Saturday, 25 February 2012


Although I have issues with the running of the BNP (but not the policies) I take this opportunity of congratulating them on their demonstration against muslim violence and paedophilia in Rochdale and Hyde.
I also welcome the Party's abandonment of the proscription of the EDL which has done sterling work in publicising the muslim cancer in our midst.

Without these demonstrations little would have been heard of the paedophile muslim perverts who so abuse our young girls.
The police have ignored this scandal for years in case it harms "community relations"
The papers in hock to the Marxist NUJ have been notable in their absence of reports on this scandal, concentrating instead of nasty things said to touchy overpaid black soccer players who are happy to take advantage of the white man's money but object when someone calls him black.

If the police and media continue to brush this paedophile scandal (a direct result of third world aliens being allowed in our country without our permission) the only way to bring it to the notice of the public is for street demonstrations.
These will continue and get more intense as our people feel ever more beleagured and abandoned by the police and media. More will rally to the cause of the defence of our land and people.

We hope violence will not occur but the patience of the people is wearing thin.
We as British people feel that we are under a tyrrany, just as many people in the Middle East have been and still are.

Someday we will regain our country as other countries have. I hope we do not have to gain it by violence but as recent events abroad have shown matters can change quickly.

The powers that be should not imagine that things will always remain the same. Gadaffi did as did Mubarak and now Assad and look where that got them
Our government should listen to the people, our people whom they are supposed to represent or they could suffer the same fate.

Having said that we must as nationalists put aside all previous arguments, forgive insults and concentrate on what unites us.
Only inflated egos of the leaders of the parties including the BNP prevent this.
We are all nationalists, patriots and love our country.

Can we not put our differences aside, concentrate on what unites us and work for our country.

United we could be an unstoppable force in spite of the PC police and media.

Come on you leaders. Get together and have constructive talks and form a nationalist grouping and save our country.

Egos are not important.

Our country and future is.

In the meantime boycott any foreign businesses, and support your own.

You know it makes sense.