Wednesday, 31 October 2012


In Doncaster, we won a massive victory by taking the seat of Mayor of the city. We had barely even stood there before and it was a "safe" Labour seat...yet we won, and have just recently won a Mayoral referendum endorsement of 65% of the vote! This watershed victory has given us our first English Democrats Mayor in England and left the other parties in a state of disbelief. Now even Ed Milliband, a Doncaster MP, has had (through gritted teeth) to acknowledge that English nationalism is on the march!

This type of incredible change in public opinion is happening right now, all across the country - it really is fantastic.
Let's face it: UKIP has stalled and has been consumed by the EU beast it avowed to fight
Nick Griffin's universally discredited BNP are in a state of total collapse through serious financial shenanigans and the exposure of the unsavoury characters running that party.
However, the baggage free, credible and well presented face of English nationalism put forward by the English Democrats, is a winning formula and patriots are rallying to us in ever increasing numbers.
Never again should patriots be fooled by greedy self serving cranks.

Just recently the English Democrats contested a by-election for the Loatland ward which is part of Desborough Town Council in Kettering achieving a credible third place, with one single leaflet in a virgin ward.
The English Democrats' polled a very respectable 14% of the vote.
This was more than double the vote of the discredited and unelectable BNP who came 4th despite standing again and leafleting the ward four times!
This is a small but accurate picture of where patriotic politics is going.

An English nationalist victory will force the entire political establishment to sit up and take notice of what the ENGLISH people are saying and demanding:
A fair deal for England and the English Nation!
But remember well my fellow patriot, we are the English, and when we English are backed into a corner, eventually we will make a stand!
We both know that we have been in this corner for too long now; it's time we came out fighting and take our country back from the corrupt establishment that is destroying everything we hold dear.

The English Democrats have made a MAJOR breakthrough for Nationlism.