Saturday, 31 March 2012


I, as an INDIGENOUS ENGLISHMAN, have noticed that the language used to describe FOREIGNERS, PERVERTS, CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS, the DESTRUCTION of MY COUNTRY and the loss of OUR RIGHTS are not quite the correct words that the INDIGENOUS POPULATION should use.

"ETHNIC MINORITIES", what does that mean ?
ETHNIC is used to describe FOREIGNERS in OUR country
MINORITIES is used to make it sound as though there are only a couple of hundred here. How can you complain about having a couple of hundred foreigners spread across this HUGE COUNTRY.

"A RELIGION OF PEACE", even when we can see them killing the INFIDEL and we can see and hear the HATRED with our own eyes and ears we are constantly told that a FOREIGN IDEOLOGY full of HATRED and BIGOTRY and VIOLENCE is A RELIGION OF PEACE.
And who could be against PEACE but an animal.
Yet the REAL ANIMALS send OUR MOTHERS, FATHERS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, AUNTIES and UNCLES, SONS and DAUGHTERS in the Armed Services to go and engage in ACTS of WAR against countries and people who have never attacked us.
Most of these countries are though occupied and ruled by adherents of the RELIGION OF PEACE.

The truth is that ISLAM is FOREIGN IDEOLOGY using "RELIGION" as it's POLITICAL WING.

"HUMAN RIGHTS", this is used to make the INDIGENOUS POPULATION feel as though they must be animals if they complain about OUR ENEMIES WITHIN.

FOREIGN CRIMINALS can move here, commit VIOLENT and MURDEROUS acts upon the INDIGENOUS POPULATION and other foreigners, but cannot be deported because it is against their HUMAN RIGHTS.
Those charged with OUR PROTECTION and those who dispense LAW in OUR LAW COURTS have time and time again put OUR SAFETY and RIGHTS in the rubbish bin by stopping the deportation of FOREIGN CRIMINALS.
Our Judicial system has failed us time and time again.
Why do they allow the JUDGES to continue to put us in mortal danger?
Why are these Judges not arrested and tried for TREASON for DISREGARDING OUR NATIONAL SECURITY ?

Go to any of the OCCUPIED Towns and Cities in OUR COUNTRY and you will see that every CULTURE keeps to itself. The only time you get anywhere near a MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY is when FOREIGNERS mix with other FOREIGNERS and the INDIGENOUS POPULATION in the course of SHOPPING or in work due to LAWS that are passed that DISCRIMINATE against the INDIGENOUS POPULATION.
Keith Allen when interviewing Nick Griffin LIED about having "MUSLIM FRIENDS" (to make himself look the MUSLIM FOREIGNERS friend) when trying to make Nick Griffin look less than HUMAN (didn't the NAZIS call and treat the JEWS less than human?) for not having any friends who were muslim and/or FOREIGN.
I won't mention the disgusting way that allen and his crew discriminated and belittled against an old disabled couple on tv, and then tried to blame it on a person who hadn't batted an eye at,nor mentioned the disabled couple.
Oh sorry, I just did.

"FREE SPEECH" is something that we once were willing to die for. We are forever shown on NEWS programmes how our POLITICIANS and LIBERAL ELITE are willing to speak out in defence of FOREIGN NATIONALS denied FREE SPEECH in their own countries.
A young man was sent to prison and branded a RACIST this week over something that he had put on Twitter, yet he never mentioned RACE.
WHO stood up for his RIGHTS..........NO ONE.
He never incited VIOLENCE, he never committed an act of violence.
Where was his HUMAN RIGHTS ?

"ANTI-RACISM", a label used to justify RACISM, DISCRIMINATION and PUNISHMENT of the INDIGENOUS POPULATION for wanting the country of their ANCIENT ANCESTORS be kept and run solely for and in THE INTERESTS OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE.
Those who call themselves ANTI-RACIST are the same people who defend OTHER RACES whilst attacking THOSE WHO ARE OF THE WHITE RACE.
Anti-Racism/Racist is just another way of saying I HATE THE WHITE MAN.
Anti-Racism/Racist is just another way of hiding a RACIST ANTI-WHITE ANTI-BRITISH agenda.

"MINORITY RIGHTS", is the promotion of RIGHTS for IMMORALITY and PERVERSION at the expense of THE MORAL MAJORITY.
Look at how much homosexuality is portrayed as THE NORM in ALL SOAPS.
The amount of promotion of homosexuality in the media far outweighs the actual number of people who are in this minority. You would think that every other household was occupied by members of the LGBT.
Why do we need "GAY PRIDE" marches ?
Will the ENEMIES of the SILENT MAJORITY only be happy when buggery is openly allowed on the streets ? What other MINORITY PERVERSIONS are they fighting for, the rights for paedophiles to ABUSE BABIES and CHILDREN the RIGHT to BEASTIALITY ?
If you are homosexual or lesbian fine, but why do they want to be able to celebrate their SEXUAL perversion in public and why is it that those once seen and respected as pillars of the community, honourable and upright citizens are at the forefront of the promotion of these people? Why should parents with children going about their daily business be subjected to semi-naked and sexually aroused homosexuals, male/female cavorting in sexually explicit ways on OUR STREETS?

What has become of us, the ENGLISH, SCOTTISH, IRISH AND WELSH or THE BRITISH, that we are now afraid to utter certain words or stand up to the mark to be counted?
WHO gave anyone else the RIGHT to decide what CAN or CANNOT be SPOKEN ?
If instead of our Grandparents being asked to fight the Germans in 1939 it was left up to the BRITISH of today we would speaking GERMAN now.



Today in Belfast they have unveiled the "Titanic Museum", a tribute to the shipyard workers who built the ship and those who died on her a hundred years ago.
I am sure it is very interesting and I intend to go and see it sometime.

BUT this is a celebrationof a disaster in an area of disasterous decline

Pictures show a modern archtectural image of the ship by the now derelict Harland and Wolff shipyard.

The exhibition cost £100 million and in spite of the interest I believe the money could have been better spent.

Think what that sum could have accomplished in regenerating the shipyard, training craftsmen and creating a sustainable world class shipyard.
What benefit would that have brought to Belfast in employment and wealth creation?

If Finland, a high wage country where it is dark and freezing most of the winter can produce ships competitive on the world market, there is no reason why Belfast can not do the same with a little help.

SO Interesting as the museum is I believe the money has been spent on the wrong project.

IS NOBODY IN POWER INTERESTED IN PRODUCTIVE INDUSTRY, or must we become a museum dedicated to former glories?


This morning on television was yet more evidence of the interfering nanny state.
It was stated that smoking, even passive smoking was a cause of increased childhood asthma and even forty cot deaths.

Forty cot deaths? How do they know that?
Do the have statistics to back this assertion up?, and if so how do they know cot deaths are always attribuable to passive smoking?

When I was a young doctor I had never heard of cot deaths. Yes there were deaths in cots usually attributed to smothering and this was proved to be correct because of the vogue and advice that babies should be put to bed face down.
I never subscribed to that opinion and that advice has now been discredited.

Regarding childhood asthma, if passive smoking is the cause, how do they explain that cases of asthma have increased massively while smoking both in the home and outside has decreased substantially.
Now as a former doctor I accept that smoking is a threat to health and that is why I stopped, but I do not accept that passive smoking is harmful, or most people of my generation would have been long dead by now as most houses of my youth were a fug of smoke
The people living longer and causing a pension crisis were brought up in such atmospheres.

