Monday, 14 May 2012


The disasterous situation in the EU with Greece possibly exiting was an accident waiting to happen and the possibility of such a situation obvious from the start of the experiment, at least to me.
That there was little in common economically and less culturally between countries as diverse as Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Finland should have been evident to all from the start.

A "one size fits all" economy could never work in Europe for two reasons, culture and geography.
A large economic whole will inevtably draw industry and output to the centre on account of transport costs. When this is compounded with an existing sophisticated industries at the centre the peripheral and more agrarian economies can not compete using the same currency.

The USA is often quoted as an example of a large land mass where disparate people have joined together to make a successful economy, at least up till now.
This explanation forgets or ignores the fact that the USA first ethnically cleansed the native people with the new invaders who could thus easily move and adapt to other parts and states as they were more or less the same culturally and linguistically.

In other words, to be successful a blank slate (or states) must be created by ethnic cleansing.
Even then religious and ethnic differences soon become apparent and a certain amount of ghettoisation forms.

Now it has become increasingly obvious that the EU concept was not necessarily an economic concept but a political idea to cleanse the nation states of Europe and replace them with an amorphous and docile population easily manipulated in the interests of "the elite" in the financial and business spheres.

It was shown by Goldman Sachs fiddling the Greek books (at a cost of 300 million Euros).
Democracy is the last thing on their mind. We the people are there to be used in the interests of this elite. Our national societies are to be broken up by the importation of millions of immigrants and the general movement of people from one country to another.
The aim is to break the cohesiveness of the European national societies, their individualities and cultures.

It is strange that these people who "celebrate" diversity try to destroy the diversity of national cultures.
This latter diversity is it seems the wrong type of diversity.

Now the economic s**t has hit the fan and their NWO plan is faltering trillions of Euros are being thrown at this project in a vain attempt to rescue it.

Much of the money Greece owes was lent to them by central banks happy to make money out of that country by charging high interest rates.
Much of the money they now offer with conditions is merely to pay off the compound interest owed on the money lent.
It will go straight back to the banks which lent it.
The Greek people are and will suffer austerity and severe cuts but strangely they are not asked to cut their armed forces. This is because much of their equipment is being bought under contract from France and Germany.

The tragedy in this economic shambles that even the UK through its contribution to the IMF is liable for some of these debts.
The tragedy for all European citizens is that the taxpayers are ending up funding this banking scam. Their standard of living is being reduced to save the banks while bank bonuses increase.

The sums lent and supposedly owed are so enormous that worldwide they exceed all assets in the world. This is obviously impossible.

This money does not exist, was created out of thin air by the banks and lent at a profit,and we will all be liable to pay it back with compound interest as will our children and grandchildren, IF THE SYSTEM SURVIVES.

It will not and can not and the sooner the banks go to the wall the better.
This scam has impoverished Europe and its people, but the chickens of the bankers are coming home to roost.

AND THAT IS THE REASON Nationalist parties are campaigned against.

The bankers are not bothered about immigration one way or another, rather the immigrants are one of the tools to facilitate their scheme, to be used to destroy our societies and increase their control.

They hate us more for our economic principles which if enacted would increase our prosperity but reduce their globalisation agenda and control.