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The LIBLABCONned are willing to lie to out Faces whilst murdering MILLIONS of INNOCENT PEOPLE.


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MPs, peers and their staff are accessing hardcore pornography websites through Parliament's internet network, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. 


Staff on the House of Commons estate have been using their office computers to access a range of unusual sites, including those offering foot and fat fetish pornography.
The log of websites reveals that MPs, peers and their staff viewed Facebook more times than the Parliament website in December of last year.
The Mail on Sunday calculated that X-rated websites have been viewed more than 2,500 in a 14-month period. It found gay cruising sites had been accessed 3,500 times, while a website for extra-marital affairs was also clicked on 52,000 times in seven months.
A website catering for people with foot fetishes was clicked on 470 times.
Other popular websites last year included World of Solitaire, for playing cards, and Betfair, a gambling website.
People working on the Parliamentary estate are barred from looking at pornographic images, nudity and adult material on their computers. A spokesman for the authorities said some inappropriate websites may have been clicked on accidentally.
Pervert is as Pervert does

Aaron, 9, ‘bullied to death for being white’ - Family blames Asian yobs for suicide

THE devastated family of a nine-year-old boy who hanged himself say he took his life after racist taunts by Asian bullies.

 Aaron Dugmore — thought to be one of Britain’s youngest suicides after bullying — was found in his bedroom after months of jibes at school, they claim.

 His family say that Aaron was threatened with a plastic KNIFE by one Asian pupil — who warned him: “Next time it will be a real one.”

But despite complaints to the school, where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic backgrounds, they claim nothing was done to stop the bullying.

Heartbroken mum Kelly-Marie Dugmore is convinced the taunts led to her son killing himself two weeks ago. She sobbed: “We are not racist people. Aaron got on with all the children at his last school, and for him to have been bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

Aaron joined Erdington Hall primary in Birmingham last September after the family moved nearby. But Kelly-Marie, 30, and stepdad Paul Jones, 43, noticed a change in him from his first day.

Paul said: “He became argumentative with his brothers and sisters, which wasn’t like him at all. Eventually he told us that he was being bullied by a group of Asian children at school and had to hide from them in the playground at lunchtime. He said one kid even said to him, ‘My dad says all the white people should be dead’.”

Kelly-Marie claimed: “He was even threatened with a plastic knife by one boy. When Aaron stuck up for himself he said it’d be a real one next time.
“I went to see head Martin Collin a few times, but he only said, ‘You didn’t have to come to this school, you chose to come here’.”

A spokesman for Erdington Hall, labelled unsatisfactory by Ofsted, said Aaron had “settled in quickly”. West Midlands Police are investigating the causes of Aaron’s death.


If these 'ASIANS' weren't  in OUR MOTHERLAND then this Little Boy, along with Kriss Donald, Charlene Downes and many many many more would still be alive, not being Gang Raped, Drugged and given Alcohol by the IMMIGRANT PAKISTANI PERVERTS, then these Kids would still be alive, still have their virginity, Drug Free etc.

Only WE can change things.

The Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems etc are responsible for this.
If they were serious about changing things then they would have been sorting this out by now................. but THEY ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER CHANGE THINGS.



Maybe Nick Gri££in can learn a thing or two. DONATE DONATE DONATE

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U.K.I.P. yet another Zionist stooge party

UKIP Israel stooge

Is the UK Independence Party planning to free us from the EU and handcuff us to Israel?

By Stuart Littlewood
"The main aim of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is withdrawal from the European Union. A ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror puts UKIP in third place on 14 per cent, well ahead of the Liberal Democrats.
A few weeks ago YouGov, with the European Parliament in mind and using two different methods, put support for UKIP at between 17 per cent and 19 per cent. So, the Conservatives are under pressure while the Liberal Democrats (on a measly 8 per cent) are set to lose badly.

Spouting Israeli propaganda

After 20 years and eight leader changes UKIP still has no seat in the British Parliament, but with 12 seats in the European Parliament it is now a force to be reckoned with, and the Zionists in their determination to cover all bases appear to have infiltrated the leadership core. It is no longer the likable anti-European Union protest party it used to be.
In its foreign affairs policy statement “Out of the EU, into the world”, UKIP says it
fully supports the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state… Israel is surrounded by hostile states committed to its destruction. The tiny state has been the frequent victim of rocket attacks and suicide bombings from terrorist groups, almost all deliberately targeting civilians. Israel has every right to respond with proportionate force to these attacks, and a UKIP government would do the same were Britain similarly threatened.
UKIP rejects the notion that Israel should be punished through sanctions or cancellation of trade deals (such as the EU-Israel Association Agreement) for defending itself from attack.
UKIP urges Israel to adopt a lasting solution based on a political dialogue and not just military strength…
UKIP wishes to see a peaceful and mutually amicable settlement reached between Israel and the Palestinians. It is not for us to set the terms for these talks, nor the boundaries for any peace deal. This is an issue the Israelis and Palestinians must work out between themselves…
This stuff reads like it was written in Tel Aviv by the regime’s chief spin-master, Mark Regev himself. There’s no acknowledgement that the Palestinians have suffered illegal occupation, dispossession and ethnic cleansing for the last 65 years and they too are entitled to defend themselves. As for “political dialogue”, what does UKIP think has been going on for decades to no avail? Notice they don’t mention law and justice as the path to a solution, don’t demand due process nor an end to the illegal occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza, nor require compliance with those countless UN resolutions. They’re just happy for the oppressor and the oppressed to carry on arguing, one with a gun to the other’s head, with no prospect of a just peace.
Are they really too thick to understand there can be no peace under occupation?
The same policy document says UKIP believes a nuclear Iran would be unacceptable, and they’d support efforts to eliminate its nuclear weapons capability “by targeted military means” if necessary. UKIP conveniently ignores the fact that Israel possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads (and the means to deliver them), menaces the whole region and beyond, and defies calls to sign up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and place all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards.

What part of Article 2 of the EU-Israel Association Agreement does UKIP not understand?

Rejecting calls for the suspension of trade deals such as the EU-Israel Association Agreement is further evidence of UKIP’s woeful ignorance. The purpose of the agreement is to promote (1) peace and security, (2) shared prosperity through, for example, the creation of a free trade zone, and (3) cross-cultural rapprochement. It governs not only EU-Israel relations, but Israel’s relations with the EU’s other Mediterranean partners, including the Palestinian National Authority. To enjoy the association’s privileges Israel undertook to show “respect for human rights and democratic principles” as set out as a general condition in Article 2, which says:
Relations between the Parties, as well as all the provisions of the Agreement itself, shall be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles, which guides their internal and international policy and constitutes an essential element of this Agreement.
Note that “respect for human rights and democratic principles” is an essential element – not optional.
The clause allows steps to be taken to enforce the contractual obligations regarding human rights and to dissuade partners from pursuing policies and practices that disrespect those rights. The agreement also requires respect for self-determination of peoples and fundamental freedoms for all.
Honourable politicians would have enforced Article 2, insisted on the observance of all other codes of behaviour and not let matters slide. They would have suspended Israel’s membership until the regime complied 100 per cent. Israel relies heavily on exports to Europe so the EU could, at a stroke, end the brutal occupation, murder and land theft, and resolve the problem in the Holy Land.

