Wednesday, 4 January 2012


With the jailing of Dobson and Norris in the Lawrence case I had hoped this PC circus would have ended, but now it does not seem to be the case as the police will continue their "work" to convict even more of those originally accused.
I have to ask how many people does it take to stab someone?
I accept that the two convicted were two unsavoury thugs and the murder was horrific, but it does seem that if the victim had been white little would have been heard about it after the first innocent verdict.
Certainly seven hundred years of English law would not have been cast aside as happened with the new "double jeapordy" provision and £millions would not have been spent in police and legal expense if there had not been a political motive.
That motive has been to appease the PC multiculti brigade and help put at a disadvantage those of us (the majority I believe) who oppose this uninvited invasion.
Indeed the Mc Pherson report that the police are "institutionally racist" has been used as a stick against people of British stock.
He is right , the police are institutionally racist, or at least the police chiefs are, they are racist against us.
It is considered that racism can only be perpetrated by whites on blacks, and this is shown by the phrase "reverse racism", an oxymoron if ever there was one. It is interesting to contrast the prominence given to this victim with memorial buildings and plaques with that given to other victims, which demonstrates the politicising of certain crimes especially if the victim is black.
Racism is and always will be endemic when different races mix, it is a natural human reaction to the outsider however reprehensible.
Stephen Lawrence was no angel, a bully, petty drug dealer by all accounts and a "Black Power" activist, hardly a portrayal of peace or wishing to live in harmony with the society in which his parents had inserted their family, to the disadvantage of the original inhabitants.
Murder is murder whoever the perpetrator or victim is and is equally to be deplored and race does not come in to it.
Making a white on black murder more of a crime will stoke resentment because of its unfairness.
And justice must be done impartially and seen to be done so.
I believe the authorities were determined to get a conviction and am sure the jury was selected carefully as a "wrong" verdict would have caused the usual riots and arson that people of African origin are prone to indulge in.
The verdict may have been correct, I don't know but the case was politicised from the start and because of that--