if we can get together a party with a programme which looks after our interests we can progress.

So what are the policies of a "nationalist" party or nationalists?
Are we Left or Right?

I believe we are neither and that is a strength. We can appeal to people from both sides of the political spectrum if we get our act together as a movement.

To believe in our own country, people and culture is considered to be "right", but to believe in national ownership of public utilities and national resources and fair shares for the average person is considered "left".

The government is now trying to rescue its failing popularity by ceasing to promote gay marriage and reform of the House of Lords. Yes gay marriage is an oxymoron and anathema to any moral and civilised person and the House of Lords may need reform, but these issues are not the reason why the Tories were rejected and show how out of touch the posh boys of the Tories are.

These issues are peripheral and did not influence the voting numbers.

People voted as they did (or did not) because there is at present no vehicle which represents their legitimate interests.

As nationalists we believe in our nation, its integrity and right to control our own political and economic interests, democracy in other words. This of course means an exit from the clutches of the undemocratic EU.
We believe that the native people of these islands should have priority in our own and only land.

We believe the financial system should be regulated in the interests of the British people rather than international financiers and bankers.

We believe that our industries (such as we have now left) should remain in British control and that endeavours made to bring back into British control those sold abroad.

We believe we are overpopulated and should halt immigration as we have no room. If we need trained people we should train them ourselves by means of a greatly improved educational system which concentrates on subjects that matter to our future prosperity.

We believe native British people should have priority in housing. IT'S OUR LAND, and they are our houses.

We believe that our laws should take priority over those of foreign entities such as the European Court of Human Rights and we should expel those foreign criminals who abuse our country's hospitality.

We believe we should not become involved in foreign wars which do not concern us.

We as democrats believe in free speech and our right to complain about ANYTHING with which we disagree.

We believe that people who are prepared to work hard are entitled to a decent standard of living and that this should be ensured by the government.

These are just a few core nationalist beliefs which are also held by the majority of the people.
If one of the "main" parties promoted these principles they would win a massive majority, SO WHY DON'T THEY?


OUR POLICIES ARE PORTAYED AS EXTREME (or Fascist or Nazi),  by the state and banker controlled media who have their own anti British agenda.

BUT, if a party could stand on these and other suchlike principles I believe it would gain massive support.
People are fed up of politicians using us for their own ends and promoting the interests of their greedy friends and that is why they do not vote.

If we unite under a banner proclaiming these principles , which are neither Left or Right we can influence the politics of our country for the better.

The people are crying out for it, a fair deal. AND WE CAN DO IT.

These wishes are not extreme are they?


The gang of savages in this video beat, rob and strip the WHITE victim, for no other reason but racism
How long before it spreads to this town?
(I know this attack to place in the USA but it will spread like a cancer in our society and already is in some areas of Britain)
London sees Black on White racial crime every day, not to mention the Northern Towns and Cities where racial attacks on the WHITE victims are ignored by the powers that be.

Don't worry though as racial attacks on WHITES in our Town will be seen on CCTV and recorded, to put on youtube to help defend the attacker, and humiliate the Victim, in a court of law, if it would ever get there in the first place.

Remember "KILL THE WHITE BITCH" when a WHITE woman was attacked by 3/4 Somali immigrants, they were never sent to prison for the VIOLENT RACIALLY MOTIVATED ATTACK on a WHITE Woman.

Their excuse was that they were drunk due to never having drank alcohol before and were not used to it, because of their religion.

You go into Wigan Town Center get drunk and start a brawl then blame your violent actions on not being used to drinking due to your Strict Christian upbringing and
you will be arrested, charged and found guilty in court for being Violent, breach of the peace etc.

So, according to the PTB WORDS not VIOLENT actions are more likely get you sent to Prison, especially if the remarks are made by WHITES.

The "MY TRAM EXPERIENCE" or the NON racial words put on twitter by a WHITE MAN in regards to a Black footballer who had collapsed whilst playing a football match, both were sent to Prison,and they never mentioned race or skin colour

Only the WHITES receive Prison sentences for not wanting to be enriched by immigrants placed in their Towns and Cities.