Yes the smell of stale smoke is unpleasant to non smokers but no reputable studies have demonstrated any damage.
In my house if non smokers object they can stay outside even though I and my wife do not smoke.

So why am I going on about such a minor matter.

Because it is a symptom of the brainwashing of the government which wishes to force its PC norms on everybody without any scientific reason for doing so.

If there is a valid reason for anything it should be demonstrably so, and the statistics should back it up. In this case they do not.

And that holds for all other matters.
The facts speak for themselves.

If a political party makes a statement or promotes a programme it must stand up to scrutiny, and that is where Nationalist parties must concentrate.
Demolish unsound arguments by the other parties, make them appear demonstrably stupid, (which they are) and then promote our more logical platform to the British people.

Many years ago I bought an aerosol labelled "bullshit repellant" (which my daughter had confiscated at school after spraying it on a teacher).
We need a bullshit repellant frame of mind when watching the news as we are all, or some of us are being indoctrinated by the latest PC fad, and we can use this in political discourse.


Friday, 30 March 2012


The shock election of George Galloway in Bradford West is with hindsight not really surprising.
PC commentators have stated that his election was owing to dissatisfaction caused by government "cuts", but that does not explain the fact that he overturned a large Labour majority.

If voters were protesting against government policies why did they not vote Labour?
Galloway was originally from the far left of Labour and could have made some progress in elections elsewhere.

There are many all over the country who disagree with the foreign wars Labour and the Tories have got us involved in, and many voters of the far left scattered around the country.

So why did he chose Bradford?

Simple because of the muslim vote concentrated in areas of Bradford now reduced to third world slums.
He is an unapologetic muslimist who has cosied up to such paragons of virtue as Saddam Hussein and has made inflammatory anti British speeches in other muslim ghettos in England.

Just the man to represent a once proud city now descending into slumdom.
His election material has been unapologetically aimed at muslims and they have responded to his anti British sentiments.
His postal votes were massive and going on past experience many will be fraudulent. This scam brought in by Labour to boost its vote has come round to bite that party on the backside.

Of course the cast votes massively favoured Galloway showing not so much political beliefs, left or right but, muslim solidarity and by extension an anti British mindset.

So what could be done to halt and reverse this take over of our country aided and abetted by traitors such as Galloway?

Stop ALL immigration, that goes without saying.
Abolish the fraudulent postal voting scam.
Restrict child credit to the first two children, which would hit large muslim families and hopefully stop them breeding the British people into extinction.
Enact laws which give the native people primacy in our own land.

These alone are not enough or this disaster will repeat itself in other towns and cities, there are many other policies which I will not detail here.

But will the main parties do anything to halt our indigenous demise?

I doubt it.
They will try to appease the muslim "communities" by subsidy and "positive discrimination".
Patriots will continue to be harrassed and muslims left unpunished for their crimes.
And we will sink further into the abyss.


The result may provide a wake up call for all British people and show them the dangers of the muslim menace. It may induce people to vote for nationalist parties, even if they are as wet as UKIP but even that would be a step but only a step in the right direction.
Anything is better than the status quo.

In the meantime ALL Nationalists should put aside their petty differences and unite against the common enemy, and we need a new leader who can unite us.

I have to give it to Galloway, he is a fantastic orator and motivator of his potential voters.

We need his patriotic equivalent, a man who can unite and inspire his followers, or we will in future be governed and bossed by traitors such as Galloway and his alien supporters.

WHERE IS THAT MAN who can inspire all patriots to rise and take our country back?

WE NEED HIM, and quickly.


A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

The only words that need saying.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Immigration and the Moral Right to Save Europe and the West!


Don't panic, don't panic says the government. All fill up with fuel in case we run out because of a strike which has not happened.
What did they expect. Everybody did panic and queues developed at petrol stations around the land.
Are they so thick that they use Dad's Army type messages to run the country.
It could be a ruse to put the blame on the tanker drivers who MAY have come out on strike.
I don't know all the issues but I do not believe the drivers that it was about safety.
I believe it is because cheap foreign drivers are being brought in to undercut conditions and the unions can not bring themselves to say it.

If it is not a ruse to attack the unions in the propaganda stakes it shows ineptitude and a failure to realise how the average person thinks.
They have to get to work. They want to go on holiday over Easter and want to make sure that they are able to do it and buy food
What do the government expect them to do?
Cease work or not go on holiday or starve?

That they are completely out of touch was shown yesterday when Cameron tried to remember where he last had a pasty, AND GOT IT WRONG.
He tried to say he was a fan of pasties but said he had eaten a pasty LAST SUMMER in a pasty shop which had CEASED TRADING.

It is coming to something when a government's reputation has been harmed over the issue of a pasty.
Of course they never eat pasties or pies. They eat in posh restaurants and would not venture into a pie shop unless electioneering and attempting to show "the common touch"

Pies and pasties are what manual workers eat for their dinner (not lunch). They have been up to now cheap and quick to consume and they are quickly back at work.
No posh meals in restaurants, not enough time and too dear

I do not think the chancellor deliberately attacked manual workers, I think that he has not a clue what goes on in the real world and how the actual PRODUCERS live.
It's no good Cameron showing his green credentials by using fuel to go to the North Pole or riding his bike while having his suit taken in a car following.
It's no good pretending he goes to a pie shop when he evidently does not.

All he does is show himself to be a hypocrite,pretending to be a man of the people. He is not, he is completely out of touch with ordinary life and yet he presumes to rule us in a so called democratic society.
Who in their right mind could believe anything he says?

Now I have to admit I do not visit pie shops often as I am retired and live at home, but occasionally do buy from Galloways or Greenhalghes when in town and do not remember EVER visiting Greggs although I may have done.
The point is I do not pretend to be a pie eater, even though as Wiganer I should be.
I am happy to say what I do and eat without pretending to be something I am not.

But is it not a sorry state of affairs when at a time of national bankruptsy a large part of the budget discussions revolves round pasties and pies.

I believe know why the chancellor made this change.
Big firms like KFC and Macdonalds will have complained that their overpriced rubbish is unfairly taxed and big firms have clout, unlike small bakers (or manual workers).

The chancellor said he wanted his budget to promote industry and jobs and small firms, an aim with which I agree.
So why did he reduce the top rate of tax?
It would have been better to reduce National Insurance which would have made it pay for small employers to take on staff and reduce unemployment.
But what did he do for industry? Reduce corporation tax which small businesses do not pay but his rich friends do.

It will help a bit on the jobs front but not nearly as much as a reduction in national Insurance which would help businesses large and small.

I know in this blog I am rambling on a bit, but there is so much which could be done and the government are so out of touch and incompetent it is difficult to know where to start.

They are supposed to be running the country but have shown in recent days they are incapable of running a pie shop.

We need a government which knows what makes the country tick if we are ever to get out of the mess left by Labour.

But do they want to OR DO THEY CARE?


Lord James of Blackheath 15 Trillion dollars and 750 thousand metric tonnes of gold 16th Feb 2012


Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Stranger things have happened

Jacob Zuma sings Kill the Boer (KILL THE WHITE MAN) at ANC Centenery Celebration

And OUR GOVERNMENT looks up to these people ?

I hope GARY LINEKER has something to say about this.

Monday, 26 March 2012


I was watching RT news today and they were discussing KONY2012, I'm sure you will have seen mention of it somewhere in the last few weeks.

