Thursday, 11 November 2010


Today this alien scum showed disrespect to our country while living off our backs by trying to disrupt the Armistice Day ceremony and even worse burning poppies. It seems they do not accept the civilised rules of behaviour we have but are quite willing to accept the benefits we pay them even as they threaten to take over our country.
This ugly rabble were eventually escorted away but only after some EDL protestors were arrested. Why were these trolls not arrested for racial hatred?

Yesterday hiding among student protestors SWP thugs caused mayhem at Tory Central office thus hijacking a legitimate student grievance. The government says it has not enough money to pay for our young people to have a university education, and it does not, the way it allocates resources.

Also Mr Roumpy or whatever he calles himself, president of the EU says the days of the nation state are numbered. Well being a Belgian he never really had a nation.

So what have these three items have in common? Well there is a solution which can solve all three and make us a lot better off.

First Exit the EU and save us £billions and then we would have enough money to pay for ALL our needs. This would enable us to withdraw from the European Human Rights legislation and would allow us to deport those who show our society such contempt.

Where would we deport them to?
Well they don't like us in "muslim lands" but we still controll bits of Afghanistan so they could be deported their to live in squalour with their muslim "brothers".We would need to supply some food to get them started (we would not see them starve) so we could provide food such as pork and bacon to sustain them.

This would help the housing demographic and economic problems in this country.

So it's easy. Get the EU with all its expense and laws (and asylum lawyers) off our backs and help muslims to reconnect with their fellow muslims in the culture they like with a little help to get them going.
Our benefits would not have to be cut. Our education and defence could be financed and there would be less unrest on our streets, and everybody would be happy and get what they want.

They would be happy as they don't like our soldiers. They say to them "go to hell". No we would just bring them home in one piece.

Until then today "We will remember our fallen heroes who died for us"

We will also remember the bastards who desecrated our heroes memory and we have long memories.

We will have our day.

Watch The Hate Filled SCUM Video Here...

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