Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The turmoil in the Middle East is continuing and even hotting up with Iran threatenung to close the Straits of Hormuz which will lead to a rise in gas prices here it is said (another indication of the folly of selling our own gas supplies off cheap, and the "dash to gas" while sidelining indigenous coal supplies), and maybe because of the boycott of Iran an increase in oil prices.

Assasinations of nuclear scientists in Iran by Israel continue with little condemnation by our government or media. One wonders if the situation were reversed whether these atrocities would be so played down.

Iran has been accused of disobeying UN resolutions and it has. But so, many times over the past fifty years has Israel without condemnation.
Foolishly Iran stated that it wishes to destroy Israel, while Israel goes about destroying Palestine by stealth, condoned by the West.
Israel does not say what its intentions are even though they betray them through their actions

I hold no brief for Iran nor any muslim regime, but to understand the present situation one must study the history of the Middle East in the 20th century which has been bedevilled by Wwestern and British interference.

Starting during WW1 the arrogance of the Balfour Declaration which gave land which did not belong to us to the Zionists has had a catastrophic effect on that region, intensified by our and the USA's continuing meddling and interference there.

In the Fifties we removed a democratically elected leader and installed the Shah, a ruthless and cruel leader whose crimes were hushed up in the West but suffered by the Iranian people.

In the Eighties we backed Saddam Hussein in a war against Iran in which he used poison gas and only fell out with him when he pointed a gun at Israel, and then got in a war justified on false evidence.

Meanwhile the consolidation of Israel continued with more local people displaced into squalid camps, and those remaining having second class status.

Lebanon has been invaded and parts of Syria occupied by Israel.

And we are surprised by the hatred to us shown by Arabs and other Middle Eastern countries?

They see us as unfair and against them and retaliate as evidenced by the 9/11 horrors and London bombings.

Why do we continue on this path of strife which will inevitably end in nuclear war?
Because of the Zionist lobby in the USA and Britain with its political influence and money.

We should attempt to see things from the Arab point of view and come to a "non interference" arrangement with them.
We should allow matters in the Middle East to be settled by the people living there and if they want to fight keep out of it. Thus any arms held by states there would be of no threat to us.

It is said that Israel is a bulwark for democracy in the Middle East. No it is not, it is a festering bone of contention set among people with no desire for democracy and certainly no desire to be dominated by Zionist money and influence.

Israel has cost the "West" billions and many lives.
Our fuel supplies are threatened by its presence as is our safety.

If we could disengage from all influence there and negotiate the return of muslims here we would preserve our country from further danger from this unstable region.

We have meddled for 100 years.

Let's learn our lesson--