Bristling with lies and distortions

UKIP’s leadership has also decided that the party needs a “Friends of Israel” fan club. I include the mission statement http://foi-ukip.org/mission/ in full for its sheer entertainment value to those who know the truth about the situation in the Holy Land:
The State of Israel remains to date the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. It is also the world’s only Jewish state, surrounded and largely unrecognized by 21 Arab nations.
Despite constant assault from within and without, Israel has maintained an impeccable human rights record and remains the only country in the Middle East to extend full civil and political rights to all of its citizens, regardless of race or religion. Yet somehow it is cast as the oppressor, vilified as an “apartheid state” and singled out for disproportionate criticism.
Decades of malicious propaganda campaigns have seen to it that a one-sided historical narrative which portrays the Palestinians as blameless victims now successfully masquerades as reality. Little attention is paid to the fact that an independent Palestinian state has existed under the name of Jordan since 1946, and that the Palestinian leadership has consistently rejected a two-state solution whenever it has been offered, choosing instead to resort to terrorism.
The State of Israel, like all nation-states, has three fundamental rights which must be championed by freedom-loving people the world over: the right to exist, the right to secure borders, and the right to defend itself. In addition, it must also be allowed to preserve its unique Jewish character if it is to remain a safe-haven for Jews in a part of the world where violent anti-Semitism is still rife.
The purpose of Friends of Israel in UKIP is to support Israel’s right to exist as a viable, sovereign homeland for the Jewish people, and to oppose attempts to discredit, dissolve or damage it. FOI in UKIP does not seek to proffer a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, but rather to promote an impartial understanding of the issues by providing a counter-balance to the anti-Zionist rhetoric which currently dominates the debate.
Of course, friendship is more than mere political advocacy. FOI in UKIP will also seek to foster links with the Israeli government and people in order to provide an avenue for the discourse and meeting of minds which cement true friendship.
Doesn’t this just bristle with lies and distortion? UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, has been described by the Jewish Chronicle as “a good friend of Israel”. The party’s secretary, Michael Zuckerman, is the one who set up Friends of Israel. “There is tremendous support for Israel within UKIP,” Zuckerman told the Jewish Chronicle. The group has the backing of party leader Farage and others among their MEPs, he said.
The objectives of UKIP’s FoI include organizing delegations to Israel; ensuring that UKIP has “a fully informed” foreign policy (no joking); providing UKIP’s elected representatives with information relevant to Britain and Israel’s mutual security concerns (imagine the Zio-nonsense being circulated); and ensuring Israel gets a fair hearing in all forums in which UKIP is represented. Clearly UKIP, or at least those members who provide “tremendous support” to its Israel admiration society, are expected to act as agents for that foreign power.
As disenchantment with the corrupt, extravagant and unaccountable EU continues to grow, UKIP is the only party with a clear intention to bring us out. With its cluster of MEPs, UKIP is targeting local (county council) elections this year, and hoping to profit in the European parliamentary elections next year and the UK general election in 2015.

Fascists, racists and psychopaths

But UKIP is tainted with the extremism of groups to which it has become affiliated within the European Parliament, such as the odious EFD (Europe of Freedom and Democracy), which Farage co-chairs. Given this gruesome alliance, linking up with the racist psychopaths in Tel Aviv is no doubt seen as a “good fit”. It is obvious when listening to remarks by some of the leading lights of the EDF, for example Bastiaan Belder (Netherlands) who chairs the Delegation for Relations with Israel and sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee, that they have swallowed the Israeli propaganda narrative hook, line and sinker and still think the Palestinians are the terrorists.
I hear that if a UKIP MEP refuses to sit alongside those obnoxious EFD people he/she face disciplinary action.
More than likely, voters who are planning to tick UKIP’s box next time they go into a polling booth – and indeed many of the party’s members and activists – are unaware of this dark and dangerous side to the UK Independence Party. UKIP started life with the right idea but sadly has fallen into the wrong hands, like all the others.


At the time of filing this article I found access to UK FoI’s mission statement blocked. Maybe it’s temporary. Maybe they’re feverishly rewriting it."





I am Trying to get a Group of BRITISH DEMOCRATIC MEMBERS or those interested in joining the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

If any WIGAN NATIONALIST and PATRIOTS are interested in getting a successful BRITISH DEMOCRATIC GROUP set up in Wigan.

If you are Interested in  setting a Group up, or are Interested in JOINING THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY Please contact

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For any information or even if you want to talk to me Face to Face then I'll be willing to either Invite you to My Home or visit you at at your home if you are amenable to that.


If not for you then for your kids, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.

Lets not do nothing.
If we do nothing we might as well vote for the LIB/LAB/COnned.


Our Grand Fathers and Great Grand Fathers who sacrificed their LIVES SO WE COULD LEAVE FREE FROM TYRANNY AN OPPRESSION and our INDIGENOUS FOREFATHERS will never forgives us if we roll over and die.


All Important Links to the


British Democratic Party below


Recording of the First Part Of The Saturday 9th of February Meeting

The National Launch of the British Democratic Party


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Climate Change in 12 Minutes - The Skeptic's Case

Corporate Criminality - Conspiracy Of Silence.

The story defies belief..but is true

Conspiracy of Silence was a documentary about child trafficking in the U.S. that was to be shown in the United Kingdom, but it was suppressed by the Discovery Channel.

However, a rough-cut of the documentary was leaked..this is the leaked version. The book "The Franklin Scandal" by Nick Bryant deals with the same pedophile ring.

The Franklin Scandal is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful.

The ring's pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of our government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks.

The legislators' efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network.

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Geoengineering: The real climate change threat

Hat Tip - GlobalResearchTV

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief



The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.

Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.
He also suggested the UK government's immigration policy had no basis in international law.

He was being quizzed by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.
Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

He told the House of Lords committee migration was a "crucial dynamic for economic growth" in some EU nations "however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states".

Read the rest here if you haven't already -


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"Toxic Skies.", Geoengineering/Chemtrails feature film...A Must See

"All the governments are complicit in this
huge program to control the weather, to affect
food production and costs; alter the
atmosphere for the use of HAARP
and other frequency-based weapons."

Alexandra Bruce
February 13, 2013

Film Summary

A respected virologist and a mysterious renegade race to find a cure for the deadly virus that's spreading across the country like wildfire -- because it's being spread by the mass-spraying of the aerosolized contagion from contracted airplanes.

Driven by a past tragedy that still haunts her years later, Dr. Tess Martin (Heche) discovers Jack Bowen (Tupper) is the one man capable of bringing the outbreak to an end, and convinces him to aid her in saving humanity from a devastating plague.


February 9, 2013

It is remarkable that there are now movies spreading the word about geoengineering a.k.a. chemtrails. Public awareness is growing to the obvious drama going on in the skies that is officially denied.

Clearly, many can see the massive contrast with today's skies and those in the years prior to 1995 in the US and prior to 2000 in the EU and other NATO nations.

