Sunday, 26 February 2012


I read today of the man who at the airport made a comment that if he had to remove his scarf for security reasons, why should the person? in front of him in a burka go straight through.
He was just making a logical comment but was detained and told that you could not say those things nowadays.
It is said that a muslim woman was offended by his comments.

Well I am offended by these third worlders who are in my country.
I am even more offended by the power they seem to have in the affairs of my country.

I don't even want to have to look at the ugly women who have to cover themselves up to prevent others fancying them. Some chance if they are as ugly as their menfolk.

I was brought up to believe that we had free speech in OUR country.
I know that is not the custom in the third world cesspits whence these uninvited people stem.

BUT is it not time we started to protect our freedom of speech?
Are we free or are we not?

If we all, as British patriots could unite we could unleash a backlash against our oppressors and sort it out.

The method is obvious but I am constrained by the fact that if I spell it out I could be in trouble with the authorities.

Think about what you could do to destroy this cancer in our country and as British people come together and do it.

Let's stop this assault on our freedom in our country. They did it in Tunisia and Libya.
United we can do it here but we are too comfortable to take a stand.

We need a martyr to say "Arise Britain and take your country back".

Someday I may sacrifice myself for my country in that cause.