Thursday, 19 April 2012


Just watched the debate on Sky Television where the various nonentities of the major parties put forward their policies and programmes.
After the main debate the smaller candidates were interviewed and I got my first opportunity of hearing the BNP candidate for the London Mayor.


This candidate for a nationalist party which has as its main credo the halting of immigration is a Latin American who states on television that he is for immigration, but only legal immigration.

Nationalists are or should be against ALL immigration.

Now Mr Cortiglia is probably a very decent man BUT HE IS NOT BRITISH, and can not therefore understand how native Brits feel.

I can not understand why he was chosen for the BNP's mayoral candidate.
Is there nobody else in London suitable to stand for that office? If so the party is in a very bad state.
Where have all the good eloquent people gone who would have made excellent candidates?, and why are they not still with the party?
Even with the small numbers of members remaining in London there must be at least one native Brit.

It is beginning to seem that there is a deliberate intent to reduce nationalism to irrelevence by destroying the BNP, and that the leadership is complicit in this.
Why else would they choose a man who is not an ethnic Brit? Why else alienate all nationalists and potential supporters by standing someone, not one of us, and who can not understand how we feel to represent us?

The BNP leadership are not trying to win. They are making us a laughing stock and are thus traitors to the cause.

Hopefully(and I never thought I would ever have said this) this candidate will suffer a humiliating defeat and it will be a rallying call for all patriots to come together in unison to save our country.

There is not much time left if we are not to be swallowed in a third world cess pit.