Saturday, 19 June 2010


After yesterdays dismal performance by ENGLAND, our Secretary decided, that after a bit oF shopping, he would call into the JOHN BULL CHOPHOUSE, Weind, Wigan, ON THE WAY HOME.
As soon as our Secretary asked for a pint he was told by the barman (Phil) that he would have to speak to the Landlord (Peter) and that he was not going to serve him (time approx 4.30pm). (Peter would be on at 8.00PM or later)
Our Secretary asked why this was ? to be told that " You were outside here last week and Pete is not happy. (Our Secretary did walk past and stopped for a chat last Saturday , but a regular to the John Bull statred shouting that the BNP candidate was here. Nothing happened except for people being interested in what he had to say).
He asked what it was the Pete was not happy about?
Only to be told it's because he is the BNP and his POLITICAL ALLEGIANCES and he would NOT be served.

Then One of the regulars, with the aide of the Phil (John Bull bar statff) started the old ENGLISH PATRIOT, BRITISH NATIONALIST are RACIST.
The main instigator proclaimed his patriotism to IRELAND and the FEINIANS.
This comes from a man who declares his patriotism to FEINIAN IRELAND and the IRA , and a total IGNORAMUS who has seen on the internet "three BNP members? beating up three asians".
I just wondered did the three "BNP" members hold their membership cards upto the camera first ?
Phil even said that " They are now banned from BNP membersip"
For a man so IGNORANT to deny a PATRIOT a PINT in the TREASONUS JOHN BULL, WIGAN, WEIND because he disagrees with our Secretarys POLITICAL BELIEFS and what he sees on UTUBE as the TRUTH is TREASONUS REPRESSION.




Lanky Patriot said...

There are plenty other places to go SK and remember that 10% voted for us in Wigan and many more support our views.
It's ironic that a pub with a name like "John Bull" which signifies Britain should have a landlord with such anti British views.

Silly Kuffar said...

I thought I would let our Members, Supporters and Voters know where they are not welcome. Just under 10.000 of us. REMEMBER - THE JOHN BULL IS NOT FAVOURABLE TO PATRIOTIC NATIONALISTS.

There was only a handful of people in and around the place on a beautiful Sat afternoon. Maybe they don't think they need the custom. Well now they'll have even less.

Dr Chris Hill said...

After two separate opinions, from senior barristers, that the activities of the Preston Pals (a group set up by Tony Bamber) was perfectly legal, Mr Bamber was charged with intending to promote religious hatred, on the orders (albeit indirectly) of Jack Straw. Mr Straw seems to have been more interested in the opinions of Muslims (whose support he realise on for his seat in parliament) than those of unbiased senior legal professionals.

When the law is used to further the purely selfish ends of our political masters can it really be said that we live in a democratic society. Only our right to choose a jury trial stands between the people and Orwell's vision of 1984.

Mr Bamber's courage, in standing up to political intimidation, should be applauded by all free citizens of our nation.

Silly Kuffar said...

The Tony Bamber story is on the Lancashire Constabulary website. Looks like the Bill has blundered. he should sue them for malicious prosecution.

Dr Chris Hill said...

From the story on the Lancashire Constabulary's web site about the Tony Bamber case.

Detective Supt Neil Hunter Said:
"....... we will take positive action against others who engage in such activity."

But hold on there hasn't Tony's campaign just been proven to be perfectly legal? Are the police then now taking positive action against honest citizens engaged in perfectly legal activities, simply because their political masters are embarrassed by the truth!

Silly Kuffar said...

That's what happens when you live in a POLICE STATE.