How vibrant, how Enriched we will all be when the Savages kick off.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sign this e-petition Ban Religious Slaughter in the UK

Sign this e-petition

Ban Religious Slaughter in the UK

Ban Religious Slaughter in the UK

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Under UK law, all farmed animals have to be stunned to render them unconscious before their throats are cut. However, a special legal exemption ( which applies ONLY to Halal and Kosher slaughter, means that animals slaughtered, “by a religious method” for halal or kosher meat - are exempt. We believe that on animal cruelty grounds, that this exemption should be removed. This method has now been found illegal under the legislation but those in power refuse to change the law or press charges.This group is not racist, is not anti Muslim or anti Jewish. It is concerned over animal welfare in the UK. Pre-stunning of animals is not sufficient to render the animal fully unconscious until it is dead.

Not received your confirmation email?
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jen colclough
12/08/2012 15:23


The local election results have as expected been disasterous for the BNP.
In the Wigan area some interesting facts can be gleaned.

First the Tories are even more hated than they were previously and the BNP had some success in beating them.
Congratulations to Morgan in Ince for having well beaten the Tory, and to Dennis Shambley for doing the same in Abram and Steve Bradbury in Hindley.

However the results in this area also show that in spite of it being a Labour stronghold Independents did well as shown by the vote gained by Gary Chadwick and Chris Garfin in Leigh.
Gary almost beat the Tory while Chris easily beat his Tory opponent.
I do not think that Gary and Chris would have gained so many votes if they had stood under the BNP banner, an indication of the toxicity the party has become under the present leadership.

The Community Action Party was well beaten and the odious, uncouth Peter Franzen saw his support drop even further. It is Ironic that a few years it looked and he thought that they would become the largest party in Wigan and the possibility of him becoming mayor.

That he did not was because of our standing a candidate in Douglas ward and in spite of polling few votes it was enough to deprive his party of a majority in Wigan.
Similarly in Golborne I believe in the past we caused his defeat, a defeat from which he has never recovered.
No we did not win in these wards but winning is not always necessary to influence the results.
Another bit of good news was that Franzen's extremist undemocratic friend Stephen Hall was well beaten.

So what is the general verdict?

First, the Tories suffered a disaster, well deserved on account of their incompetence and general lack of  concern for ordinary people.
It made my heart glad to see the glum face of the arrogant and out of touch Cameron.
Perhaps he will now listen to people a bit more.

Secondly, good Independent candidates can beat Labour, even in Wigan.
And thirdly there is still, in spite of the poor leadership of the BNP a resevoir of people who will vote nationalist if a clean and competent party emerges.
Many voters stayed at home having lost interest in the present political system.
We nationalists need to enthuse them, show them that unlike the other parties we are on their side and then reap the reward.


His verdict, "we are still here and have spread our word".
Yes maybe but people have not voted for his party and that is what counts.

UKIP, Nationalism lite got 16% where they stood and deprived many Tory councillors of their seats even if they did not themselves get elected.
The Tories are frightened of UKIP and their presence will influence government policies.

At a time of recession and general disillusionment with the major parties thje BNP should have massively increased its influence and votes.
The time is ripe.



When other parties do badly, pressure is exerted on the leader and he is often changed.


For the sake of our country and movement PLEASE DO.

Friday, 4 May 2012


The Telegraph reports (link) that the National Association of Muslim Police has attacked government policy on countering Islamic extremism. In evidence to a parliamentary committee investigating Islamic extremism, the NAMP attacked

the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy, warning that it is an ‘affront to British values’ which threatens to trigger ethnic unrest... that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the ‘driver’ behind recent terrorist attacks. Far-Right extremists were a more dangerous threat to national security... that Muslims were being ‘stigmatised’ by the Government’s attempts to tackle terrorism, which was adding to ‘hatred’ against entire communities.