Today, we see a different color blue and long, persistent trails that were just not there before. With incremental increases in the trails, it is hoped the gradual increase would appear normal to the masses.

As people raise the alarm, a complex game of disinformation, propaganda and a sophisticated counterintelligence operation works 24/7 to discredit the information flowing. All the governments are complicit in this huge program to control the weather, to influence food production and costs, together with changing the atmosphere, to facilitate the use of HAARP and other frequency-based weapons.

The governments are losing their information war, as admitted by Hilary Clinton. Desperate measures are being implemented, such as new Internet laws, (anti-) privacy laws and terrorist laws, all designed to combat and discredit the truth movement.

The corrupt governments hire teams of trolls and shills to post comments on the Internet and the newspapers, to demoralize truthers and to persuade them that they have it all wrong.

This is a massive effort. Illnesses have multiplied exponentially, many of which are linked to chemtrails. Simple rainwater analysis or blood and hair samples can confirm the presence of excessive heavy metals. The UK government published its 5th report, On the Regulations of Geoengineering in 2009. This program is advanced and the changes are becoming evident. The soil is changing, as can easily be verified.

They are controlling the weather, creating high and low pressures as desired, moving the jet streams, melting the polar region by design in order to access the rich resources in the sea and beneath the sea floor of the Arctic. Activity in this region in particular is facilitating the massive release of trapped methane, causing tremendous climatic problems, which they will try to solve using their ionospheric heaters to save us -- without admitting that they caused the problem, to begin with -- and this will cause even more damage.

The corrupt governments are but pawns in a much bigger plan, hundreds of years old to dominate the planet and all its resources and people, entirely to be controlled by the obscenely rich elites. The Crown Corporation, the Committee of 300, the upper Freemasons, Bilderburg group and a smattering of Non-Governmental Agencies are among those working to bring about a New World Order.

The NWO would be a totalitarian technocracy of total enslavement, to be enacted through the UN's "Agenda 21" a.k.a. "sustainable development", which hinges on the big deception of the global warming threat, devised by the Club of Rome, another organization set up by the elites.

The whole global warming fear-mongering is a fraud but the geoengineering that has long been under way is indeed creating freakish weather and climatic problems, which can be misconstrued to confirm the lie of global warming. Some eminent scientists are now declining to perpetuate of this lie, while other top scientists at the UK research climate center have actually been caught fixing and skewing the data to fit the bogus objectives of the UN and the elites.

The obscenely rich elites are master criminals, using eugenics and poisonous vaccines and toxins in public water supplies, such as fluoride to control the population. This, in combination with propaganda and predictive programing is being used to condition the masses into accepting their vision and conclusions.

The corrupt governments use a system of compartmentalization to manage their deception and We The People have only each other to make the changes needed to stop the insanity. We The People do not consent -- and We The People can change everything together, by raising awareness of the facts. We can reach everyone, including many in law enforcement and in the military.

The media are controlled, as are the courts. The only way to change this horrendous plan is to wake everyone up to the TRUTH behind this mass deception. We must expose and dismantle the elites and their machinations NOW, working together to put the unity back into our community. PEACE 4 ALL!

For further research, please refer to the "useful links" at mrmaxbliss.wordpress.com 

The Jewish Talmud Exposed - Dirty Tactics Of The Jewish Lobby - Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11? - Israel's Master Plan - Israel's Loyalty Oath Exposed

The Jewish Talmud Exposed

Dirty Tactics Of The Jewish Lobby

Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11?


 Israel's Master Plan 


Israel's Loyalty Oath Exposed



And that's straight from the Horses Mouth.

Now call him Anti-Semetic and someone whowantstokillsixmillionjews 




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Policy Statement of the British Democratic Party

The Party of British Identity

We recognise that the unique character and enormous achievements of the British people can be attributed, to a large extent, to their ancestry. Distinctive peoples are not the product of distinctive cultures; distinctive cultures are the product of distinctive peoples. The very existence of the indigenous population is under unprecedented threat. The destruction of our people will lead to the destruction of our heritage.
Nationality is acquired by descent and unlike citizenship cannot be acquired by legal contrivance. Citizenship should be based on Nationality but it has, quite wrongly, been bestowed on people who are not British Nationals. Since 1948 there have been enormous demographic changes without any consultation of the electorate.
The British Democratic Party is committed to ending all immigration. Talking about reducing net immigration is to connive at the replacement of the indigenous population. Illegal immigrants and immigrants who have committed serious criminal offences would be repatriated immediately. Other immigrants, especially the unassimilable ones, would be provided with incentives to return  to their countries of origin and those countries would be provided with incentives to welcome them.
Our brand of Nationalism is certainly a commodity for export; it can also be imparted to the ethnic minorities in our midst. Why should they settle for being second-class ersatz Britons when they can become proud members of their own peoples.
Laws that provide immigrants and ethnic minorities with preferential treatment would be repealed.
Asylum seekers would be accepted only if they had been singled out for ill treatment and if Britain were the first safe country they encountered. Asylum seekers who travel through or over several safe countries before arriving in Britain become migrants of choice. Successful applicants for asylum status would be permitted to stay until a safe country in their own part of the world could accommodate them.

Sovereignty of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom must withdraw from all international organisations that encroach on our sovereignty, by taking executive legislative or judicial decisions on behalf of Britain. We would therefore withdraw the United Kingdom from membership of the European Union completely. Our membership of all other international organisations must be considered carefully and, if necessary, renegotiated to prevent any undermining of our sovereignty.
We support our continued membership of the United Nations and we would resist any attempt to give up or take away our permanent seat on the Security Council. We  should seek to use that seat to protect the interests of Britain and our friends and to promote international peace and good will. We would oppose the use of that seat to promote the partisan policies of other states.

The Territorial Integrity of the United Kingdom

We would oppose absolutely any move to break up the United Kingdom by independence for Scotland or the ceding of Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.
We accept the current devolution arrangements for Northern Ireland. However, we view with dismay the inclusion of unrepentant IRA gunmen in the governance of the Province.
The fact that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have devolved Assemblies or Parliaments, means that it would be appropriate for England, too, to have a devolved Parliament, provided that there were electoral support for it expressed in a referendum.

