Monday, 23 April 2012


The excellent showing of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections has made my day.

In spite of Sarkozy's attempts to reduce her vote by promising tougher immigration laws she has made good progress, unfortunately not enough to get her in to the second round but certainly enough to frighten the other candidates and on this side of the Channel the BBC and other lefty media organisations.

It is a sign that the people of Europe are becoming aware of the betrayal of the political class and they resent it. It will also give the FN more influence in French politics.
Whoever eventually gets in they will have to take into consideration the French patriots who are finally getting their act together.
In other European countries Nationalist parties will take heart and hopefully capitalise on the resurgance of patriotism enough to halt and reverse the colonisation visited on our continent by the venal traitors at present in power.

But what about the second round, the one which actually chooses the President?
Should Le Pen supporters back the Leftist Hollande in order to get rid of the despicable liar Sarkozy, or should they back Sarkozy in order to halt some of the dafter ideas of Hollande?

Much as I disagree with many of the policies of Hollande his election could hasten the break up of the EU and whatever else that must be a good thing.
With Sarkozy they will get more of the same and national identity subsumed into the morass of the EU.

So I hope Le Pen's voters stay at home in the second round and let Hollande get in, a small price to pay for the demise of the EU.

BUT, where is our Le Pen?
The BNP had a chance of changing British politics for the better, but that has been squandered by the present leadership and the party is just ignored in spite of the general disillusionment with the "main" parties.

If Griffin was a true patriot he would have long ago put his personal ambitions aside in the nation's interests.
But is he a true patriot?
Is he even on our side or working for the State?
I don't know but with him a block to any nationalist revival our beliefs will get nowhere.

Perhaps, after the local elections and the inevitable hammering the BNP candidates will get he will stand down, but I doubt it and we of patriotic beliefs will see our country sink further into the abyss without being able to do anything about it.

We need a new charismatic leader AND FAST.

The potential for a nationalist revival is there as in France but without leadership we will get nowhere.