Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I read today of the Romanian woman on benefits being allowed housing benefit after saying that selling "The Big Issue" is a legitimate job.
This parasite who needed an interpreter in court in spite of having lived here for four years, as well as the lawyers all at our expense is already getting £25,500 in benefits for her four children, one of whom it seems is disabled.

Now it seems to that will be added her £2,600 housing benefit so over £28,000 in all plus what she makes selling the magazine bringing a grand total of £33,000 per year.
She has a child of two, but no mention of a partner.
She must have had one at one point and probably still has.

How many hard working British families struggle to survive on much less while doing useful jobs which contribute to our economy? There must be millions.

I don't see why she should have any benefits here. If she wants to breed like a rabbit, let her do it in her own country.
I don't even want to see her types in my country, whether they parasitise from us or not.

She and her brood should be sent home and the nice house she has acquired (it seems without speaking English) could be let to some DESERVING BRITISH FAMILY.

The governernment says that although it disagrees with the ruling it is bound by the international law.

I do not accept that. It is a cop out.

I believe the judiciary deliberately undermine our society, some for political reasons and some in order to make more money for their corrupt proffession.

The government the people foolishly elected should show their metal and dismiss these stupid judges who ride roughshod over the wishes of the people.

But in this case what can we do apart from protest.
STOP BUYING THE BIG ISSUE,and give directly tro local charities if you have any money to spare.

That way you can be sure you are helping YOUR OWN.

Another article in the paper reports that squatters from Moldova have moved into a house in London which was empty and about to be sold.
The police of course can not help as it is a "civil matter".

So breaking in someone's house is a civil matter is it?
They'd find out whether it was if I found squatters in my house. They wouldn't last five minutes.

And yet another report on the ugly muslim terrorist who can not be deported to face charges of terrorism because of his human rights.
Abu Qatada or whatever his name has been prevented from being deported by the ECHR to answer charges even though that country has guaranteed a fair trial and treatment.

Of course Gary McKinnon can be extradited to the USA as well as the other lad accuses of helping music downloads.
And American jails are not nice places like our holiday camps but it seems they must go even though McKinnon will probably not survive.

I know this rant will perhaps make some believe that I am some kind of conspiracy nut, but the above travesties of justice and common sense can have no other explanation that is

The judiciary and the rulers of our country are intent on destroying us and our society and it is our duty to


Will we get our country back without civil war?

I'm beginning to think we wont.