Friday, 20 July 2012

2009 is the first year of GLOBAL GOVERNMENT

I write this short blog to apologise for my lack of contributions in the last four weeks owing as SK said to the sudden loss of my dear wife.
With all the necessary arrangements I had to make I had not the time to do much else.
Also I lacked the inclination to keep abreast of the news or anything else and was only kept sane by the hundreds of messages of sympathy from my friends and the support of my family.

I was especially touched by the support and attendance of many fellow Nationalists at the funeral.
I am gradually finding the will to live and carry on and hope to feel motivated to comment further on this blog.

That Susan was a committed Nationalist was well known and she had many friends among fellow patriots and the funeral was organised to reflect our national ethos, with" Jerusalem" and "I vow to Thee My Country" being among the hymns.

The attendance at the funeral was in the words of the undertaker the largest at our church for forty years, reflecting the high regard in which Susan was held both in Nationalist and local circles.

I will and am finding it hard to manage without her as I must learn to do.
I am determined to carry on the good work she performed for the sake of our country, community and British people.