The European Union

We cannot tolerate membership of an international organisation that can legislate for the United Kingdom directly (in the case of regulations) and indirectly (in the case of directives). Still less can we accept that EU legislation takes precedence over our Common Law and Acts of Parliament. We cannot accept its executive decisions affecting us and we cannot tolerate the decisions of the European Court of Justice overriding those of our courts.
We are concerned to reverse its intrusions on our immigration and asylum policy, our home affairs and justice systems, our foreign policy and our defence policy. In the meanwhile, we must resist all attempts to promote greater integration.
However, the European Union is not only a constitutional threat. It is also economically, fiscally and commercially disastrous for Britain.
We are one of the highest net contributors to the EU. Our gross contribution costs us over £50 million for  each day of the year. We have little control over how money received back from the EU is spent.
It is not acceptable for the United Kingdom to be part of a Single Market, regulated by the EU and over which we exercise no control. It is for our elected Parliament to determine our trading arrangements.
Our industry and commerce must be free from the minute regulations about goods and services produced and people employed.
The Common Fisheries Policy has all but destroyed our fishing industry. Whilst we supplied most of the fishing grounds, our fishermen have suffered under  minimal  quotas  and crippling reductions in the number of days they are allowed to fish.
The Common Agricultural Policy with its intervention policy has led to high food prices for all.
The European Union is not content with the powers it already has: it is continually seeking more. It has already intruded into civil and criminal  procedural law (including the unjust European Arrest Warrant) and has ambitions to harmonise substantive civil and criminal law. In particular it wants to stifle what is left of our freedom of expression on immigration, asylum and ethnicity.
We have, quite rightly, remained outside the Euro-zone. A single external currency value and a common interest rate cannot be appropriate for seventeen different economies – still less twenty- seven (soon to be twenty-eight).
Whilst we are opposed to the European Union, we are not Anti-European. We recognise and value the overlapping ancestral, cultural and historical ties of all of the European peoples, both inside and outside the present EU. We would seek to strengthen our friendly relations with our neighbours on our Continent but we are not prepared to pool our sovereignty.

Our System of Government

We support the system of Constitutional Monarchy and believe that the person who succeeds by law to be our monarch should occupy the position of Head of State of the United Kingdom. The monarch must, of course, be capable of resisting attempts by party politicians to use the monarchy for its own purposes.
We believe in Parliamentary Democracy and in Cabinet Government responsible to the United Kingdom Parliament. The Head of Government would of course continue to be the Prime Minister. However, we believe in the use of a referendum to consider every question of major national importance.
Democracy is too delicate a flower to be left to the free market. Parties must not be capable of being bought and sold to the highest or most powerful bidder. Indeed they must be free from those who support, financially, all parties but the unfavoured ones.
Corporate donations from companies, trade unions and pressure groups must be prohibited. Individual donations must be limited in size and frequency.
Unlike the other parties, we believe in freedom of expression for all: for our opponents as well as our friends. This freedom of expression must be guaranteed by law. The only exceptions, in the political sphere, should be advocacy of violence, breach of official secrets legislation and  civil remedies for defamation.
We believe in freedom of the press and broadcasting media. However, that freedom must not be a freedom to lie, defame and support the media’s friends. There must be prohibitions on the press acting as an election sponsor that is exempt from limits on electoral expenditure. There must be affordable and effective means of challenging untruths, especially during an election campaign. There must be a statutory right of reply.
Freedom of the press and broadcasting media is not enough. There must be freedom of access to the press and broadcasting media for all parties – particularly at election time. In particular, there must be a statutory right of reply to allegations and slurs in the press and broadcasting media.
Local government boundaries must reflect local identifications and loyalties.

Law and Justice

We are determined  that England and Wales should continue to use their Common Law System, with judicial precedent and its adversarial form of trial. Scotland and Northern Ireland would remain free to continue to use their own systems that are guaranteed by law.
The strength of our criminal justice system lies in regulated police procedure, an independent prosecution service and trial by jury.
The civil actions  for the recovery of debts by individuals and small and medium sized business must be made more efficient. Small businesses must be protected from vexatious claims.
Our criminal law must provide strong deterrent and preventative sentences for repeat offenders and those convicted of the worst crimes. Whilst some first time offenders react favourably to rehabilitative sentences, there are others who require strong specific deterrent sentences to dissuade them from committing further offences. Furthermore, it is necessary to have dissuasive general deterrent sentences for potential offenders. A significant minority of offenders are irredeemable recidivists from whom society needs protection for a long, indefinite period.
The question of whether or not a sentence of capital punishment should be available to the courts for people convicted on conclusive evidence of the worst categories of murder should be decided by a referendum.

Individual Freedoms

The Human Rights Act (a codification of the European Convention on Human Rights) would need to be repealed and replaced by a British Fundamental Freedoms Act that would concentrate on the freedoms essential to a democratic and civilised society. We would seek inspiration from  our own Common Law, historic charters and statutes for the preservation of our rights rather than less than perfect continental role models.
Our priority must be to protect and extend those freedoms that are essential to a civilised and democratic society: freedom from torture, ill treatment, cruel and unusual punishments; freedom of expression; freedom of association; freedom of assembly; and freedom to contest and to campaign in elections
Freedom of expression must be subject to the fewest exceptions (such as clear advocacy of violence). Freedom of association must include the freedom to form and shape parties and groups without any interference from the state.
All race relations legislation must be repealed. It is either undesirable, unnecessary or both.
We believe that employees must have protection from unfair dismissal, for example when carried out on account of the employee’s political beliefs or affiliations. However, the concept of unfairness does not need to be reinforced by discrimination legislation.
We do not believe that the recipients of goods and services from the private sector need to be protected by discrimination legislation.
We do not accept that there should be restrictions on freedom of expression to accommodate a supposed freedom not to be offended.
We recognise that the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 is one of the most necessary pieces of legislation, protecting suspects and investigating officers from false accusations. It matches the provision of necessary investigative powers to the police with safeguards for the rights of suspects.

Foreign Policy and Defence

We must first of all assert our  complete control over our own foreign policy. Our withdrawal from the European Union would immediately free us from whatever involvement we might have in an EU common foreign policy, with the High Representative and the European External Action Service.
We must not allow our foreign policy to be hijacked by other states. In particular, we must avoid any partisan involvement in the Middle East or exploitation by the United States administration of our supposed special relationship with that country.
We do not want Britain to carry out the role of the world’s policeman. Our service personnel must not be sent to die in foreign wars in which we have no vital interests at stake.
We are not indifferent to the need to maintain world peace and we would use our permanent position on the UN Security Council to that end but we would not send our servicemen to die in other nations’ conflicts.
Our foreign policy must be dictated by the need to protect our people, our territory and our vital interests.
We have no animosity towards any state or people and we would endeavour to maintain peaceful relations with all. However, we would defend ourselves against any aggressor with vigour and determination.
Our opposition to sending our troops to die in foreign wars should not be understood to mean that our present level of service personnel is too high. We are aware that real threats to our people, our territory and our vital interests can occur at any time without being predicted by the security services. We must have the men ready to meet any threat to our nation, at a moment’s notice.
Even in peacetime troops can be, and are, deployed  to deal with civil emergencies, including intentional disorder. They will also be needed to help to guard our borders against mass immigration.
Our troops must be in a permanent state of readiness and protected by life-defending equipment of the highest quality.
Britain must neither be a warmonger intent on pointless wars, nor a nation of  pacifists and appeasers. We should enjoy peace as a legacy of the strength and resolution to defend what is ours. Our forces  have sometimes been weakened by ill-considered defence cuts which has then resulted in huge unnecessary expenditure. This is best exemplified by the removal of HMS Endurance from patrols around the Falklands Islands in 1981. This was seen by Argentina as an invitation to invade.
We are determined that Britain must retain an independent nuclear deterrent. A nuclear war would be a nightmare but the way to prevent it is for responsible nations like ours to retain our power of ultimate resistance.