I stumbled across this Blog today and was intrigued as to what KONY2012 was all about, as I hadn't seen the video, so decided to read -

I suggest you do the same -

My Little Kony – 2012 Needs A Boogey Man

It’s 2012 and we’ve made it almost 3 months into the year without a Boogey Man! Can you believe it? Bin Laden was officially declared dead on May 2nd, 2011 and the world was finally free of Boogey Men, and it lasted a whole 10 months… Until the begining of this month, March, 2012, when the Kony 2012 movie made it’s viral appearance all over the web and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+… And unfortunately there’s a new Boogey Man in town, and his name is Joseph Kony.

If you’ve been online much this month I’m sure you’ve already been exposed to the 30 minute documentary produced by an organization called Invisible Children, headed by a guy by the name of Jason Russell. I’ll admit that when I first found the Kony 2012 video on my facebook news feed I watched it from start to finish and was somewhat sucked into it.

Just like hundreds of thousands of other people who watched the video, I felt like it was a good cause and even considered getting more heavily involved. I even decided to write a new blog post about it that day, something I haven’t done for months! But the post I originally had in mind was a full out support for the cause, which this post definitely is not.

Dig A Little Deeper…

As usual I like to do a bit of deeper digging into issues, especially political ones, before I make any strong statements about them, but for some reason this Kony issue really pushed me to want to take action NOW, without doing further research. Luckily, I resisted that urge and even noticed how it was strange that it was having such a strong impression on me when normally I would be at least somewhat critical of such a film.

I’ve now done some more research on the topic and have had some time to let the fog clear and think about it a little more. After doing more research I am now convinced that the Kony 2012 film and social media campaigns are actually a well orchestrated psy-op designed to sway public opinion in favor of a new and undeclared war in Africa under the guise of “stopping Kony”, as well as a test run by the banksters, war mongers, and secret government in the effectiveness of a well planned social media campaign. Something that that up until now has been largely underused by these groups to sway public opinion on such matters.

Another Problem-Reaction-Solution

Until recently, most of the Problem-Reaction-Solution situations have relied on traditional media (TV, Newspapers, Radio) to deliver the punch, but now the controllers are seeing the power of social media and social sharing sites like Facebook and Google+ that connect people together and make it possible to make a message “go viral” and reach millions of people in a matter of days, and they are scared shitless of it.

The controllers know they need to master this new type of media (as well as limit its usefulness for regular people) if they want to continue controlling the population, and Kony 2012 is the first Problem-Reaction-Solution to fully utilize this new form of media to mould public opinion on an issue… And it worked extremely well!

First we have the problem. A horrible evil man leading an army of abducted, raped, and tortured children. The movie makes it seem like every night hundreds of children are snatched in the dark of night, and their families are murdered in front of them, forcing them to join Kony’s LRA (Lords Resistance Army).

Then we have the reaction. The public outcry for our governments to do something to stop Kony. The millions of tweets and status updates posted by duped young people who feel they are doing their duty to protect children and encourage freedom by sharing and donating to the Kony 2012 cause, and the Invisible Children organization. Of course this kind of thing plays on the heart strings of the people who watch the film, and even I felt urged to “do something immediately”.

And finally, the solution. To invade Uganda with armed troops in order to hunt down the worlds newest Boogey Man, Joseph Kony, in the jungles of Africa. Something that could take decades and the perfect opportunity to build new military bases and oil pipelines to syphon the newly discovered oil deposits in Uganda. The whole thing is nothing more than a Problem-Reaction-Solution Psy-Op to justify an invasion of African countries for oil.
Here’s a video I found to provide a different perspective:

TONS Of Oil Recently Discovered In Uganda

The most suspicious reason for a need to send troops into Uganda in an undeclared war is the fact that there was recently discovered at least 25 years worth of oil drilling and over 2.5 billion barrels of oil in deposits in and around the area. You better believe the oil barons want a piece of that greasy pie, and what’s a better way to rally public support for an invasion than stopping an evil child abductor and murderer like Kony? The movie openly calls on its millions of fans to beg our government officials to do something by way of sending armed troops into the country without even declaring war.

Kony’s LRA Are Not In Uganda Anymore

The Ugandan government has even warned people that the threat of Kony and the LRA has been largely exaggerated, and that the LRA are not even active in Uganda anymore. Furthermore it’s believed that the Lords Resistance Army’s numbers have dropped to just 300 or so, not the tens of thous that the Kony 2012 movie reports.

A different view of KONY 2012
Uganda: Country Warns Against Misrepresentation of LRA Threat

Invisible Children – A Visible Scam

To add to my suspicion of the whole Kony 2012 movement it appears that the organization has been receiving millions of dollars in donations, with an incredibly huge outpouring coming in after the video went viral. In fact, the entire 30 minute video was pretty much a very strong plea for donations, centered around cute footage of the video producers 5 year old son. A great way to warm your heart and get you to open your wallet.

Publicly available documents show that the organization spends only 37% of their income in Africa. The rest of their money is spent on salaries and “raising awareness” which includes buying high tech gadgets, producing pretty videos and artwork, and designing attractive social media campaigns.

As with most charities only a very small portion of all donated money ever actually gets to the intended location of the person who it. Most of it gets spent on “public awareness” and the salaries of the people running the organization.

Here is a good post that gives a better look at what the Invisible Children organization is all about: Visible Children.

A One Sided View

The viral video is extremely one sided. Though while watching it you tend not to notice, but in the entire 30 minute film there is very little footage or opinions that come from people who actually live in Uganda. Instead, the video focuses mostly on the Jason Russell’s 5 year old son, Jason Russell’s opinions, and only one Ugandan named Jacob, a friend of Jason Russell’s.

You’d think that a video intended to create a strong case for helping the people of Uganda through an armed military invasion would include at least a few interviews with people who actually live in Uganda right now and want help… But no, the video focuses more on the cute things that Jason Russell’s son says than it does on people who actually live in Uganda.

And just to be fair, here is an interview with Joseph Kony from 2006, when his army was still much bigger than it is today, although even then it was shrinking fast.

Helping People: Good. Invading Countries: Bad

I know that I’ll probably get a lot of hate mail for this post, but before you go angrily typing me a message about how I must not care about children or doing what’s right I’d like you to think for a minute about what is actually the right thing to do here.

I don’t believe that war will end war. It doesn’t work that way. So sending armed troops into a foreign country in an undeclared war is not going to solve any problems and will in fact create even more problems than we are already faced with.

I do believe that helping people is the right thing to do, but sending armed troops into foreign countries without legally declaring a war has never worked to solve any problems in the past, and I don’t believe it will solve any problems now or in the future either.

I strongly believe that abducting children and forcing them to join an army is terribly wrong. I also believe that starting wars with the intent of stealing oil and pretending to be helping children in order to gain support for such a war is also terribly wrong. Considering that today the actual threat of Joseph Kony and the LRA is quite small I find it absurd that anyone in right mind would encourage an armed invasion of Uganda at this time, and believe that doing so would actually do more harm than good to the people of Uganda and surrounding areas.

If you haven’t seen the Kony 2012 video yet, here is the link to the full video on youtube. I intentionally left this link until the end so that more people would read this entire blog post without getting distracted.

At the time of posting the KONY2012 video had been hit 85,498,432 times.


e-petition Restoration of Age Related Tax Allowances

Restoration of Age Related Tax Allowances

Responsible department: Her Majesty's Treasury

In the 2012 Budget the Government froze Old Age Pensioners Age Related Tax Allowances and cancelled them for those turning 65 after 5 April 2013.
We consider that at a time when pensioners are struggling to make ends meet and yet are a group of people due to age, health etc who often have extremely limited opportunity to make good lost income, this reduction in allowances is grossly unfair. The Government should therefore take immediate action to reverse the decisions on these allowances which were announced in the 2012 Budget.

