Monday, 10 January 2011


below are the Names and Addresses of those NAZIS and FASCISTS of the New Labour Party, UAF and SWP who are responsible for the destruction of BRITISH DEMOCRACY in Oldham.

Maybe you could drop them an Email or give them a call and have a friendly chat OR ..

Cllr Dave Hibbert, 28 Moreton St......reet, Chadderton, Oldham. OL9 0LT. Tel: 0161 284 2401 E-mail:
Cllr David Jones 25 Ashton Crescent, Chadderton, Oldham. OL9 8HE. Tel: 0161 682 5143 E-mail:
Cllr Joy Wrigglesworth 16 Shaw Hall Bank Road, Greenfield, Oldham. OL3 7LD. Tel: 07731 865625 E-mail:
Cllr Barbara Brownridge 975 Middleton Road West Chadderton Oldham OL9 0NQ Tel: 0161 678 0752
Cllr Colin McLaren 4 Rowanwood Firwood Park Chadderton Oldham OL9 9TH Tel: 0161 627 4197 E-mail:
Cllr Hugh McDonald 32 Silverdale Drive, Lees Oldham OL4 3DX Tel: 0161 652 6532 Email:
Cllr Glynis Shaw 22 Tanhill Lane, Fitton Hill, Oldham. OL8 2QL Tel: 0161 624 3410 Email:
Cllr Barbara Dawson 65 Clifton Street, failsworth, Manchester M35 9EF Tel: 0161 681 5877 Mobile: 07740 780 150
Cllr Abdul Jabbar 61 Featherstall Road North, Oldham OL9 6QB Tel: 0161 627 3393 E-mail:
Cllr Abdul Malik 79 Featherstall Road North Oldham OL9 6QB Mobile: 07932 967 476
Cllr John Battye 23 Hillside Avenue Grotton Oldham OL4 5SG Tel: 0161 633 2802
Cllr Glenys Butterworth 117 Westminster Road Failsworth Manchester M35 9HL Tel: 0161 688 0537 E-mail:
Cllr Jim McMahon 3 Massey Avenue, Failsworth Manchester M35 9LG Tel: 0161 681 6448 Mobile: 07766 502 745
Cllr Shadab Qumer 21 Queens Road Oldham OL8 2AX Tel: 0161 770 4013 E-mail:
Cllr A Aqeel Salamat 12 Clifton Avenue, Oldham OL1 1QP Tel: 0781 209 6583 E-mail:
Cllr Shoab Akhtar 94 Wellington Road, Oldham OL8 1RR Tel: 0161 287 2005 E-mail:
Cllr Fida Hussain 49 Newport Street, Werneth, Oldham OL8 1RE Tel: 0161 626 5263 E-mail:
Cllr Gerald Ball 15 Tuns Road, Fitton Hill, Oldham OL8 2PT Tel: 0161 652 9464 E-mail:
Cllr Yasmin Toor 88-92 Werneth Hall Road, Coppice, Oldham, L8 4BD C/O Members Services 0161 770 3012
Cllr Ateeque Ur Rehman 92 Werneth Hall Road, Coppice, Oldham OL8 4BD Tel: 0161 770 4013 E-mail:
Cllr Jean Stretton 20 Carnarvon Street Hollinwood Oldham OL8 3PW Tel:- 0161 682 0526 E-mail:
Cllr Philip Harrison 31 Saffron Drive, Moorside, Oldham OL4 2PU Tel: 0161 624 2717 E-mail:
Cllr Olwen Chadderton 9 Oozewood Road, Royton, Oldham OL2 5SQ. Tel: 0161 624 2364 E-mail:
Cllr Bernard Judge 2 Pine Grove, Royton, Oldham OL2 6TL Tel: 0161 652 6614 E-mail:
Cllr Tony Larkin 71 Harewood Drive, Royton, Oldham OL2 5TB Tel: 0161 678 9781 E-mail:
Cllr Javid Iqbal 180 Coppice Street Oldham OL8 4BL Tel: 0161 345 7637 E-mail:
Cllr Steven Bashforth 53 Penthorpe Drive, Royton, Oldham OL2 6JL Tel: 01706 290313 E-mail:

Please do not resort to violence or throwing bricks through windows. These could be construed as Criminal activity with todays STASI.


Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Liars, cheats, thieves, enablers, facilitators, appeasers and general apologists the lot of em.

Each and every one of them has sold their soul to the Devil, swapping priceless principles for their perverted politics.

May hell reserve a place in eternal damnation for those that seek to destroy us.

truthonly said...

Is A Member Of Camerons Clawhammer Gang -
2/3 Down LH Column - Just Below Cameron

Expose Them All!

truthonly said...

Meanwhile -

Illsley Is A Member Of Camerons Clawhammer Gang -

2/3 Down LH Column - Just Below Cameron

Andyj said...

I've been reading all over the place. Wherever it mentions Mr. Adam's expulsion, everyone is up in arms about it.

Even the regular 'libertarians' on old holborn were visibly, almost violently seething.

passerby said...

"All true Britons, Americans, and fellow European kin, must realise that a media led war has been waged upon the white folks of this planet." -

Truth and info -