Sunday, 12 February 2012


As I have said previously I have no interest in football but the furore over Suarez's refusal to shake Evra's hand has appalled me.

Suarez was alleged to have said some "racist" word to the thin skinned black Evra and was fined £40,000 and eight games for it.
No mention of what may have been said by Evra to Suarez. Race was the issue and must be punished. No matter that Suarez may himself have a bit of black in his genetics Evra cried like a soft child to the authorities and had Suarez punished.

I have never played the soft game of Soccer but have played a bit of Rugby Union in my time and on the field insults and even blows were exchanged.
We did not complain to the ref about verbal insults and shook hands after the game.
I have not heard of incidents like this in Rugby and there are many black players in that game.
They are obviously not so touchy.

It was suggested a few weeks ago that this should be the case in so called racial insults after the game, but this was considered unacceptable by the authorities.
Comments in the heat of the moment do not matter and a handshake after the match puts the matter to an end, and any racial comments put behind with a pint together.

In this case Evra, like a spoilt child had a severe penalty imposed on Suarez who in any case he was not being racist, but just using a Spanish word. He was not convicted of anything but nevertheless lost money and games because Evra would not let the case drop.

And Evra expected Suarez to shake his hand?
He must have been deluded.

It's like me being asked to shake hands with someone who has cost me thousands.

Now the PC FA have prevailed on Dalgleish and Suarez to apologise.
Money and power talks but you know that their thoughts will remain the same.

If people like Evra with thin black skins (an anatomical oxymoron) can not stand the rough and tumble of insults in the so called English game then perhaps they should return to their African homeland where they could display their undoubted skills but receive less of the white man's money.

P S did you see Owen Farrell of Wigan win the match for England in the man's game, Rugby against Italy?
His kicking was superb. It made one proud to be a Wiganer.

As I said yesterday when he kicked the goals--
GOD BLESS FARRELL,WIGAN AND St GEORGE. and I was not referring to you Tony.