Friday, 11 May 2012


The foiling of the "underpants" plot to blow up a plane by a double agent will reassure us all that the secret services are working to protect us.
It gives a different meaning to the old term "Arabs underpants"which previously denoted filth and unpleasantness but now it seems could mean danger.

The works of the secret services must remain by definition secret and is possibly a reason for the reluctance of MI5 to be more open about the "spy in the bag" case.

Although essential for our protection it should be borne in mind that this department is also used by the State to interrupt and foil people and opinions they do not like.
They have been found to be involved in infiltrating the "Green" movement and the IRA often using very sophisticated methods.

Which brings me to Mr Griffin.

As I said two days ago it seems incredible that a Cambridge trained lawyer could predjudice the trial of muslim perverts and cause one defendent to appeal on the grounds that there could be "a BNP mole" in court.
He of all people should have known the danger of this action.

I then thought about his actions over the past three years.

Jim Dowson we were told raised £1.6 million before the General Election, little of which was spent on that election.
Two months after we were told that the party was £600,000 in debt and that creditors would have to accept 20% of what they were owed.

However, in spite of the party haemorrhaging members and donations and being engaged in other ill advised legal cases, suddenly all the debts had been paid off.
A bequest we are told.

There may have been a bequest or bequests but it would be good if we had some more information about these, together with properly audited accounts of the Party's financial situation.
Such openness would reassure those supporters and bring them back into the fold.
But is there anything to hide in the source of these financial windfalls? I don't know but it would be nice to know.

Our time should have been now. What Nick Griffin forecast has at last come to light. We should have been able to capitalise on these horrific events, but the BNP has been denuded of most of its power and influence and its best people.
It has become an irrelevence.

Yes Clive Jefferson was arrested, a token gesture by the PC police of Liverpool which they would not have dared three years ago when hundreds could have been and were mobilised at the "Liverpool Thirteen" demonstration.
What a demonstration of the lack of influence in three short years!

I believe secret forces of the State have had some bearing on this.

I am also suspicious of Griffin's long standing leadership of the BNP, a tenure he has held while Blair, Brown, Howard,Hague,and now even Cameron is said to be vulnerable.
Abroad Sarkozy and the leaders of Greece and Italy have gone as have various Middle East dictators,

BUT GRIFFIN SEEMINGLY GOES ON FOR EVER, in spite of him promising originally to step down.
Why the change of mind? I do not believe his lame reason that it was by popular demand.
Why did he go against Conference wishes and fail to have a democratic constitution?

It is known that the BNP is infiltrated by the State but the question has to be asked who these destroyers are.

Nobody has done more to destroy the party more than Griffin so could one of these infiltrators be him?

Our time should have been now. Why have we not been able to capitalise on recent events?
It all seems to point in one direction.

BUT events are moving in Nationalist's favour.
What we need is a new clean leader to unite us, free from the old guard who could probably be compromised by the State.
Hard times are ahead for our country, both socially and economically and