We alone among the parties acknowledge that observed differences in academic ability are attributable to differences in heredity to a greater extent than to differences in nurture. However, we see these as differences in kind of ability as much as differences in level of ability. It is therefore important that the type of  schooling received depends on the abilities of the children concerned.
We are in favour of selection but we do not favour the old style of selection that condemned many children, often unfairly, to an inferior form of secondary education. There was lack of uniformity in the method of selection and even in the percentages of pupils allowed to pass. Secondary moderns were often starved of  resources.
We should see future selection as being on the basis of vertical divisions between types of ability rather than horizontal divisions between levels of ability. However, all selection must be uniform, flexible and subject to regular reviews. Schools (or streams within the same school) for the less academic should not be allowed to provide an inferior quality of education. Schools for all pupils must receive equivalent funding.
Primary education must ensure that all capable children, without exception, are functionally literate, numerate and capable of using information technology. Early diagnosis of impediments to learning is essential to the provision of a fair educational system.
There are many other qualities, apart from academic ability that need to be recognised and nurtured in children: a spirit of inquiry; honesty; reliability;  sporting ability and teamwork. These qualities are just as important.
Religious education in ordinary state schools would be taught from a non-denominational Christian perspective. However, it would not be unduly prescriptive. Parents would continue to have a right to withdraw their children from such classes.
Discipline must be restored to our schools. Those whose disruptive behaviour does not respond to the corrective policies of the school must be removed and taught in separate institutions.
In our view, university education has expanded beyond need and beyond the ability of the economy to absorb graduates in positions commensurate with their expectations, degrees and  educational outlay. This expansion led inexorably to the end of maintenance grants and the charging of students with tuition fees. The result of all of this is that nearly all graduates, apart from those from very rich families, leave university with enormous debts. Furthermore, they often have to accept jobs that would have been available to them as school leavers. We should explain to those who wish to join the professions, including the law and accountancy, that there are alternative routes, without the need to go to university.
We believe that those with the finest intellects, whose intelligence is matched by conscientiousness and a need for their field of study, should be able to earn the right to have their tuition fees to be paid and even to receive a maintenance grant.
The United Kingdom needs to have the benefits of a new industrial revolution. This would require an education system that pushes education in science and technology to the head of its priorities.

Economic Policy

We believe in private enterprise but we do not subscribe to the view that there should be no economic regulation by the state. We would pursue a policy of Economic Nationalism.
In particular, we do not believe in unrestricted international trade, when it has plainly destroyed much of our manufacturing industry. We would seek the re-building of our manufacturing industry with state assistance if necessary. Globalisation – the free movement of goods, services and even people around the world can have only one result: that all wage levels throughout the world will approximate to the same level.
Macro-economic policy must be based on the principle that what is physically possible must be financially possible, otherwise there is something wrong with the financial system. This means that if there are unemployed workers and unsatisfied needs that they could fulfil, the financial system must facilitate the satisfaction of those needs.
The current financial system is one in which much of the money supply is created by private banks on the basis of the banks’ need to make a profit, rather than the needs of the economy. The quantity and form of money in circulation must be under the control of the Bank of England, which must be independent of the government of the day.
The ways in which governments of different political persuasions try to reduce unemployment and restore business activity are many and varied. Both the Keynesian and Friedmanite approaches are flawed. We need a system that quickly causes activity to return without causing inflation by precipitate increases in demand. We need  to produce reflation without inflation.

The Structure of Business
We favour private enterprise for most areas of the economy. However, we believe that natural monopolies such as the postal system and eventually the railways should be publicly-owned, in the form of public corporations.
We believe that private enterprise should be extended to as many people  as possible by encouraging:  self employment; small and medium sized businesses; employee share ownership schemes, such as those provided by Marks & Spencer; and full employee partnership, such as the John Lewis Partnership/ Waitrose.
We do not approve of the process of Globalisation or the political and  economic ideology of Globalism,which advocates the process. However, global and multi-national companies are a fact in the modern world. If it were not for Honda and  Nissan plants in the UK, we should have a much depleted car manufacturing industry.
If global or multi-national companies wish to sell their products in Britain, the assumption is that they should manufacture their goods in Britain, employing British people.
We would review carefully such practices as transfer pricing, whereby global corporations seek to transfer their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes to the Exchequer.
In the longer term, of course we should like to re-establish British manufacturing industry, owned by British companies. We believe that British utilities should be controlled by British companies.

Social Welfare and Housing

When suitable jobs are available, claimants must  be expected to seek them. Neither the state nor the claimants can be complacent about the problem of the long-term unemployed. However, it serves no purpose for state officials to harass claimants to apply for jobs that do not exist. The state has a duty to ensure that work is provided to satisfy real needs, so there are no long term unemployed.
The present perceived need to build more and more houses on precious green field sites is fuelled by endless large scale immigration. If we were to stop immigration and put the process into reverse, the housing crisis would disappear.
In the meanwhile, people with local roots must receive statutory preference over  recent arrivals.


We are completely committed to the National Health Service. However, we are concerned that the National Health Service has become international, both in its service providers and in patients.
Medical practitioners and nurses are often looted  from Third World countries that can ill afford to train them. It is utterly immoral for the developed world to recruit health care staff from poor countries, when those workers are needed to care for their compatriots at home.
We need to help poor countries to train their brightest and best to become medical practitioners and nurses, with distance learning packages managed by volunteers – especially by those with ties to the countries in question. The beneficiaries of this help would be contractually bound to devote their careers to the care of their own people.
Britain has talented and conscientious people within our own populations who can easily be educated and trained to provide the full range of medical services. The GMC has revealed that doctors trained abroad are disproportionately likely to be struck off or suspended for misconduct or incompetence.
The National Health Service was established on the assumption that it would provide care for the British people and not the peoples of the whole world. Health tourists must not be allowed to use the services of the NHS.
The administrative costs of the health service are disproportionately high. There must be a shift of funding towards those providing health services directly to the patient.


Agriculture and stock keeping constitute a sector of the economy that, more than any other, cannot be left to the vagaries of the free market. Government intervention is  essential. The survival of our agricultural sector is more important than any other.
Firstly our very survival might depend, in emergencies, on our ability to feed ourselves. Secondly if any further agricultural land were to be lost to urbanisation, we should be saying good bye to rural Britain.
The sector must be supported because the market conditions are quite different. Demand is price inelastic and supply is also inelastic in the short term because it is dependent on forces outside of the control of the producer. Prices must not be left to market forces.
Our preference would be for deficiency payments that keep prices low rather than the EU system of intervention which pushes prices up.

