Monday, 21 June 2010


We must be getting near to the target.
The Equalities commission have asked for our leader to be jailed for among other reasons they were unable to find the new constitution on our website.
This site had been sabotaged by Simon Bennett just before the election and possibly weeks before and they knew it.

They could have had a copy if they'd asked.
I believe that although Nick Griffin was mandated to amend the constitution and he did just that when told to do so by the judge, they did not expect this and thus are having another try to close us down by means of financial ruin caused by large legal fees.
The contrast between this action and the Government's kow towing to the members of Sinn Fein who spread their influence by means of murder.

The action thus has nothing to do with race but I believe our actions against the "New World Order" much favoured by the elite in government.
I do not remember any action against that murderous group to try to bankrupt or otherwise destroy it. Of course they could not bankrupt the IRA as it was bankrolled by its friends in the USA prior to 9/11, and then,

The USA finally understood the reality of terrorism and stopped funding it.

That was the reason for the cessation of support for the IRA and it led to the "Good Friday" agreement. It would never have happened but for 9/11. Tony Blair had nothing to do with it.

So our chairman faces jail for stating a political point of view even though he campaigns through a legitimate party while terrorist murderers who promote their cause through the barrel of a gun get their way.

We have opened our constitution to minorities as directed but now they say they don't like some of our policies. Pure Stalinist dictatorship.

Our Nationalism and patriotism will NOT die. Even if the Party was bankrupted we would rise phoenix like in another form to campaign for our rights in our country by all democratic ways.

Unfortunately it seems at present the only way to get justice is by violence, judging by recent history.

That is not our way Phillips and you know it. However when people are driven into a corner they react.

Let's hope it does not come to that.

Just leave us alone

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lanky Patriot.

Hope you and Sue had a good rest and have recharged for the fight for our Land.

The following is why I defend and support the British National Party.

Nick and Jackie Silver wedding.

Twenty Five Not Out

Mon, 21/06/2010 - 15:09

A truly wonderful weekend!

Even after 25 years of marriage, Jackie and I were both taken aback at just how emotional we (and I think many other people) were during the Rev West's splendid service.

This was held at a hotel overlooking a reservoir not far from our home. As you can see, the views are stunning.

After the service and lunch (complete with a longer speech from Jackie than from me, there's a first!) we and the immediate family and close old friends who had attended headed back home to the evening party, complete with other friends old and new, and neighbours.

The party was enlivened by the company (our thanks to everyone who came, especially those who travelled such long distances), the lovely setting, brilliant weather, a hog roast provided by an award-winning local butcher, the brilliant firework display by Doc and Wendy Russell, music and karaoke from John 'old blue eyes' Walker, and fine real ale from the Station Brewery in Oswestry.

All four 'children' were there, together with significant others, plus Jackie's mum and both my parents. I'm very proud of them all, but most of all of Jackie, for being such a wonderful rock and friend and guide for some 32 years in total.

We now have several roses and a silver birch to plant, and several very special twenty-five-year-old bottles to drink.


God Bless Nick and Jackie, they have had some " outside of a average marriage " events to live with.