Saturday, 24 March 2012



What does the DEATH of 87 year old Dorothy Griffiths have to do with the Lib/Lab/CON ?

It is their BETRAYAL and TREASONUS actions of allowing and actively encouraging IMMIGRATION especially ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION to OUR HOMELAND.

The death of one single INDIGENOUS BRIT by an Immigrants actions or inactions is one death too many and is firmly laid at the feet of WEALTHY CAREER POLITICIANS.

I can bet that the treatment of the Camerons, Cleggs and Millibands elderly family members is the best that money can buy.

But if you don't have the money to pay for the best care for your Grandparents or Parents then don't worry, you can have them taken care of by IMMIGRANTS, who have no empathy, no compassion, no family or even friendly ties to OUR Parents and Grandparents. This is not the first OAP to be inhumanly treated by Immigrant carers and it won't be the last.
How many elderly live in fear of the immigrants employed to care for them ?

Our forefathers did not put their lives on the line to keep our country and people safe in two World Wars only to be betrayed 60 yrs down the line by TRAITORS who care not a jot what happens to the Indigenous people of these lands.
They have created Laws that are aimed only at the Indigenous British and carry prison sentences for those who dare to speak out. They do not care for MAGNA CARTA, The ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. They do not care for YOU and YOURS, if they did care then this would not be happening to our elderly.

"Alzheimer's sufferer Dorothy Griffiths, 87, was found sitting down after staff heard a bang and a carer went to the office for help to lift her.
The question is ...DO YOU CARE ? Do you care enough to fight back ?

And don't forget the grooming, rape, murder and prostitution of our young.

Detectives believe they have smashed a child trafficking gang in Oxford preying on runaways as young as 11 for Britain's sex trade.

Thirteen men were arrested in the city by police investigating claims 24 vulnerable girls under 16 were groomed for rape.

Officers suspect gang members targeted children in care or living rough and transported them around Britain over a six-year period.

Thames Valley Police said nine men - aged between 21 and 37 - remain in custody and are being quizzed over a string of offences, including causing the prostitution of females under the age of 18, administrating drugs for the purpose of rape, trafficking, grooming and rape.

Four men, aged 23, 31, 34 and 37, were released on bail until April 19.

Detective Superintendent Rob Mason said: "We believe we have uncovered an organised crime group who have been running a business of selling young girls for sex. We have also identified a number of customers who we have reason to believe have used this service."

More than 100 officers took part in raids as the force executed 14 warrants across the city as part of an operation named Bullfinch.

Police were not willing to comment on the nationalities of any of the suspects but sources said many of the offences centred in or around the Oxford area.

Police suspect they have arrested both those behind the running of the network and the men that have paid for sex. Detectives are keeping an "open mind" as to whether there would be further arrests.

Officers are working closely with children's services, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and other forces that have been through similar investigations. Police are also urging anyone who thinks they may have been a victim to contact ChildLine.

Friday, 23 March 2012


The shootings in Toulouse the other day have been shown to be the actions of a muslim extremist, and not by a member of the "extreme right", that's folks like you fellow nationalists.
So people who believe as we do are not to blame. Blame must be put on the muslim invaders who were involved.


It is the action of the right wing anti immigrant people who made this madman feel "excluded" when his beliefs were not catered for.
Thus we are to blame even for muslim atrocities.

But you can't blame all muslims for this. This was the action of a lone gunman.

But hold on.

When Brevik went on the rampage the lefty media tried to blame all patriots even though Brevik was not a nationalist but just anti immigrant.
Similarly any wrong action by nationalists is taken to reflect on us all and nationalism itself.
But wrongdoing by ordinary members of the other parties , Labour and Tories is never taken as a reflection of those party's principles (if they have any), but let a nationalist commit an offence and the media come down on us all like a ton of bricks as if we are all resposible for the actions of a single person.

So there you have it.

If a right wing nutter commits a crime it is the fault of all nationalists, but if a muslim assassin kills children it does not reflect on the others of his medieval ideology, it is again our fault for not accomodating this "religion of peace" which is increasingly imposed on the people of Europe.

Stupid sentiments but that is what the left wing media wishes to show.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


As I thought all along, the gunman who murdered the children and adult in the Jewish school and the French army men was an islamic extremist.

How disappointing for the Left wing media, the BBC and Guardian etc to find this was the case.

All day yesterday they were saying the murders were the doing of the "extreme Right".
Vague descriptions of the murderer were given out, one that he probably had a tattoo, this obviously linking him to the "far Right", but no mention of his skin colour. That immediately made me think he was an immigrant to France as if he had been obviously white skinned it would have been mentioned immediately as it is in our country where the skin colour of a felon is only mentioned if he is white.

Surely the Left wing media thought, nobody of" the religion of peace" would perpetrate such a cruel crime. Only somebody of the "extreme Right" would do such a thing.

These commentator's Left wing views blind themselves to the facts of recent history.
95% of atrocities in Europe in the last 20 years have been perpetrated by muslims, from Russia (Beslan and Moscow) to Spain (Madrid bombings) to the London tube bombings and the attempts to blow up planes and other targets which fortunately failed.

Few attacks on innocent people have been perpetrated by thr "Right" with the notable exception of Brevik in Norway, but he was a paranoid nutter and never represented mainstream patriotic views, however much the media try to make it seem he did.
The authorities spend millions of pounds monitoring these members of the religion of peace, in spite of saying that the expenditure is to stop the threat of nationalist attacks.

In other words muslims are always appeased in case they react. The government is already afraid of them, but still they are allowed to come in to the country.

The powers that be must realise the danger of allowing millions of these believers of their mediaval cult here. They can not be so thick so why do they not do what the people want and STOP any more of these people coming here?

It is difficult not to think that it is a deliberate plot by the government aided by the Left wing media to destroy our country and people to forward their globalist agenda.

Hopefully these cruel outrages will open the eyes of the French voters to the incompatibility of the multicultural agenda and Mme Le Pen will get an increased vote.

Events are slowly showing the people of Europe to the dangers of muslims living in Europe and this tragic outrage will hopefully serve as a wake up call to the French voters.

Tragic as these events have been to those killed, it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

Lives can be saved in the future if the French vote the right way.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Who do you call for assistance when a crime has been committed ?


This makes third world police forces look honest and fair compared to Britains corrupted (PC) communist police force.

Click on image/s for a full readable image.

Hat tip - Griffin watch

Monday, 19 March 2012


The tragic heart attack of the Bolton player Fabrice Muamba has shown how even fit people, even athletes can without warning be struck down.
Apart from his talent as a footballer common humanity should cause all to wish him a speedy recovery.
I wholeheartedly condemn the offensive comments put by a student in South Wales on Twitter . These comments were uncalled for and show a lack of compassion whatever the twitterer thinks about people from abroad.
Offensive as his comments were do they justify police action?
He did not as far as I know incite violence as many muslims do, he just stated his opinion offensive as that was.

I believe in free speech and much as I deprecate his comments I think he is entitled to say what he thinks.

If free speech which may not conform to the norms of society is to be prosecuted what does that say about that freedom.

It seems that we are entering an Orwellian society in which thoughts and comments which even though they pose no danger to the state are not allowed to be expressed.

If a person has a racist point of view in a supposedly free country he should be free to express it.



