Sunday, 4 November 2012


To all those who agree thaty we must tackle Islam and IMMIGRATION.but listen to the lies about British Nationalist in the PRIVATELY OWNED, GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED NEWSPAPERS and TV NEWS about NATIONALISM...WAKE UP, USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE and LISTEN FOR THE LIES, you can spot a lie easy on TV News, they OPEN THEIR MOUTHS. The Newspapers are just ANTI-WHITE INDIGENOUS BRITISH TRAITORS, who will write anything that the PTB tell them too. We have FREE SPEECH here in Britain ? Just check out the NUJ Guidlines on reporting on NATIONALIST PARTIES, NATIONALIST FIGUREHEADS, NATIONALIST PARTY MEMBERS etc. But we know we can overcome the LIES with the SWORD OF TRUTH and the SHIELD OF JUSTICE. We have done it once with the BNP. even after all the HATRED which the TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS etc could throw at us and we WON SEATS. A NEW YEAR hopefully will bring a NEW ERA and NEW EXPECTATIONS in regards to making a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH FOR BRITISH NATIONALISM that will make the BNPs results when they were at their peak will be end up as a minor sidenote in Nationalist history whilst Next Year it shall be WE who are making the headlines, making inroads into Local and National Government. It won't be easy but if the Activists who left the BNP join this New Party we can hit the ground RUNNING.