Thursday, 29 March 2012

Immigration and the Moral Right to Save Europe and the West!


Don't panic, don't panic says the government. All fill up with fuel in case we run out because of a strike which has not happened.
What did they expect. Everybody did panic and queues developed at petrol stations around the land.
Are they so thick that they use Dad's Army type messages to run the country.
It could be a ruse to put the blame on the tanker drivers who MAY have come out on strike.
I don't know all the issues but I do not believe the drivers that it was about safety.
I believe it is because cheap foreign drivers are being brought in to undercut conditions and the unions can not bring themselves to say it.

If it is not a ruse to attack the unions in the propaganda stakes it shows ineptitude and a failure to realise how the average person thinks.
They have to get to work. They want to go on holiday over Easter and want to make sure that they are able to do it and buy food
What do the government expect them to do?
Cease work or not go on holiday or starve?

That they are completely out of touch was shown yesterday when Cameron tried to remember where he last had a pasty, AND GOT IT WRONG.
He tried to say he was a fan of pasties but said he had eaten a pasty LAST SUMMER in a pasty shop which had CEASED TRADING.

It is coming to something when a government's reputation has been harmed over the issue of a pasty.
Of course they never eat pasties or pies. They eat in posh restaurants and would not venture into a pie shop unless electioneering and attempting to show "the common touch"

Pies and pasties are what manual workers eat for their dinner (not lunch). They have been up to now cheap and quick to consume and they are quickly back at work.
No posh meals in restaurants, not enough time and too dear

I do not think the chancellor deliberately attacked manual workers, I think that he has not a clue what goes on in the real world and how the actual PRODUCERS live.
It's no good Cameron showing his green credentials by using fuel to go to the North Pole or riding his bike while having his suit taken in a car following.
It's no good pretending he goes to a pie shop when he evidently does not.

All he does is show himself to be a hypocrite,pretending to be a man of the people. He is not, he is completely out of touch with ordinary life and yet he presumes to rule us in a so called democratic society.
Who in their right mind could believe anything he says?

Now I have to admit I do not visit pie shops often as I am retired and live at home, but occasionally do buy from Galloways or Greenhalghes when in town and do not remember EVER visiting Greggs although I may have done.
The point is I do not pretend to be a pie eater, even though as Wiganer I should be.
I am happy to say what I do and eat without pretending to be something I am not.

But is it not a sorry state of affairs when at a time of national bankruptsy a large part of the budget discussions revolves round pasties and pies.

I believe know why the chancellor made this change.
Big firms like KFC and Macdonalds will have complained that their overpriced rubbish is unfairly taxed and big firms have clout, unlike small bakers (or manual workers).

The chancellor said he wanted his budget to promote industry and jobs and small firms, an aim with which I agree.
So why did he reduce the top rate of tax?
It would have been better to reduce National Insurance which would have made it pay for small employers to take on staff and reduce unemployment.
But what did he do for industry? Reduce corporation tax which small businesses do not pay but his rich friends do.

It will help a bit on the jobs front but not nearly as much as a reduction in national Insurance which would help businesses large and small.

I know in this blog I am rambling on a bit, but there is so much which could be done and the government are so out of touch and incompetent it is difficult to know where to start.

They are supposed to be running the country but have shown in recent days they are incapable of running a pie shop.

We need a government which knows what makes the country tick if we are ever to get out of the mess left by Labour.

But do they want to OR DO THEY CARE?


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