The recent lengthy report by Tom Windsor on failings of the police "service" needs studying.

He says 50% are overweight, a claim that was instantly proved incorrect as it covered only the Met and concentrated on those who were off sick and or attended weight reduction courses.

Many of the so called overweight cops were muscular rugby prop forward types. Their body mass index may have been high but their strength is above average.
Do we really want puny cops?
I know that the old height requirement was reduced to enable more asians and women to become cops and thus render the force more "inclusive"

One may notice club doormen tend to have a high BMI and those with the sense to see it would realise that these people have to be able to take care of themselves, as often do the police.

The idea that graduates be fast tracked to senior positions without time on the beat is also misguided.
By all means have graduates but a bit of "street wisdom" is also essential.
Many of these graduates have qualifications in social studies, courses infested by political correctness and bring these attitudes to policing. They will of course tend to be of the left and can be counted on to promote the latest lefty fads.

Motorists will be targetted and the requisite box ticking performed to show progress. Racist speech will be stamped on (if spoken by whites) and muslim "communities" will be assisted to promote social harmony and "inclusiveness". Efforts will and are being made to reduce the prosecution of muslims and blacks.

In other words the priorities will be all wrong and bureaucracy will prevail and the average Brit persecuted, (especially if they find he is in the BNP). This has happened already and is one of the reasons the police have lost much of their respect.

So what is needed?

Streetwise bobbies without a head full of trendy theories, yes and fit and STRONG as well.
No promotion to senior position without experience on the beat.
Senior policemen to reallocate their priorities to tackle crime rather than PC and motoring infringements.

Scrap diversity and gay outreach officers. Yes the force is riddled with them and if numbers of officers are cut their positions are secure.

BUT the only way to cut crime is for more severe sentencing. The present shambles is as a result of the judiciary who fail to match the punishment to the crime.

How to cut costs?

Scrap the PCSOs who have no powers of arrest and if they had would be generally too slight to arrest anyone. They are a complete waste of time.

Our police WERE the best in the world but in recent years the standard has deteriorated largely due to measures similar to those Tom Windsor considers we need more of.

So stop all this PC nonsense and let the police do the job the people want them to.

PROTECT US. That's what we pay them for.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

NW victory for BNP

NW victory for BNP


The British National Party has won two seats in the European Parliament, with its biggest single vote in the North West being cast in Wigan.

There were shock waves across the region as the far right party's leader Nick Griffin picked up a seat in the North West early today, and Andrew Brons won a seat last night in the Yorkshire and Humber region, where Labour lost a seat.

The wins came as the party appeared to attract significant numbers of disaffected Labour voters.

Local MP Andy Burnham, the new Health Secretary, said the result was a "sad moment for British politics".

He said: "It is deeply uncomfortable to see the BNP polling in the numbers they have.

"Whatever the country's problems the BNP are never the answer.

"The BNP is the ultimate protest vote, a two fingered vote and largely a comment on Westminster politics.

"I think the BNP have got very clever in hiding their racist beliefs."

Across the North West the Labour vote in the larger metropolitan areas fell badly compared to the 2004 Euro Elections.

In Liverpool, Labour's vote fell by 15,000, from 38,640 in 2004 to 23,849, and in Manchester from 36,458 to 27,502.

In Bury, Rochdale, and Stockport the Labour vote halved, along with a 13,000 drop in Sefton, 10,000 in St Helens, 15,000 on the Wirral, 10,000 down in Warrington and a 16,000 drop in Wigan.

The BNP vote increased only marginally in Liverpool and Manchester and their biggest single vote came in Wigan with 7,517 votes cast.

Mr Griffin said he was "absolutely delighted".

"It will be a huge change in British politics," he said.

"The most demonised and lied about party in British politics has made a massive breakthrough.

"The public have had their say in a democratic election and we should respect that."

In his victory speech at Manchester Town Hall, Mr Griffin said: "For the last 50 years, more and more of the people of Britain have watched with concern, growing dismay and sometimes anger as an out-of-touch political elite has transformed our country before our very eyes.

"It is not just a matter of mass immigration, although that is an obvious symptom of it, it is handing us over to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, it's turning the common wealth of this country, our public services, into private properties for giant corporations, in banning St George's Day festivals while encouraging everyone else to celebrate their festivals, usually with taxpayers' money.

"In so many ways the liberal elite have transformed this country."

Tony Lloyd, Labour MP for Manchester Central said he was disappointed that some voters had turned to the BNP.

"I am genuinely not just disappointed, I think it is a matter of shame, this country has a deserved reputation for a tolerant society.

"Their (the BNP) vision for Britain is a nightmare for Britain. I think many people will wake up with some sense of shame.

"Two racists is obviously two too many."

Paul Kenny, general secretary of the GMB union, said: "On D-Day, Britain sent an army to Europe to stop the Nazis getting to Britain.

"It is an absolute insult to the memories to those who fought that 65 years later Britain is now sending Nazis to Europe to represent us."

But speaking after his victory Mr Brons said: "I regard this as the first step to the UK getting freedom from the EU dictatorship.

"Despite the headlines, despite the money, despite the misrepresentation we have managed to win through."

Sir Richard Leese, Labour leader of Manchester City Council said: "It is a very sad day for the North West.

"I think it shows the flaws in a system that allows them to get a seat with such a small share of the vote.

"All of us who care about this country, care about our way of life here, care about democracy, will spend the next five years working to make sure the fascists are not returned.""


If Griffin and his cronies Clive Jefferson and Mike Whitby had an ounce of sense and decency they wouldn't have destroyed WIGAN BNP and many more BNP GROUPS around the country and should of told us, BNP members and activists, the truth about the dire mess the partys finances are in. Then there would of been every chance for getting NICK, (WHO LIED TO BNP MEMBERS ABOUT THE STATE OF THE PARTY FINANCES), re-elected to the EU.

Wigan had the highest number of votes cast for Nick Griffin, which enabled him to be elected to the Euro Parliament but, due to his untrustworthiness after telling party members that the only party in the black and without debt was the BNP at the BATTLE FOR BRITAIN ROADSHOW.

Now he has finally admitted the true state of the party finances at a meeting held in Salford where he tells the remaining members that the party was in debt to the tune of just under a MILLION - £800.000+.

If Griffin was willing to lie to the BNP members about the state of the party finances what else is he willing to do ?





Wigan BNP never had a penny from the party, and I know of many more Groups/Branches that never received a penny from the party to fight elections.

Wigan BNP candidates for the General Elections paid there own £500.00 deposit, and won it back, all 3 candidates got over 5% of the vote which means the £500.00 deposit was recovered. Wigan BNP didn't have a penny from the party to help fight the elections.

If Nick had of been honest with its members then Wigan BNP would have worked hard to get Nick Griffin elected again, but due to his dishonesty and very very strange decisions you could have thought it was the UAF running the party or Nick Griffin is WORKING FOR THE STATE, the UAF couldn't have done as much to destroy the party as Nick Griffin was doing the work for them. The UAF didn't need to do anything but watch and laugh as Nick Griffin and his henchmen destroyed the party.

So Nick, your chances of being re-elected to the EU are virtually NIL.

You only had to be honest about the state of the party finances but instead you lied, when anyone in the party asked about the state the party finances they were called TROUBLE MAKERS, INFILTRATORS etc.

Many of the top activists have left the party due to NICK and his cronies LIES.

