Friday, 18 May 2012


Our country is in a double dip recession.
Our banks are exposed to disaster because of the Euro fiasco.
Governement debt is increasing by over £100 billion per year.
Austerity and cut backs are advocated but--

What is the latest idea to put matters right and counter this looming disaster?
We have had the proposal for "gay marriage", the pasty tax and now we have the nappy advisory service.
At a cost of £millions the government has set up an agency to advise mothers how to change a nappy, what to do when babies are teething and even advice on names.

"These are gritty matters" said our Prime Minister. "I wish I had had some advice when my children were babies" he added.

Well if he thinks these matters are worthy of his consideration at a period of financial breakdown it shows he should have had had advice, not about looking after babies but being Prime Minister.

At times of austerity, when essential services are being cut and taxes raised to even consider such an irrelevant and costly project shows how out of touch he is with his priorities.
He also wants Yoga classes and help with nannies, presumably for nice "middle class mummies".

I suppose advice on nappies could be important for the large rapidly breeding Somali population as they will probably never have seen nappies in the country whence they came and to where they should return.

I read somewhere that they have dogs to lick babies clean in those East Africa countries rather than nappies, good in countries where nappies can not be washed owing to lack of water and possibly nutrition for their dogs. It could therefore be of use to teach some of these people modern hygenic living to prevent London and our inner cities coming to resemble Mogadishu in cleanliness standards.
 Oh wait, some already do so Cameron is possibly trying to clean up these inner city ghettos.

As far as a name for a male child is concerned, he needn't bother. They already have a name which they seem to give to most of their children---


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