...The memorandum warned that Muslims were subjected to 'daily abuse' due to the strategy. 'We must not diminish our British values further by continuing to allow such behaviour and policies to continue unchecked.'

This is an extremely alarming development.

First, a general point. The very idea that police officers form themselves into interest groups of any stripe whatever should be anathema to the ethic of policing. That applies equally to Black, Gay, Jewish or One-Legged Transgendered Red-Haired Police associations. Police officers should serve the entire community equally, and should have no agenda but that professional commitment of equal public service to all. The idea that they identify themselves as an interest group is simply wrong, and the police service should never have allowed this to develop.

The memorandum by the National Association of Muslim Police, however, is of a different order of magnitude altogether.

To take their least serious point first: the idea that there is no Islamic threat and that the real threat to Britain comes from the ‘far right’ is demonstrably ludicrous. The ‘far right’ poses no threat to Britain other than some low-level thuggery. The Islamist threat to Britain is very great indeed. Dozens of Islamist plots aimed at murdering thousands of people have been thwarted, and the security service say between 2000 and 4000 British Muslims are radicalised to potential acts of terrorism. This terrorism is part of a global holy war being waged in the name of Islam. While many British Muslims support neither the aims nor the tactics of this holy war, an insupportable number do. For Muslim police officers to deny this is extremely disturbing. It means they have bought into the radical narrative of systematic denial and deceit.

But the NAMP went much, much further than this. They attacked government policy; worse, they attacked government policy aimed at protecting the lives and safety of British citizens; worse still, they suggested that British Muslims should resist that policy, and implicitly threatened disorder if it were not changed.

Let us pinch ourselves: these are British police officers, subject to the same disciplinary and professional codes as any other police officers. Yet their call for action to ‘check’ counter-terrorism policy, and the implicit threat of violence if it is not so checked, suggests that rather than helping form the line of defence against the Islamist threat, these police officers must be considered to be part of that threat.

On its website, moreover, NAMP recommends that British Muslims reporting crimes should also ‘report any such actions to the Islamic Human Rights Commission’. Let’s think about the implications of this for a moment. The IHRC is an extremist organisation with links to Iran. The NAMP is therefore advising British Muslims to use an extreme Iran-linked Islamic jihadi front organisation, which threatens the security of this nation, as a parallel law enforcement mechanism in Britain. The attempt to set up parallel Islamic institutions and jurisdiction in Britain is a core element of the Islamist attempt to suborn and take over this country.

The irony of this frightening situation is extreme. The government has bent over backwards to avoid associating Islam with terrorism. In an attempt to peel moderate Muslims away from the radicals, it has poured more than £140 million a year into ‘moderate’ Muslim groups. It has positively fallen over itself to encourage the recruitment of Muslim police officers in the belief that that this would persuade British Muslims that the government had no problem with them, only with the radicals in their midst. Yet these are precisely the policies which the NAMP claims have led to ‘hatred against Muslims’ which ‘has grown to a level that defies all logic and is an affront to British values’.

Thus the fruits of appeasement. Rather than taming jihadi extremism in Britain, the cowardice of politicians has merely resulted in fracturing the thin blue line that protects us -- and turning it into a potential weapon of the jihad.





Thursday, 3 May 2012


A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been made public.

The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States.

International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

The document makes it clear that the policies apply “within U.S. territory” and involve, “DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities,” including “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.”

Aside from enemy combatants and other classifications of detainees, the manual includes the designation of “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”

Once the detainees have been processed into the internment camp, the manual explains how they will be re-educated, with a particular focus on targeting political dissidents, into expressing support for U.S. policies.

The re-education process is the responsibility of the “Psychological Operations Officer,” whose job it is to design “PSYOP products that are designed to pacify and acclimate detainees or DCs to accept U.S. I/R facility authority and regulations,” according to the document.

The manual lists the following roles that are designated to the “PSYOP team”.

- Identifies malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders within the facility who may try to organize resistance or create disturbances.

- Develops and executes indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.

- Identifies political activists.

- Provides loudspeaker support (such as administrative announcements and facility instructions when necessary).

