Wednesday, 22 August 2012


The "benefits" of multicultural societies are a worldwide phenomenon. These ideas which infect the political thinking of those in power and their promotion of them in our country show either their lacking of rationality or worse a deliberate plot to destroy our people and way of life.
I fear the latter is the case as no person of even average intelligence could doubt its defects.

One has only to look at Syria, a country in the midst of the turmoil of a civil war.
The cause of this is cultural differences between the inhabitants as they are ethnically similar.
The ruling minority Alawites are being opposed by Shiite and Sunni muslims, all part of the same medieval creed while in the mix is a large minority of Christians.
Now the conflict is spilling over into Lebanon and who knows when Israel will become involved.

Of course the arms supplied to these various groups come from countries, again differntiated by the religion and thus culture of the ruling elite.

The so called Arab Spring has not been as springlike as promised by our leaders and there is conflict between various groups in Libya,Tunis and Egypt.

In recent years there have been conflicts in Iraq and the Balkans Chechnia and Nigeria where different faiths and cultures clash.

Our own trouble in Northern Ireland was a cultural conflict as was the partition of India and Pakistan.
Further back still WW1 was started because of multicultural problems.

It is therefore obvious that multiculturalism does not and never has worked, and yet it is being pushed down our throats in a tiny overpopulated island.

Can there be any doubt that this is a sinister plot to destroy our nation and people as a coherent whole.

Although the colour of a person's skin does not of itself matter it in effect it is usually but not always a badge of cultural difference.

I believe people of colour who have lived here and integrated we must accept as it is the mindset which is of paramount importance.
I do not believe we should accept any more immigrants of non British stock for any reason, we are full up.

BUT although we can tolerate the bit of multiracial input we now have WE CAN NOT ACCEPT A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETYin any shape or form or we will have a future of strife as illustrated in every multicultural country in the world.

Is that what the globalists now in control now are working towards?