Wednesday, 2 May 2012


What did I tell you when we were at a certain meeting in Wigan(not a political meeting), and the speaker, who shall remain anonymous, told us that if we start reading out the UN Charter on Human Rights to the Police whilst being arrested it would terrify them and they would back off.
At the back of the room listening and watching this was someone called Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group.
Did I not challenge the speaker and Roger Hayes about the bollocks we were being told. I was expecting Roger Hayes to correct the speaker about the Police and the reading of the UN Charter of Human Rights, but Roger said nothing.
Roger Hayes wants us to follow him and copy his actions in British Courts yet he couldn't or wouldn't correct the speaker about his insistence that our Human Rights will protect us from POLICE BRUTALITY.
Roger Hayes is either working for the State or completely ignorant of the LAW and Police Powers and how they handle arrests.
Roger Hayes.....your a CHARLATAN, you better be protesting outside the Liverpool Nick that they took Mike Whitby too, and to the speaker ... you were talking complete and utter BOLLIX and owe a few apologies.

Mike Whitby has shot up massively in my estimation. Here is someone who is willing to stand up for his rights and beliefs against political oppression through Police Harassment.
If there were a few more like Mike Whitby maybe Britain would be a better place.

I doubted you once Mike, therefore I owe you an apology and I hope you will accept it ?

Fukushima still spewing massive radiation plumes; America in ‘huge trouble,’ says nuclear expert

Ethan A. Huff

During a recent Congressional delegation trip to Japan, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden witnessed with his own eyes the horrific aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which we have heard very little about from the media in recent months. The damage situation was apparently so severe, according to his account, that he has now written a letter to Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador of Japan, petitioning for more to be done, and offering any additional support and assistance that might help contain and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

The letter, which many experts see as the ominous writing on the wall for the grave severity of the circumstances, offers a disturbing glimpse into what is really going on across the Pacific Ocean that the mainstream media is apparently ignoring. While referencing the fact that all four of the affected reactors are still “badly damaged,” Sen. Wyden seems to hint in his letter that Reactor 4, which has reportedly been on the verge of collapse for many months now, could be nearing catastrophic implosion.

Imminent collapse of Reactor 4 could create a mass extinction event of both humans and animals

According to Christina Consolo, an award-winning biomedical photographer and host of Nuked Radio, Reactor 4 has remained in such bad shape that even a very small earthquake could quickly level the building, sending the fuel from more than 1,500 unused fuel rods into the environment. And with Reactor 4 still filled with the highest levels of radioactive MOX and other fuels, the consequences of this potential collapse could be far worse than anything that has happened thus far as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

“[S]itting at the top of [Reactor 4], in a pool that is cracked, leaking, and precarious even without an earthquake, are 1,565 fuel rods (give or take a few), some of them ‘fresh fuel’ that was ready to go into the reactor on the morning of March 11 when the earthquake and tsunami hit,” writes Consolo. “If they are MOX fuel, containing six percent plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people.”

Sen. Wyden is also asking U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Gregory Jaczko to assess how much additional assistance their agencies might be willing to provide to help Japan, and the entire world, avoid a nuclear catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

“The scope of damage to the plants and to the surrounding area was far beyond what I expected and the scope of the challenges to the utility owner, the government of Japan, and to the people of the region are daunting,” wrote Sen. Wyden in his letter, dated April 16, 2012. “The precarious status of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear units and the risk presented by the enormous inventory of radioactive materials and spent fuel in the event of further earthquake threats should be of concern to all and a focus of greater international support and assistance.”


When oh when are we going to take back control of this planet and out of the hands of the Financial and Political Elite, who, after many many years of controlling this planet, have caused us to be in this mess ?

What sort of MAD SCIENTISTS came up with the idea of storing NUCLEAR fuel, both fresh and waste NUCLEAR FUEL in large pools of water situated at the top of these buildings. Why have the "Elite" been so careless with OUR planet, so much so that Fukishima could be worse than actual NUCLEAR WAR ?

