Friday, 23 March 2012


The shootings in Toulouse the other day have been shown to be the actions of a muslim extremist, and not by a member of the "extreme right", that's folks like you fellow nationalists.
So people who believe as we do are not to blame. Blame must be put on the muslim invaders who were involved.


It is the action of the right wing anti immigrant people who made this madman feel "excluded" when his beliefs were not catered for.
Thus we are to blame even for muslim atrocities.

But you can't blame all muslims for this. This was the action of a lone gunman.

But hold on.

When Brevik went on the rampage the lefty media tried to blame all patriots even though Brevik was not a nationalist but just anti immigrant.
Similarly any wrong action by nationalists is taken to reflect on us all and nationalism itself.
But wrongdoing by ordinary members of the other parties , Labour and Tories is never taken as a reflection of those party's principles (if they have any), but let a nationalist commit an offence and the media come down on us all like a ton of bricks as if we are all resposible for the actions of a single person.

So there you have it.

If a right wing nutter commits a crime it is the fault of all nationalists, but if a muslim assassin kills children it does not reflect on the others of his medieval ideology, it is again our fault for not accomodating this "religion of peace" which is increasingly imposed on the people of Europe.

Stupid sentiments but that is what the left wing media wishes to show.