Thursday, 11 November 2010


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(That's her on the left above Hi! I'm Yvonne and Robert Mugabe is the chap to the right of Lisa)

Recently appointed Wigan "is she or isn't she" Muslim MP Lisa Nandy has just accepted a newly arranged post of 'Vice-Chairs of Labour Friends of Searchlight'.Pro-halal slaughtered meat lover Lisa Nancy has offered her services to the already unsteady rabble and BNP hating, kosher loving friends of communist crank and bungling buffoon burglar Gerry Gable over at Searchlight HQ - and this after their last meeting discussed that the BNP are in apparent demise as opposed to the more popular English Defence League?

Lisa Nancy MP - Potentially The Only Halal Pie-Eating Witch In Wigan....Or, Is She?

You voted for, remember "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW". See the previous post!


Anonymous said...

I understand that Ms Nandy is not a Muslim and that you almost certainly know this yourself as you led a campaign to establish the facts.

Your comments, not only about Lisa, but also covering your site are potentially libellous and certainly illegal in that they amount to incitement to racial hatred

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

You don't sound entirely convinced she isn't a Muslim, anyway, I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this one and I've adjusted the post somewhat to appease you!

The other accusations that the site is libellous and certainly illegal (as you put it) and amount to incitement to racial hatred....hmmmmmm.......look "Anonymous" - if certain individuals can get away with burning a poppy on the streets of England and then chant "British Troops Burn In Hell" I would have expected they to be charged with incitement to racial hatred...surely, you've got it wrong? Or, is it me?

Silly Kuffar said...

@Anonymous - Lisa Nandy is this about right ?

Lisa Nandy, is the daughter of Dipak Nandy, a Communist, who was the founder-director of the independent think-tank the Runnymede Trust, set up 40 years ago to promote a successful multi-ethnic society in Britain.
Her career to date has been focused on the rights of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, promoting 'equality of opportunity' in the Commission for Racial Equality.
That said, it seems she's from an Indian background and, therefore, she'll more than likely be Hindu, not Islamic as first suggested!

Lanky Patriot said...

Whether she is a muslim or not she is of partial foreign extraction.
I can thus understand her concern for fellow aliens whether legal or illegal and her wish for a multicultural society.

However as a representitive of Wigan she should be able to understand the feelings who do not share her origins or views.

Remember MS Nandy we were not asked whether we wanted these society destroying changes foisted on us, and to have them so foisted by someone who has partial loyalty to a foreign country only rubs salt in the wounds.

We are in a cut thoat global market pushed by the major parties including Ms Nandy's and there are worries about our ability to survive in spite of the help? given by immigrants.

I notice that those countries of the Far East who are taking over the global economy are monoethnic, and manage without a multitude of races.

India whith which I presume Ms Nandy has some interest is being out competed by China on account of the religious if not ethnic strife between muslims and Hindus.

China has not the poverty that India has and when that country and it's close neighbours , unpolluted by the muslim creed finally take over the world we will know who to blame.

In the meantime we will work to negate your efforts to destroy OUR country.

Silly Kuffar said...

I see that Ms Nandy DID NOT attend Sundays Remebrance day in Wigan.
I can't find anything in Wigans news about her attendance or non-attendance.
Though Fovargue managed to find Hindley, but stayed away from the main event in town.
Looks like Wigans Labour MPs don't really care for those who have fought and died to protect our Country and People.

Anonymous said...

Could you guys if you use any pictures off my site link the image to me please or just link the image itself?


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Hi Cicero, sorry about nicking your picture without a link and credit.

I shall amend that now and put you in the list of our favourite blogs!

How's about that?