Time and time again monstrous corporations are allowed to continue projects which have at the outset the potential to pollute OUR ENVIRONMENT to the extent that wildlife and habitats are destroyed for 1000s of years to come. That in the course of working on these projects the potential ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS are known of beforehand but are ignored in the interest of £££££££££££££££.

Knowing the consequences to life, environment and the planet when, not if, these things go wrong, is it not madness to allow these projects to even get off the drawing board ?

Take just 60 seconds and jot down how many man made ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS you can remember that have occurred in the last 60 years. You will come up with quite a few, the worst ever GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER up until March 2011 was CHERNOBYL, the worst localised disaster was the Bhopal disaster. On top of that add Oil Tanker accidents, Oil Rigs exploding (latest being the Gulf of Mexico BP disaster), Toxic Waste released into the environment, Toxic Pollutants dumped on land and in the Oceans etc etc etc. And don't forget to take into account those disasters that never make it the News, such as those happening in South America, the Amazon (Google it).

The Elite are so corrupt and greedy that they are willing to ignore the safety of the Planetary Environment and OUR SAFETY to make more £££££££££££ than they could ever wish to need in a 100 lifetimes.

They even want to be allowed to start extracting minerals and oil, gas etc from the last pristine (to a point) places on earth such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Place your bets, how many months before the first Gas leak, Oil Spill, Chemical Poisoning and general pollution of these environments occurs ?

Until we are 100% sure that we can at least contain any disaster locally, or better still 100% sure that if say a natural disaster were to occur then anything mankind is doing will not add to or make things even worse.

Fukishima was due to a Tsunami started by an Earthquake. Wouldn't it have been sensible to, at least, build the Nuclear power Plants further inland, away from areas which are prone to Earthquakes and not store the Nuclear Fuel in water tanks built at the top of these buildings ?

When the earth is so polluted that the children and grandchildren of the Elite are suffering terrible deaths and incurable diseases brought about by the madness of their parents or grandparents greedy actions or in-actions, do you think they will start to do things differently then?

FRANKENSTEINS MONSTER is now the CEO of Globe Corp Industries and is employing many many more Dr Frankenstiens and creating future disasters, if we manage to survive this one.

We know who the Elite are, lets hope that those employed in their protection wake up soon and realise that their families are susceptible to the consequences of the disasters their employers create.

The sooner we remove FRANKENSTIENS Elite the safer we will be.

I call these people the Elite, but the only thing they really seem to be Elite in is creating disasters of nightmare proportions for us and obscene amounts of wealth for them.



I posted a story on here a few days ago reporting that Mike Whitby, BNP candidate for Liverpool Mayoral Elections, had been arrested for Electoral Fraud.

I have just came across the same story reported in the Gruniad and the Liverpool echo -

Now, I noticed that the Far-Left Gruniad article says this about Mike Whitbys so called Electoral fraud
"Police are investigating claims that he faked signatures and misled residents into signing his nomination papers, following an investigation by the Liverpool Echo. The newspaper interviewed several residents in the Wavertree area of the city who said Whitby had not mentioned the fact that he was standing for the BNP."

Now, Mike Whitby has not been accused of "FORGERY" but that he "FAKED" signatures. The definition of FAKE according to Wikipedia is
"Fake is a not a term and does not describe and does not imply that something is not real and that it is false"

Then when you read further on we are told that
"Whitby had not mentioned the fact that he was standing for the BNP"
The Liverpool Echo reported
"But one resident who said she had been approached for her signature by Mr Whitby said: “He never told me (he was BNP). That’s deception.“I can’t remember whether he said Liberal or Independent.”"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Mike Whitby has done, if the person who "can't remember" can't remember then maybe he said he was standing for the BNP or maybe even The British National Party.

