Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I watched the programme featuring the EDL on television last night and imagined it would be the usual smear job on anything vaguely patriotic.

There was some arrogant portrayal of the members as working class soccer hooligans, but the programme did demonstrate the dedication of Tommy Robinson against the muslim onslaught which threatens our country.

The police in the programme were shown to be invariably against the EDL but tolerant to the extremist muslims who are against our country.
These ugly b**ggers should not be in our country but are allowed to promote their extreme views when English people are made to keep quiet.
They openly say that they want sharia law here and when they get it they will subject the rest of us, the native populations to their intolerant medieval ideology.

It was interesting that Luton had out a multiculti circus? no doubt at ratepayers expense to sooth the alien invaders which played to an audience of ?.

Nobody seemed interested in seeing this alien crap.
Of course many other local authorities put on similar exhibits at our expense in an attempt to brainwash the local people. It is sad that through our council tax we are forced to pay for our own brainwashing, and they hope demise.

Someday we will have our revenge and those implicated will face justice.

I respect the EDL and its work and believe with a bit better organisation they could create a movement which would tally with the views of most Brits and be unstoppable.

That's what they need. Organisation.
Cells should be created in many towns and with a code word demonstrate, all at the same time time at short notice. The authorities would not have time to respond and ban demonstrations.

I believe in democracy, the rule of the law and ballot box, but the powers in control are denying us our rights. If this situation carries on I fear trouble in the streets.
If our people continue to be oppressed they will eventually wake up.

Remember the rights of the ordinary people. Remember the Chartists and Peterloo.

We, the people fought and got our just rights in the past and we will do it again.

However the longer this undemocratic sore festers the worse it will be, so let's sort it out before it is too late and while we still have the upper hand.

I was inspired by the effort put in and the risks taken by this organisation which only seeks to defend our country.

If the programme was expected to show the EDL in a bad light it failed badly.

After seeing it I may enrol as a member.