Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The conviction  at long last of the muslim paedophile perverts from the Rochdale area who preyed on young children should be a lesson for the police and government.

Although DNA evidence implicating two of these animals two years ago it was not acted uopn.
You ask why? The police say it was nothing to do with fear of being accused of racism, but this argument does not hold as it is accepted as a uniquely muslim phenomenon even by some muslim groups.

To label these people as Asians is an insult to the law abiding Hindu and Chinese people who, even though they are alien to this land would not stoop so low.
It is the fact that the muslim religion holds non muslims in contempt and especially teenage white girls which is the driving factor in this abuse.

I do not know what the sentences for these crimes will be, but whatever they are they will be as nothing compared to what punishment they would receive if I found out that any of my grandchildren had been abused. I would not have waited for the PC police, hamstrung by fears of being called racist.

This muslim abuse is widespread and cases are pending in other towns discretely ignored by the press and more convictions will inevitably follow.
It is interesting that many newspaper comment facilities have been disabled over this matter, the editors wanting to keep this festering alien sore under wraps.
Free speech again shown to be secondary to muslim appeasement.

Let us hope that these alien perverts will be deported together with their families when their sentences are completed, but I doubt that will happen.

A few years ago Nick Griffin was tried TWICE for stating the facts about muslim grooming of children. It was known about then but the authorities wanted to hush it up.

However the actions of the BNP leader in posting comments last week on "Twitter" which nearly derailed the trial makes you wonder what his motives are.
He is supposed to have legal training but it seems is ignorant of the dangers of prejudicing a trial.
If he is so unknowledgeable and reckless with his actions he is not fit to be the leader of a political party.

We are all outraged by muslim grooming but justice must be done and seen to be done.
The law must be applied objectively, not subjectively as he should know as a man with a supposed legal degree.

Similarly according to the papers two muslim defence lawyers were assaulted outside the court, it is said by BNP members which caused them to resign from the case and cause a delay and a greater cost to the public. Those who perpetrated this assault should have been disciplined by the party.

Violence is NOT the nationalist way and should be left to the unwashed thugs of the UAF and never instigated by our side. It is only permissable in self defence.

But the biggest folly of these actions was that some of these perverts could have been acquitted of their crimes.
 Whatever these incidents show the BNP in a bad light.
It is no use getting in the papers for reasons of stupidity, that does not further the nationalist cause.

Played well this case could have been exploited for our cause and show that we are right about the dangers of allowing these people in our country and trying to appease them.

BUT IT HAS NOT BEEN PLAYED WELL and instead of furthering our cause it has hindered it and given the impression that we are fools and thugs.