The Environment

We extend our concern for the indigenous British people to the welfare of the environment of our national homeland, the British Isles. We regard the principal threat to our environment as lying in the excessive and ever rising overcrowding of our islands.
Our homeland is not just full up. It is bursting at the seams. England and Wales in particular, where the overwhelming majority of our people live, has become one of the most densely peopled areas of its size in the world, far more crowded than our major European neighbours.  The cause of that is Immigration.
Most of the unprecedented 3.7 million increase in the population of England and Wales in the ten years to the last, 2011, Census is officially admitted to be the result of ongoing Immigration.  The rest is due to higher birth rates amongst ethnic groups of post-1948 Immigrant origin.
In our view overcrowding causes almost all the other problems afflicting our environment. Urban sprawl, the unrelenting pressure to build ever more houses on what remains of our countryside to house ever more people, and to use ever more intensive farming methods to try to feed them. These intensive farming methods are recognised as the main threat to our native wildlife, notably wild birds.  Overcrowding also strains our transport system, resulting in jam-packed motorways and commuter trains.
Worse in the long run, the fact that our islands now have far more people jammed onto them than they can sustainably support or feed means we are ever more dangerously dependent on an ever more complex, ever more fragile web of global trade for food, fuel, energy and vital raw materials.
We would therefore protect the environment of the British Isles and the quality of life of the British people by stopping all further Immigration completely. Our islands are full up and cannot take any more people settling on them. We would further, as already stated, encourage Immigrant communities to return to their countries of origin.
Given that the birth rate amongst the native British population has fallen substantially below replacement levels, if our land were inhabited only by its own people the population of our islands would stabilise at an environmentally sustainable level giving a much improved quality of life for all. That is our aim.


We maintain that the settlement of our country by large numbers of foreign people from around the world does not enrich our culture or promote multi-culturalism and diversity. On the contrary – the effect, here and around the world, of mass migration is, we believe, to impoverish everyone’s culture, destroying diversity and replacing it with a commercialised homogenised global lowest-common-denominator pop planet-wide monoculture which benefits no-one except for the giant multinational corporations whose worldwide marketing this makes easier.
In contrast as Nationalists we support real diversity. We want a sustainable multi-cultural world of diverse nations rather than the destruction of every culture – and the diverse ethnicities that uniquely created it – everywhere in the name of Big Business-driven global pop monoculture.
We would therefore maintain and enhance our nation, with its ancient ethno-cultural identities, Scots, Ulster, Welsh, Cornish, Manx and last but not least English, our traditional folk cultures and musical heritages, and the languages underlying them,  as a hotspot of rich indigenous cultural diversity.
We would encourage other peoples and nations around the world to do likewise. Thus the world will not lose everyone’s culture in a homogenised mass mess but instead celebrate and preserve the rich cultural diversity, heritage and ethnicities of the World.
On a global level, and in the long run, we Nationalists are the only true friends of multiculturalism and diversity, which those who parrot those Politically Correct catch-phrases would in fact destroy, for everyone everywhere.

Download your membership form here -



Relative of UK patient suffering deadly SARS-like virus falls ill – proving it is infectious



A new Sars-like illness is spreading between humans, experts warn. So far there have been just three confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Britain – and only 11 in the world.
Relative of UK patient suffering deadly SARS-like virus falls ill - proving it is infectious
Initially scientists assumed it could only be caught from animals and was mainly confined to the Middle East.
But today the Health Protection Agency confirmed that a man had apparently caught the disease from a relative.
This latest case is the first evidence that the virus can spread between humans.
Officials at the HPA insist that the victim was suffering from long-term health problems that made him more susceptible to the illness.
They stress that the overall threat to the population remains low – and it is far less dangerous than Sars which claimed hundreds of lives.
The latest patient is being treated on the intensive care unit at Queen’s Hospital Birmingham.
He is thought to have caught the disease from a relation, who became infected in the Middle East, and is being treated at a Manchester hospital.
Professor John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases department at the HPA, said: ‘This case is a family member who was in close personal contact with the earlier case and who may have been at greater risk of acquiring an infection because of their underlying health condition.’To date, evidence of person-to-person transmission has been limited. Although this case provides strong evidence for person to person transmission, the risk of infection in most circumstances is still considered to be very low.’
The latest patient to become infected with the coronavirus is being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham The latest patient to become infected with the coronavirus is being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham
‘If novel coronavirus were more infectious, we would have expected to have seen a larger number of cases than we have seen since the first case was reported three months ago.’
A third patient who contracted the illness in Qatar in September is still being treated at another hospital in Britain.
There have been another eight cases worldwide, mainly in the Middle East, and seven of the patients died.
Scientists have likened the infection to Sars, which claimed 900 lives worldwide between 2002 and 2003
At present they are not sure exactly how it is transmitted but it is thought to be mainly viaay be via animals or their droppings.
Sars, or Severe acute respiratory syndrome, which originated in China in November 2002.
Between then and July 2003, it spread to 37 other countries, including Ireland, Spain and the US, infecting more than 8,400 people and claiming 900 lives.
Four cases were reported in the UK, although no one died.


Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are known to cause illness in humans and animals. In humans, this large family of viruses are known to cause illness ranging from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
What are the symptoms of the novel coronavirus?
In confirmed cases, common symptoms have been acute, serious respiratory illness with fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. The infection generally presents as pneumonia. It has caused kidney failure and death in some cases.
How is the virus spread?
To date, the Health Protection Agency says it is not clear how humans have become infected with this virus. At the moment there is no vaccine or specific treatment – but many of the symptoms caused by this virus can be treated.
 Your the only ones who can stop this. And not by moaning about it either.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stop mass immigration from Bulgarian and Romanians in 2014, when EU restrictions on immigration are relaxed.



David Noakes explains Frankfurt School of Subversion



As in America so in Britain.

Who is really pulling the 'RACIAL STRINGS', WHO were the people who drafted the ANTI-BRITISH ANTI-WHITE RACE LAWS in Britain when they were not being 'RACIALLY ABUSED' ?


We don't even have any say in what happens to OUR COUNTRY and PEOPLE anymore. FOREIGN BUSINESS and HISTORICAL ENMITY to the INDIGENOUS BRITISH is being promoted and pushed on TV, RADIO, INTERNET, NEWS PAPERS (Laughs our loud), LITERATURE etc. Just because our beaches haven't been stormed and shots fired does not mean that WAR IS NOT BEING WAGED AGAINST US.....................IT IS and IGNORING IT IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.

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Chemtrails, Planned and Inadvertent Cloud Seeding

Read this, they're absolutely bloody CrAyZy

Chemtrails are just Persistent Contrails

Chemtrails are persistent contrails that are one part natural phenomenon and one part disgusting pollution.

Chemtrails can broadly be described as the visible part of airplane and ship exhaust plumes passing through an atmospheric water body.

An even more broad definition of chemtrails could include aerial disease vector spraying, oil dispersant, military testing, cloud seeding, and geoengineering SRM experiments and projects, though these aerial spraying campaigns are not likely to be seen coming from commercial passenger aircraft.

A common tactic as of late is to try and identify the flights overhead, and see if they are regular passenger/freight flights, or not listed military craft.  Use the following links to track the trails, then use the research below to draw your own conclusion.

The Contrail Effect 01

Chemtrail Tracking

ClimateViewer 3Dplanefinder.net | flightradar24.com | contrailscience.com | shipfinder.co
Note the surprising similarity of the two National Weather Service images to the Chemtrail Forecast maps.  That’s because they are based on the same sources.