- Helps the military police commander control detainee and DC populations during emergencies.

- Plans and executes a PSYOP program that produces an understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.

Remember, this is not restricted to insurgents in Iraq who are detained in prison camps – the manual makes it clear that the policies also apply “within U.S. territory” under the auspices of the DHS and FEMA.

The historical significance of states using internment camps to re-educate detainees is the fact that it is almost exclusively practiced by repressive and dictatorial regimes like the former Soviet Union and Stalinist regimes like modern day North Korea.

We have exhaustively documented preparations for the mass internment of citizens inside America, but this is the first time that language concerning the re-education of detainees, in particular political activists, has cropped up in our research.

Remember, this is not restricted to insurgents in Iraq who are detained in prison camps – the manual makes it clear that the policies also apply “within U.S. territory” under the auspices of the DHS and FEMA.

The historical significance of states using internment camps to re-educate detainees is the fact that it is almost exclusively practiced by repressive and dictatorial regimes like the former Soviet Union and Stalinist regimes like modern day North Korea.

We have exhaustively documented preparations for the mass internment of citizens inside America, but this is the first time that language concerning the re-education of detainees, in particular political activists, has cropped up in our research.

In 2009, the National Guard posted a number of job opportunities looking for “Internment/Resettlement Specialists” to work in “civilian internee camps” within the United States.

In December last year it was also revealed that Halliburton subsidiary KBR is seeking sub-contractors to staff and outfit “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the United States.

In 2006, KBR was contracted by Homeland Security to build detention centers designed to deal with “an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S,” or the rapid development of unspecified “new programs” that would require large numbers of people to be interned.

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was established under the pretext of a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican/US border, the same pretense used in the language of the KBR request for services.

During the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987, however, it was revealed that the program was a secretive “scenario and drill” developed by the federal government to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, assign military commanders to take over state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens determined by the government to be “national security threats.”

Under the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed by Barack Obama on New Year’s Eve, American citizens can be kidnapped and detained indefinitely without trial.

Read a portion of the Internment and Resettlement Operations manual below.

It look s like America, therefore the west, including Britain, lost the Cold War.

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism


Third of May, local election day.

In years past I would have been busy pushing for a BNP vote, and our opponents trying to get their voters out, but today it seems all quiet.
It hardly seems there is an election on at all.

Admittedly we have some able candidates in Wigan and Leigh, endeavouring to keep the BNP flame alight and Gary Chadwick standing as Independent in Leigh ensuring a nationalist presence there.

In spite of my falling out with the Party hierarchy I wish them all well.
The policies are still right and the best for our country.
However I feel that the collapse in local party morale will mitigate against a good result for us.
Labour will do well, it always does round here but it will do better percentage wise this year owing to the incompetence of the present coalition government.

I believe this election will be characterised by apathy with a low turn out.
Many see the main parties as unworthy of their votes, incompetent traitors who care little about the concerns of the man in the street and will stop at home.

These times should be where patriotism and nationalism make their breakthrough, but with the collapse of the BNP and general disillusionment with the leadership we will fail miserably.
I hope I am wrong but the BNP is a shadow of its former self and the leadership a joke.

A poor result for the BNP would not mean that the support is not there, it is that the present leadership is held in contempt.
WE NEED A NEW LEADER who is respected.

We need a Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen to enthuse our people. A leader with no skeletons in his cupboard, a speaker and a motivator who can rebuild the support we once had and harvest votes.

The block on our progress is Griffin who has made himself immovable in spite of falling support.
That support has collapsed is shown by the photographs on the official website where in spite of photographing to the best advantage there seem few attendees.

Tomorrow when the results are in and the decline is shown to have accelerated people will realise that past disagreements should be put aside and we can unite as a Nationalist brotherhood.

I may be wrong in all this and the propaganda put out by the Party proved to be true and it will make a comeback and gain some seats or at least an increased vote.

I hope so but I doubt it.

And then I think what might have been if we had been better run.