So he shouldn't expect to win an EU seat again, but never mind, he's probably sitting on wads of cash the BNP MEMBERS RAISED for him to live off when asking for donations to fight this and fight that, we need this amount of £££CASH for this and more donations needed for that, and we will win any number of seats in Local Govt and General elections but we need your ££ MONEY to help us.



The Powers that Be are probably happy that Nick is running the BNP, as they know he is unelectable as an MP so they help to keep him as BNP Chairman as they know that without Nick Griffin the BNP could actually win seats in Parliament. The PTB would hate for the BNP Chairman to lose his position within the BNP and are terrified that a NEW UNTAINTED CHAIRMAN could make the BNP LESS TOXIC and more attractive to the voters.


Sometime this month ITN/ITV interviewed the chairman of the BRITISH FREEDOM PARTY (PAUL WESTON) and was broadcast on BRITISH NEWS CHANNELS. They never interviewed GRIFFIN .

I wonder why !




Friday, 16 March 2012


Recently there have been several programmes on television about China.
Fair enough, China is expected to be the largest economy in the world before long, partially on account of their large population.
Much is made of Chinese competition in the production of manufactured goods and the fact that they work for low wages and thus undercut us.
Chinese wages are roughly on a par of ours fifty years ago and are rising fast.
Comparisons are difficult as exchange rates come into it and the cost of living for the average chinese person is less than it is here as they do not have to pay as much for services which are provided locally.

So what does this mean economically?
It means that chinese people are not much worse off than we are materially.
Their taxes are less and the costs of their essentials sourced internally are low.

Now just look at the average chinese populace. Do they look malnourished or deprived? They all have the latest electronic gear and look healthy and prosperous.

But in these programmes the absence of democracy is mentioned. The Communist Party is supreme and its edicts must be obeyed.
If the state says something must be done it must.

Yes the Chinese government is all powerful but it in general rules with the assent of the people of China. It does clamp down on organisations which threaten the stability of the state, unsurprising in a nation of thirteen hundred million people.
To let things get out of hand would result in chaos and loss of life and be of no benefit to China and its people.

China has shown the way.
Contrast China with India. There is much more poverty and squalour in India. That is because in India there has never been a strong government in control.
The other reason is that in India there are many different religions and sects all of which from time to time cause strife. There is the caste system still influential and hardly democratic.

But above all China works as a united nation,admittedly enforced, but it works.
Look at any picture of groups of chinese people and they look completely unenriched. No blacks, Somalians or other non Chinese.
That is their strength, unity.

No they do not have democracy. But do we?

We put a cross against a party label every five years. These parties all have the same policies and if they get in renage on all their promises and we can do nothing.

The will of the people in Britain counts for no more than the will of the people of China.
BUT the Chinese government, undemocratic as it is supposed to be puts the interests of its own country first, and that is why we are finding it difficult to compete.

Would that we had a government as much in tune with its people's wishes and which put our country first, for without those things the future for our nation looks bleak.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Beyond the Fringe: building a credible nationalist Politics (Part II)

When writing, it frequently happens that the author’s intent changes as a piece evolves, and whereas Beyond the Fringe was originally intended to consist of two parts, it has in fact become three. Thus, in this second instalment, the author provides a sketch of the main policy focus that a new party should adopt, without intending to in any way provide a full manifesto. What follows is still very much a work in progress, and the lack of elaboration relating to some key points that will only be alluded to is not meant to signify their lack of importance, for they are key to any nationalist party’s programme, but to indicate that the general public will know them to be a given, so it will not be necessary to belabour them.

Much of what follows will be in tune with the thinking of most nationalists, although some of the general approach to macroeconomic policy may polarise sentiment to a certain extent. The peripheral and damaging concerns held by a minority of nationalists will not be addressed here, not because the author thinks it expedient not to mention them, but because such policies and attitudes are held to be ill founded and not conducive to the public good.

Policies in and of themselves are all very well, but they will be worthless if nobody gets to hear of them. In the third and final instalment of this series therefore, attention will be turned to the potential baseline of support for a nationalist party; strategy; tactics and communicating a consistent message employing language of an appropriate tone and focus.

In Part I it was noted that UKIP, the English Democrats, the BFP and the National Front had each come to be associated in the public mind with one particular policy concern which limits their prospects for electoral success, but the focus proposed for a new party here will, if it does lead to it being identified with any one policy, serve only to assist it, for it should focus upon economic nationalism. If it is to hold genuine mass appeal, it must offer a credible prospect of prosperity, as well as personal liberty and security. The cracks in the globalist economic system are becoming ever more apparent, so much so, that even some mainstream politicians are now playing with the rhetoric of national interest and “rebalancing the economy”, with a greater focus upon domestic manufacturing. However, their policies and proposals continue to entrench and accelerate globalisation, whereas the task of a new party should be to reverse this process.

Focusing on the economy
Dogmatic hostility to state intervention in economics is as myopic as dogmatic hostility to all forms of private enterprise. A new party should not pursue an economic policy based upon Thatcherite ideology, but upon pragmatism, learning from the successes of the East Asian developmental state, as well as seeking to draw upon approaches offered by distributism.

Whereas the interests of the nation have been subordinated to the state, those of the state must in future be subordinated to the nation. Likewise, a new nationalist party should set out to reorder the economic foundations of the nation, making economic policy subordinate not to the imperatives of transnational financial institutions and corporations, but to the needs of the nation. As such, a National Investment Bank (NIB) should be established that focuses upon raising funds for investment in the following undergirding key aspects of infrastructure: energy, new technologies and transport. To raise capital, encourage savings and ensure that the public has a stake in this undertaking, future tax-exempt investments in the form of stocks and shares ISAs should be restricted to the financing of national projects funded by the NIB.

A credible nationalist party therefore will focus upon economics: the need for energy security; opposition to offshoring; the promotion of domestic manufacturing; legal obligations to privilege nationals in the sphere of employment; crackdowns on corporate tax evasion; the revitalisation of our countryside through the promotion of rural employment in agriculture, conservation and afforestation; the promotion of social enterprises and mutuals with a focus upon increasing the well-being of local communities and the nation as a whole. Given the anti-globalisation sentiment of many members of the younger generation, nationalists should aim to tap into this and show them that nationalism, rather than other ideologies, offers the positive solutions to the economic problems that we face.

One criticism of the BNP’s last General Election Manifesto that any new party needs to take seriously relates to budgetary costings, which its detractors correctly noted did not add up. Any party that hopes to win the trust of voters must not make budgetary commitments based upon spurious assumptions about the amount of money that can be saved through decommitting from foreign aid and leaving the EU. Budgetary proposals must be robust and able to withstand the scrutiny of critics. If they are not, any party forwarding them does not deserve the trust of the public.

Securing national energy supplies
This is vital both in ensuring national prosperity and security, and so can legitimately be considered to be an integral part of both economic and defence policy.

North Sea oil and gas production are in long-term decline, and as a consequence, we are importing a growing percentage of our energy requirements from abroad, not only worsening our balance of payments deficit, but also making ourselves more vulnerable to fluctuations in international prices as well as to potential disruptions in supply. Clearly, new domestic energy resources need to be developed, and existing renewable technologies are not fit to meet the demands placed upon them. Moreover, carbon taxes and the renewable levy on domestic energy users are inflating our national costs of production, thereby undermining our international competitiveness and placing a strain on domestic budgets. Thankfully, real alternative energy sources exist, and others should become available in the coming decades.