Chemtrails are usually visible when planes fly through water bodies overhead known as tropospheric rivers.  Therefore the Chemtrail Forecast map is only showing where the water is, despite their retarded claim:
When they spray, residual chemicals gets carried in the upper atmosphere and this system tracks WHERE the heaviest concentration of chemicals is and/or where they’ll spray more within the soup already in the area. This has been brought to you by
TheWeatherSpace.com Networks
- The network responsible for HaarpStatus.com
Anyone against this Website is a shill. We do not like shills.
If Chemtrail Forecast is misleading you, what does that say about HAARP Status?
The Weather Space must be kidding…

NWS Water Vapor | Link

National Weather Service - Water Vapor

NWS Infrared | Link

National Weather Service - Infrared

Chemtrail Forecast Map | Link

Chemtrail Forecast - Morning - www.chemtrailforecast.com
Chemtrail Forecast - Afternoon - www.chemtrailforecast.com
Chemtrail Forecast - Evening

The Contrail Effect | Link

After a lifetime of enjoying contrails, it came as a surprise to me to learn recently that something so ephemeral may not be a harmless by-product of the jet age but may in fact impact the climate.

This is of particular concern in well-traveled air corridors, where contrails by the hundreds can spread into man-made cirrus clouds that can both block sunlight from reaching the Earth and trap radiated heat from escaping to space.

Whether contrails cause a net cooling or a net warming, even whether their effect is something to worry about within the greater general concern about climate change, remains unclear. But with air traffic expected to double or even triple by 2050, leading contrail researchers say the influence of these artificial clouds cannot be ignored.

The Contrail Effect 02
The sheer number of contrails generated on a typical day in busy air corridors can come as a shock. A NASA satellite took this enhanced infrared image of the southeastern U.S. on January 29, 2004. Photo credit: Courtesy NASA Langley Research Center
The Contrail Effect 03
In skies normally crosshatched with condensation trails, the only contrails seen in this image from September 12, 2001, were left by the plane returning President George W. Bush to Washington from Nebraska and several escort fighters. Photo credit: Courtesy NASA Langley Research Center
The Contrail Effect 04
In this true-color satellite image shot above northwestern Europe, the contrast between skies with contrails and those without offers a striking sense of the influence these pseudo clouds might have on regional climate. Photo credit: Courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Evaluating the Impacts of Aviation (Chemtrails) on Climate Change | Link

Aviation-focused research activities are required to address the uncertainties and gaps in the understanding of current and projected impacts of aviation on climate and to develop metrics to better characterize these impacts.

This may entail coordination and/or expansion of existing and planned climate research programs, or new activities. Such efforts should include strong and continuing interactions among the science and aviation communities as well as among policy makers to develop well-informed decisions.

More concrete steps would include further ranking and prioritizing of identified research needs; creating a research roadmap with associated roles and responsibilities of various participating agencies and stakeholders; and identifying resources needed to implement the road map.

In coordination with participating federal research agencies of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, the FAA is exploring possible means of addressing research needs identified by the workshop.
In 1992, aviation contributed about 2% of the total anthropogenic CO2 emissions and accounted for globally and annually averaged RF (GAARF) of about 0.02 watts per square meter. In contrast, the GAARF for all non-CO2 aviation emissions combined (excluding cirrus clouds) is as large as that of CO2 alone, though characterized by relatively large uncertainties. Figure 2 clearly indicates that the level of scientific understanding to estimate climate response due to non-CO2 emissions for both cases ranges from fair to very poor.

Air Pollution at EarthlyIssues.com | Link

Air travel has become commonplace for vacationers, but not with out it’s unseen costs to the environment. A round trip flight from New York to Los Angeles release as much as one automobile does in an entire year. On a yearly basis all air travel releases 600 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Air Traffic Pollution
1 round trip flight from NY to LA = 2,000 pounds of CO2

Hole Punch and Canal Clouds |  Video Link

  • 91st AMS Annual Meeting, Thursday, 27 January 2011 | Link
  • Joint Session 1: Modification of Marine and Supercooled Stratocumulus | Link
Hole Punch Cloud
Commerical aircraft Inadvertent cloud seeding | Link
605/610 (Washington State Convention Center)
Andrew Heymsfield, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and A. Bansemer, G. Thompson, H. Morrison, R. Rasmussen, Z. Wang, D. Zhang, and P. Minnis

Also see:

  • Aircraft-induced Hole Punch and Canal Clouds – AMS | Link
  • Observations of glaciating hole punch clouds: Cornell University | Link
  • Fallstreak hole, Canal Cloud, Skypunch, Wikipedia | Link

Simulation results of unintentional aircraft-induced cloud clearing | Video Link

  • 91st AMS Annual Meeting, Thursday, 27 January 2011 | Link
  • Joint Session 1: Modification of Marine and Supercooled Stratocumulus | Link
Hole Punch Clouds texas_tmo_2007029
Simulation results of unintentional aircraft-induced cloud clearing | Link
605/610 (Washington State Convention Center)
Gregory Thompson, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and H. Morrison, A. Heymsfield, and R. Rasmussen

Stratocumulus Decks – labs for inadvertent & planned cloud seeding | Video Link

  • 91st AMS Annual Meeting, Thursday, 27 January 2011 | Link
  • Joint Session 1: Modification of Marine and Supercooled Stratocumulus | Link
Marine stratocumulus cloud decks and chemtrails
Marine stratcumulus cloud decks—Natural laboratories for inadvertent and planned cloud seeding experiments | Link
605/610 (Washington State Convention Center)
Bruce Albrecht, Univ. of Miami/RSMAS, Miami, FL

Supporting Research

Possible explanations

Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming | Link

David Keith Atmospheric Geoengineering with Aluminum Aerosols | Link
The Benefits, Risks, and Costs of Stratospheric Geoengineering | Link
Existing small jet fighter planes, like the F-15C Eagle (Figure 2a), are capable of flying into the lower stratosphere in the tropics, while in the Arctic, larger planes, such as the KC-135 Stratotanker or KC-10 Extender(Figure 2b), are capable of reaching the required altitude.

Specialized research aircraft such as the American Lockheed ER-2 and the Russian M55 Geophysica, both based on Cold War spy planes, can also reach 20 km, but neither has a very large payload or could be operated continuously to deliver gases to the stratosphere.

The Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk can reach 20 km without a pilot but costs twice as much as an F-15C. Current designs have a payload of 1-1.5 tons. Clearly it is possible to design an autonomous specialized aircraft to loft sulfuric acid precursors into the lower stratosphere, but the current analysis focuses on existing aircraft.

Options for dispersing gases from planes include the addition of sulfur to the fuel, which would release the aerosol through the exhaust system of the plane, or the attachment of a nozzle to release the sulfur from its own tank within the plane, which would be the better option. Putting sulfur in the fuel would have the problem that if the sulfur concentration were too high in the fuel, it would be corrosive and affect combustion. Also, it would be necessary to have separate fuel tanks for use in the stratosphere and in the troposphere to avoid sulfate aerosol pollution in the troposphere.

The military has already manufactured more planes than would be required for this geoengineering scenario, potentially reducing the costs of this method. Since climate change is an important national security issue [Schwartz and Randall, 2003], the military could be directed to carry out this mission with existing aircraft at minimal additional cost. Furthermore, the KC-135 fleet will be retired in the next few decades as a new generation of aerial tankers replaces it, even if the military continues to need the in-flight refueling capability for other missions.