Then we have someone else, not named saying
"Another of the people whose signatures are on the form added: “He did not say he was BNP, he just said he was a candidate to be the mayor."
So, there you go, Mike Whitby cannot be trusted because he DID NOT LIE NOR FORGE SIGNATURES according to some very strange unnamed signatories

So there was NO FORGERY, NO DECEPTION and NO CRIME in relation to the signatures, but that Whitby had not told the people who signed his form that he was standing for the BNP.
NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITED BY WHITBY, but the Police and CPS certainly seem to have been acting MALICIOUSLY.
(except that Mike is White and British and standing for the BNP, a LEGITIMATE POLITICAL PARTY).

Now Mike, get down to the Solicitors and get NICK and whoever else in the EUSSR to get this into the EUROPEAN COURTS OF HUMAN RIGHTS and sue these bastards for every penny you can get, might be an idea to check on what Human Rights of yours have been stamped on and the fact that the British Legal system and its enforcers have done this for POLITICAL PURPOSES.

I wonder how many arrests there have been in Bradford since Gorgeous George (I AM A MUSLIM, DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT I AM A MUSLIM, GOD KNOWS WHO IS A MUSLIM AND WHO ISN'T) Galloway, who hates Nazis but is willing to destroy the country of birth of those who fought and defeated the Nazis.

As an aside
Could someone ask Galloway about the Muslims who fought as NAZIS for the NAZIS ? (Muslim Nazi 13th SS Handzar Division) Nazi SS Skanderbeg Division)

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el-Husseini

It is also rumoured the RED KEN LIVINGSTONE has been involved in a similar, if not the very same, MASS ISLAMIC CONVERSION CEREMONY that Galloway undertook.
I wonder what he has to say about this ?


European Court of Human Rights blocks more deportations from UK than any other country

European human rights judges have blocked more than 900 attempts by Britain to deport foreign criminals and terror suspects in recent years.

Official figures show that the European Court of Human Rights has thwarted more planned deportations by Britain than any other country.

The controversial “Rule 39” procedure was recently used by judges in Strasbourg to prevent Abu Qatada, the extremist cleric, being sent back to Jordan in case evidence obtained under torture was used against him.

It has also been used by Somali criminals and failed Tamil asylum seekers to remain in the country.

The new figures disclosed in Parliament have renewed calls for the Government to pull out of the court and so ensure that British court rulings are upheld.

Gareth Johnson, the Conservative MP for Dartford who obtained the statistics, told The Daily Telegraph: “These figures confirm to me that we need to urgently review our membership of the ECHR.

“This court should not operate as a convenient mechanism to prevent us removing undesirable people from the UK.”

Under the Rule 39 powers of the European Court of Human Rights, judges can issue interim measures that are binding on nation states if they believe the applicant “faces a real risk of serious, irreversible harm if the measure is not applied”.

This prevents deportation going ahead until the case can be heard in detail.

The court insists it is “not an appeal tribunal from domestic tribunals”, and that people fighting extradition and expulsion should pursue all available means locally before turning to Strasbourg.

But figures show that thousands of applications are being made each year in the 47 nations that make up the Council of Europe, which oversees the court.

Britain sees by far the most applications and has the highest number of planned deportations halted, although many more go ahead.

ECHR figures highlighted in response to Mr Johnson’s Parliamentary written question show that in total there were 12,140 applications for Rule 39 decisions between 2008 and 2011. A third of these (4,454) were made against Britain.

Of these, 911 requests were granted. The next highest numbers were in Sweden (691) and France (432).

However 2,809 British requests were refused and a further 734 were deemed inadmissible.

The number of Rule 39 measures granted against Britain has also fallen in recent years, from 527 in 2008 to 35 last year.

Damian Green, the immigration minister, said in response to the figures: “The UK Border Agency is aware that individuals may seek to frustrate their imminent removal or deportation by way of an application to the ECHR and will challenge a negative decision made by the Court.

“Where appropriate the UK Border Agency takes action specifically to alleviate the Court's concerns, which has in a number of cases resulted in the European Court lifting its Rule 39 Interim Measure.”

European human rights judges have blocked more than 900 attempts by Britain to deport foreign criminals and terror suspects in recent years.