As the existing mainstream parties are dragging their heels with respect to energy policy, this offers a contemporary forward-thinking nationalist party the opportunity to champion a genuine alternative course, thereby capturing the public’s imagination and exerting mass appeal. The party should pledge to research the non-fossil fuel energy resources of the future such as nuclear fusion, thorium reactors and hydrogen, whilst in the immediate future examine the feasibility of both fracking for natural gas and the relative merits of revitalising our national coal industry utilising either carbon capture and storage in power generation, or coal gasification. In the 1980s it was estimated that we possessed circa 300 years worth of coal reserves beneath our feet; moreover, diesel can be synthetically produced from coal if need be, thereby providing an alternative to oil imports. The aim of energy policy should be to provide for maximum self-sufficiency, and to utilise available reserves of coal, gas and oil for national use rather than sale on the international market which would lead to their rapid depletion.

Revitalising our domestic energy sector would generate tens of thousands of new jobs bringing wealth back to areas of our country that have been blighted since the pit closures, creating spin-off employment in the heavy-machinery supply chain and in other businesses required to support the sector. Prosperity could thereby be restored to areas of long-term unemployment and deprivation, creating a virtuous circle of development. It would also help us to choke off the flow of capital to Middle Eastern states such as Saudi Arabia that use their money to spread Salafist Islam in our country and others. Without oil, these theocratic rentier states would count for next to nothing politically, and their malign global influence would collapse into insignificance.

In the interim, one of the factors feeding through into inflation and increasing general costs for business and consumers is the high price of petrol and diesel, the bulk of which is accounted for by tax. Planned increases in duty should be scrapped and the existing level reconsidered. High fuel prices have a particularly negative impact upon the lives of low-paid rural workers, who have no option but to drive owing to the absence of public transport.

Embracing cutting edge technologies
A key element of economic policy should be the creation of conditions in which new technologies and industries can establish themselves and thrive. The potential of biotech needs to be harnessed to improve health, develop new fuels, deal with pollution and increase productivity. Stem cell therapies hold massive promise. The development and application of new advanced materials, such as graphene, must help drive a new industrial revolution. Science and technology must be at the core of policy thinking. If they are not, then other nations such as China will take the lead.

Some take a mistrustful view of science, arising from the particularistic interests of lobbies, whether they are corporations, governments or transnational political actors. However, whilst there can be no doubt that certain corporations have sought to dangerously abuse GM technologies by attempting to patent seeds and livestock, this is a separate issue entirely from the science itself. It should be illegal for companies to take out such patents, but research into the prospective benefits of aspects of GM should be encouraged, whilst ensuring that strict safeguards are drawn up in relation to any subsequent introduction of resultant products into the food chain.

Environmental Policy
There is a genuine environmental crisis and a new party should highlight this. It however, is not climate change, for if anthropogenic climate change is indeed a reality, it is simply a by-product of global overpopulation. This must be constantly reiterated along with the corresponding fact that the UK has no further carrying capacity. Thus to take further immigrants is both irresponsible and, in the long term, dangerous.

Although a new party should certainly highlight where the climate change issue is being abused by political parties and the Government to further objectives which are against our national interest, it should not therefore draw the erroneous conclusion that the science is basically bogus. After all, why should the ‘sceptics’ be adjudged to be any less partisan or more objective than those who possess a mainstream position, given that the former are often funded by powerful oil companies that have a vested interest in opposing the current orthodoxy? Simply because climate change is being used by our mainstream parties to justify ramping up foreign aid, domestic deindustrialisation and introducing ‘green’ taxes does not imply that the science is necessarily being invented to justify policy. All it means is that our government, as well as the governments of many other countries, sees this as a useful pretext for implementing other agendas that they already possess, such as creating transnational institutions of political and economic governance. The party should therefore not adopt a strong position either way on the scientific basis of climate change, but should constantly and unfailingly highlight the political abuse of the climate change rationale for implementing undesirable policies that work directly against the national interest.

As our domestic oil reserves are declining and international supplies are growing less secure and more expensive, developing new technologies not dependent upon oil are good in and of themselves, for they reduce national vulnerability to external geopolitical factors and will be cleaner. If other countries are convinced of the necessity of introducing such technologies, why should we not profit from this by selling new technological expertise and products? Furthermore, moving away from an oil dependent economy will help to undermine the source of vast wealth underpinning Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia which ultimately funds global jihad and Islamic proselytisation, including in the UK.

Demographic Policy and Immigration
A popular nationalism will address and solve the problems of an overburdened transport infrastructure, a shortage of housing and pressure upon our countryside by implementing policies that will at first stabilise and then encourage a reduction in our population. This can be achieved through a combination of strict immigration controls and facilitating the departure of those who lack ethnic roots in the UK who actively identify against the native population. Additional resources should be devoted to combating illegal means of entry to the country such as sham marriages, organised people trafficking and general lone entry by foreign nationals. Punitive sanctions should be put in place for those who organise both sham marriages and people trafficking, with the costs incurred in the expatriation and resettlement of illegal immigrants being funded by the liquidation of the assets of those found guilty of these crimes. If the individuals involved in the organisation of such activity also happen to lack ancestral roots in the United Kingdom, they and their families should be expatriated to their ancestral familial homeland with no right of appeal.

These sanctions should serve as an exemplary deterrent to all who would consider engaging in crimes of this type, as well as provide a means of humanely resettling those individuals who have found themselves victims of the international sex trade. Other illegal immigrants who have often paid a great deal of money to traffickers frequently find themselves in a miserable position once in the UK, often living in squalid sheds erected in back gardens and leading a twilight existence because their papers have been purposefully destroyed. They should be humanely expatriated using funds acquired from the liquidation of the assets of their landlords or gangmasters. Their experience and the headlines generated by their removal would send the desired message to others considering the same route: you will be sent back, papers or no papers.

Criminals of foreign extraction should be routinely deported to their countries of origin, for their crimes are only compounded by the taxpayer having to fund their incarceration here.

Another undesirable and dubious phenomenon that is currently legal but underpins the growth of parallel societies separate to the host nation, is chain migration, whereby relatives of those who have acquired citizenship are then able to settle in the United Kingdom and in turn gain citizenship themselves. Often this is said to be in accordance with their "human right" to a family life. Any such right to "family reunion" should apply only in the ancestral ethnic homeland of the parties in question.

Deportation should be the fate of those individuals (together with their families) who advocate and agitate for the undermining of our freedoms and system of law, by either calling for the recognition and operation of parallel legal structures and exemptions, or for the imposition of their preferred legal system upon the host society. Clearly, the views of such people are at variance with the country in which they currently reside, and thus it would be preferable for all if they were to be returned to their ancestral familial homelands, where legal and social codes are in accordance with their cultural preference. Similarly, those few indigenous members of the population who have gone over to this way of thinking should also be encouraged to leave.

Legitimate new arrivals ought to contribute to society before being able to claim full citizenship rights, such as the vote or the right to state benefits (e.g. housing benefit, unemployment benefit and free medical care). A qualifying period could thus be introduced, say three years for someone from within the EU or from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and five years for those from elsewhere. Whereas in an ideal world of infinite resources it would be good to provide such entitlement for all, in practical terms, particularly during our current era of economic contraction and mass indebtedness, native citizens themselves are not being provided with the services that they deserve. Given that the number of prospective immigrants is many times the size of the existing population of the United Kingdom, measures must be put in place to ensure that this human tide is turned.

Provision for the Elderly
Many of our old people have been ill rewarded for their years of labour, and have nothing more than the state pension as a means of subsistence. Although additional benefits can be claimed, it is demeaning that their incomes should be topped up in this fashion. A new party should therefore pledge to increase the basic state pension to a level that renders claiming for top-up benefits obsolete, the precise figure to be ascertained following a review of overall budgetary expenditure and taxation.