Unlike the small jet fighter planes, the KC-135 and KC-10 are used to refuel planes mid-flight and already have a nozzle installed. In the tropics, one option might be for the tanker to fly to the upper troposphere, and then fighter planes would ferry the sulfur gas up into the stratosphere(Figure 2b). It may also be possible to have a tanker tow a glider with a hose to loft the exit nozzle into the stratosphere.
F15 KC135 SRM geoengineering
Modification of cirrus clouds to reduce global warming | Link
Since commercial airliners routinely fly in the region where cold cirrus clouds exist, it is hoped that the seeding material could either be (1) dissolved or suspended in their jet fuel and later burned with the fuel to create seeding aerosol, or (2) injected into the hot engine exhaust, which should vaporize the seeding material, allowing it to condense as aerosol in the jet contrail.

The objective would not be to seed specific cloud systems but rather to build up a background concentration of aerosol seeding material so that the air masses that cirrus will form in will contain the appropriate amount of seeding material to produce larger ice crystals.

Since the residence time of seeding material might be on the order of 1–2 weeks, release rates of seeding material would need to account for this. With the delivery process already existing, this geoengineering approach may be less expensive than other proposed approaches.
DOE Testing Idea to Shoot Particles into Sky to Fight ‘Global Warming’ | Link
U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken, S.C., are conducting limited tests and developing computer models of what might happen if a huge amount of particulate matter is shot into the stratosphere.

The particles, consisting of a very fine and special form of glass - “porous-walled glass microspheres” - would be able to absorb a certain amount of carbon dioxide, and would reflect sunlight away from the Earth. …

Crutzen proposed sending aircraft 747s to dump huge quantities of sulfur particles into the far-reaches of the stratosphere to cool down the atmosphere.
Microspheres and Microworlds SRNL’s pourous, hollow glass balls open new opportunities for hydrogen storage, drug delivery, and national defense

Cost analysis of stratospheric albedo modification delivery systems | Link
Geoengineering Cost Analysis: Aurora Flight Sciences | Link
Air Force Aims for Weather Control | Link
The work involves using plasma an ionized gas to reconfigure the ionosphere. MIRAGE would employ a microwave transmitter on the ground and a small rocket that shoots chaff into the air to produce about a liter of plasma at 60–100 km. (36– 60 mi.) in altitude, changing the number of electrons in a select area of the ionosphere to create a virtual barrier.

Ionosphere reconfiguration offers two major applications of interest to the military: bouncing radars off the ionosphere, also known as over-the-horizon radar, and the ability to jam signals from the Global Positioning Satellite system, according to John Kline, the lead investigator for MIRAGE (Microwave Ionosphere Reconfiguration Ground based Emitter). | Link
Vision 2020 – US Air Force Space Command | Link
Over the past several decades, space power has primarily supported land, sea, and air operations–strategically and operationally. During the early portion of the 21st century, space power will also evolve into a separate and equal medium of warfare. Likewise, space forces will emerge to protect military and commercial national interests and investment in the space medium due to their increasing importance.
Air University
USAF Air Command and Staff College
Welcome to AIR FORCE 2025 | Link

  • Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 | Link
  • UAV Constellations | Link
  • 2025 Operational Analysis | Link
5.5 Attack Microbots, 8.3 Sensor Microbots:”Various deployment approaches are possible, including dispersal as an aerosol, transportation by a larger platform, and full flying/crawling autonomy.”
  • Aerospace Sanctuary in 2025: Shrinking the Bull’s-Eye | Link
Shielded Base:
Application of the neutralizers could be accomplished via aerosol dispersal in quantities sufficient enough to form a suppression “cloud or fog” over the affected area.
  • Space Operations: Through The Looking Glass (Global Area Strike System) | Link
The requirement for a global, all-weather strike capability might be met by using a different laser wave length to “burn” a hole through clouds, smoke, or aerosols (using the same mirror or a different one) or by employing alternative weather-control techniques before striking for effect.
  • An Operational Analysis for Air Force 2025: An Application of Value-Focused Thinking to Future Air and Space Capabilities – US Air Force | Link
Space Systems Negation 2007 | Link
Space Systems Negation 2012 | Link
October 2003
Environmental Defense Fund

An abrupt climate change scenario and its implications for US national security | Link
The purpose of this report is to imagine the unthinkable – to push the boundaries of current research on climate change so we may better understand the potential implications on United States national security.
Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030 – US Air Force | Link
The United States needs to incorporate the defense against directed energy weapons with the same intensity used developing anti-ballistic missile defenses. One of the major drawbacks to optical or directed energy systems is the inability to penetrate clouds or dense fog.

Advances in technology are beginning to bring weather phenomena under our control. Greatly increased computing power and micronized delivery systems will allow us to create specific perturbations in local atmospheric conditions.

These perturbations allow for the immediate and lasting ability to create localized fog or stratus cloud formations shielding critical assets against attack from energy based weapons. The future of nanotechnology will enable creation of stratus cloud formations to defeat DEW and optically targeted attacks on United Sates assets.

The solution the weather control problem involves networked miniature balloons feeding and receiving data from a four-dimensional variation (4d-Var) computer model through esensor and actor network. Anetwork of diamond-walled balloons enters the area to be changed and then both measures and affects localized temperature and vapor content.

This system effectively shortens the control loop of an atmospheric system to the point it can be managed. The capabilities in the diamond-walled balloons are based on the future of nanotechnology.

Chemtrail Research Links

  • Agriculture Defense Coalition | Link
  • AirCrap.org | Link
  • Arizona Sky Watch | Link
  • Carnicom Institute | Link
  • GeoengineeringWatch.org | Link
  • SHADE the Motion Picture | Link
  • WeatherWars.info | Link
  • What in the world are they spraying? | Link
  • Why in the world are they spraying? | Link

Chemtrail Debunk Links

  • MetaBunk, Troll HQ | Link
  • Contrail Science | Link
  • Commercial aircraft ‘not viable strategy’ for geoengineering | Link
  • Stratospheric passenger flights are likely an inefficient geoengineering strategy | Link

Other Research

  • Advanced Energetics for Aeronautical Applications – Volume II
    NASA has identified water vapor emission into the upper atmosphere from commercial transport aircraft, particularly as it relates to the formation of persistent contrails, as a potential environmental problem. Since 1999, MSE has been working with NASA-LaRC to investigate the concept of a transport-size emissionless aircraft fueled with liquid hydrogen combined with other possible breakthrough technologiesLink
  • NASA Contrail Forecast (not working) | Link
  • Aerosols: Climate and Air Quality | Link
  • Air Pollution & Intentional Seeding | Link

American Meteorological Society

  • 15th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification 2001 | Link
  • 16th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification 2005 | Link
  • 17th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification 2008 | Link
  • 18th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification 2011 | Link
  • 19th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification 2013 | Link
 Chemtrails, Planned and Inadvertent Cloud Seeding LINK