Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I must state from the start that I am a monarchist but I believe the Queen, although not political should have used her royal perogative and refused to sign the various treaties which have as yet shackled our country to the EU.

This week end I celebrated my twentieth wedding anniversirary and had a big party which made me a bit out of touch with the national celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee. I could not even get to my computer hidden as it was behind the table holding the buffet.

We did see some of the pageant yesterday, in between clearing up and were impressed.
It was a celebration of unity as a nation. Admittedly the boats were small but the Thames is not big enough for any big naval ships, and if we had any Spithead would have been the better venue.
But we have no navy. We do not rule the waves, nor do we want to but we can not defend ourselves nowadays.
We thought the pageant yesterday was good. The spectators seemed disgustingly white. Admittedly the BBC showed a few selected aliens but if you looked at the crowds you would have thought that this was Britain.
Similarly today on the Mall almost all the celebrants were white. Where were these additions to our culture? No burkas or ugly muslims. It shows where their allegiencies lie.

The concert although well organised was of course politically correect.
The non "musicion" the puff Elton John who can not sing and a gathering of talentless nonentities tried to entertain the crowd and a bored queen who had to put up with such talentless rubbish (Tom Jones excluded).  I bet she would have liked to have sat down with a drink and watched it on the telly, but then that is her job, to look interested while watching sh*te. There may have been some entertainers of merit and if there were I could have misses them.

Anyhow, at 10 PM we went to see the beacon lit on our local hill, the highest point of Merseyside.
A large light was visible and my wife thought that was it. No love, that is the Moon.
Well is that other light the beacon?.
No love that is a street light.

I put the photo above on to show how far we have fallen in one hundred years, from a time when Britain was pre eminent in the world.
It is a photo of the bonfire put up by a community of six thousand people, pit men and quarry workers, in 1912 I think.
My grandfather and great grandfather are on the left of the photo, proud members of the community coming from poor beginnings but who believed in our country.

Look at the building of the bonfire, the neatness and its size and remember all this timber was transported by horse.
Such a bonfire would not have been allowed nowadays for health and safety reasons and I do not think even with modern methods they could have built it so neat.
I can guarantee there is no such a bonfire anywhere else. If there is please post a photo.

Whether you are a monarchist or not, look at the present efforts, see the contrast and weep.

How far has our country fallen?.