In recent years, many people of working age and those yet to enter the workplace have been notified that they will have to work longer than the current generation before qualifying for a state pension owing to an increase in general longevity. However, at the same time that people are being compelled to work for longer, millions of young people lack employment. A situation is therefore being created in which millions wish to retire, but cannot, whilst millions who wish to work, cannot. An obvious solution would be to return the standard retirement age to a uniform 65, which would please both the old and the young, for although longevity has increased, the number of healthy years spent in retirement has remained roughly the same. People should therefore be given the opportunity to retire at 65, but their right to continue working, should they wish to do so, ought to be protected. The money saved on benefits currently paid to the young unemployed would pay for returning the pensionable age to 65.

Freedom of Speech and Expression
One of the most notable characteristics of life in the contemporary United Kingdom is the degree to which traditional freedoms relating to thought, speech and expression have been systematically eroded under successive governments irrespective of their party political complexion. Thus we have seen laws introduced against "hate crimes" defined in such a manner as to make them almost all-encompassing, particularly with the catch-all term of "racism", which has come to be defined as existing if the victim of a particular crime perceives the intent of the perpetrator as emanating from, or being intensified by, a "racist" motive. In practice, together with its twin nebulous concept of "institutional racism", allegations of "racism" can be deployed by non-indigenes to stigmatise and destroy the reputation of any indigenous citizen. Such laws need to be replaced with legislation that guarantees the physical security of the person, and penalises only concrete threats or the real intent to instigate violence against an individual or group.

The Human Rights Act should be repealed, owing to the widespread abuses that have taken place in its name. It should be replaced with legislation that contains adequate provision for guaranteeing the rights and physical safety of citizens.

All legislation relating to "religious hatred" and the promotion of "diversity" needs to be repealed. Individuals should be protected by the law, but religious systems of belief and other ideologies should be open to full public criticism and ridicule; it should not be a crime for someone to be offended. A new party should be secular, which is to say, committed to keeping religion and politics separate, but advocate the public celebration of our traditional national festivals that have deep roots in Christianity, paganism and the natural passage of the seasons. People of any religion and none can share in these; otherwise, people’s religious beliefs and affiliations, or lack of them, are a matter for personal conscience.

Employment Law
Selection in the workplace should be based exclusively upon the relative merits of candidates providing that they are citizens of this country. Skin colour should not come into it, for after all, if someone capable of a non-indigenous background is singled out for preferential treatment does this not feel demeaning? Does not the existing legislation actually patronise such people, and create potential mistrust and ill feeling between them and indigenous colleagues where none need exist if it were not for such legislation? Would it not be better for all concerned if the nagging thought that “they only got that job because of their ethnicity” were to be removed from the equation?

Constitutional Matters
The United Kingdom in its current form may not exist by 2015, depending upon the outcome of any referendum on Scotland’s independence. However, irrespective of the result, the West Lothian Question does need to be addressed. At a minimum, Scottish, Welsh and Irish MPs should not be able to vote on matters at Westminster – such as education – that concern only England.

Of more pressing concern than the above however, is the UK’s membership of the European Union. In order to regain sovereignty and effective border controls, a departure from the EU is essential.

A formal written constitution would include recognition of the existence of the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom and their concomitant rights to national self-determination and primacy within their own homelands.

Foreign Policy
A non-interventionist neutral foreign policy should be advocated which would entail leaving NATO as it no longer meets our national security requirements. Positive and close relations should be maintained with European countries, as well as with our daughter societies – Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Defence Policy
This should be determined strictly by the need to protect the homeland, overseas British territories and shipping. All armed forces should be withdrawn from Afghanistan, and a policy of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states should be adopted. Military interventionism as an instrument of foreign policy as employed under recent Labour and Conservative administrations should be abandoned. Islamism should be tackled by the intelligence services and the police. A review of defence requirements should lead to the creation of a military better adapted to the future direction of foreign and domestic policy outlined above.

The suggested policy focus could be summed up in three words: prosperity, liberty and security. This should provide the basis for a popular and resonant nationalist programme that would allow a newly constituted party to exert considerable public appeal. No such programme could be implemented without the UK’s exit from the EU, although it would be crucial for a new party to reiterate that it is anti-EU but not anti-European, for the two are quite distinct.

The globalist parties – Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat (as well as the Greens) – have all advocated and promoted the hollowing out of our democracy and sovereignty by using the state to further the interests of transnational corporations and finance, none of which can be held to account by our people. It will be essential to introduce legislation that removes the possibility of foreign takeovers of viable businesses, and the large-scale foreign direct investment that does take place must be subject to in-depth scrutiny. Some, such as by Nissan and Honda, is productive for the country, unlike the recently announced Arab financing of housing and infrastructure in Liverpool, which is parasitic. The latter needs to be curtailed.

In sum, focusing upon a distinctive nationalist economic agenda would present a new party with the most effective means of making headway. Whilst still retaining policies committed to ending mass immigration and multiculturalism, solutions to our economic problems are key. Much has been left out of this policy discussion, including pivotal areas such as health, education and law and order, but these will be revisited at a later date. The primary intent of this piece has been to forward the case for focusing upon the economy as a viable strategy for gaining public support, rather than providing a fully-fledged overview of policy. It is now up to readers to consider the points raised here, and to decide whether these suggestions possess merit.

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Racism against black and Jewish people is all in their minds, claims veteran comedian Jackie Mason in provocative outburst

"Veteran Jewish comedian Jackie Mason has plunged the BBC’s Desert Island Discs into the centre of a race row by claiming that ‘Jewish and black people’ are no longer the victims of racial discrimination.

Mason, 75, who is regarded as one of the world’s greatest stand-up comedy stars, said some minority groups wrongly believe they are still being persecuted because of an inability to escape the past.

In an edition of the Radio  4 show to be broadcast today, the New York-born star says: ‘I wouldn’t say the Jews or the blacks today are suffering from racism.

‘I don’t think it’s such a terrible disadvantage to be black or Jewish today.’

He added: ‘But because they once were .  .  . they are still not comfortable enough with the new situation they’re in.

‘They still can’t accept the fact that they are completely accepted everywhere .  .  . it’s all in their minds.’

Mason, who is currently playing to packed houses in London’s West End, said he doubted whether Jewish people were even being persecuted when he started out as a comedian in the early Sixties". ....

He said: ‘Jews weren’t really suffering anywhere, but they were self-conscious because they have suffered in the past.

‘It was like they couldn’t believe the fact they were being accepted now and they were still nervous about something that hasn’t happened in the last 20 years.’

Mason, who was ordained as a rabbi before opting for a life as a comedian, said many other minority groups shared fears that were equally unwarranted.

He said: ‘It’s the same with black people today. They still talk about being persecuted when the white people don’t even feel that.’ Mason’s comments shocked Kirsty Young, the show’s host, who said it was up to the minority groups themselves to identify incidents of racism. ...

He said some people who complained of racism were simply covering up for their inadequacies, and the election of President Barack Obama proved times had moved on.

He said: ‘I see this with all the minorities. You can’t get a job somewhere. He can’t admit to himself that he is inadequate – they’ll claim it’s anti-Semitism. ..."


We know this, but if we or any other White Christian person had said this they would have been hunted down and the full force of the ANTI-WHITE RACE LAWS would be used to oppress and silence them.