Wednesday, 21 March 2012


As I thought all along, the gunman who murdered the children and adult in the Jewish school and the French army men was an islamic extremist.

How disappointing for the Left wing media, the BBC and Guardian etc to find this was the case.

All day yesterday they were saying the murders were the doing of the "extreme Right".
Vague descriptions of the murderer were given out, one that he probably had a tattoo, this obviously linking him to the "far Right", but no mention of his skin colour. That immediately made me think he was an immigrant to France as if he had been obviously white skinned it would have been mentioned immediately as it is in our country where the skin colour of a felon is only mentioned if he is white.

Surely the Left wing media thought, nobody of" the religion of peace" would perpetrate such a cruel crime. Only somebody of the "extreme Right" would do such a thing.

These commentator's Left wing views blind themselves to the facts of recent history.
95% of atrocities in Europe in the last 20 years have been perpetrated by muslims, from Russia (Beslan and Moscow) to Spain (Madrid bombings) to the London tube bombings and the attempts to blow up planes and other targets which fortunately failed.

Few attacks on innocent people have been perpetrated by thr "Right" with the notable exception of Brevik in Norway, but he was a paranoid nutter and never represented mainstream patriotic views, however much the media try to make it seem he did.
The authorities spend millions of pounds monitoring these members of the religion of peace, in spite of saying that the expenditure is to stop the threat of nationalist attacks.

In other words muslims are always appeased in case they react. The government is already afraid of them, but still they are allowed to come in to the country.

The powers that be must realise the danger of allowing millions of these believers of their mediaval cult here. They can not be so thick so why do they not do what the people want and STOP any more of these people coming here?

It is difficult not to think that it is a deliberate plot by the government aided by the Left wing media to destroy our country and people to forward their globalist agenda.

Hopefully these cruel outrages will open the eyes of the French voters to the incompatibility of the multicultural agenda and Mme Le Pen will get an increased vote.

Events are slowly showing the people of Europe to the dangers of muslims living in Europe and this tragic outrage will hopefully serve as a wake up call to the French voters.

Tragic as these events have been to those killed, it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

Lives can be saved in the future if the French vote the right way.




This is just an attempt by the marxist media to pretend that "we"are all the same,that joe smith is just as likely to go beserk as mohamed ibn kalb,which is only true in thier marxist fantasies since we have been trying to arouse the sheeple for nigh on sixty years,and no luck so far.It is amusing to see the vast expenditure of energy by the jew media to drag marine le pen into the firing line,but so far the third rate "journalists"are just not up to it.

Unknown said...

As decent nationalists we must be careful not to take on too many
opponents simultaneously. The 'Money Power' problem should be shelved temporarily while we attempt to awaken the sheeple to the 'Race Replacement Program' and the even more immediate 'Moslem Question'. It will be difficult enough to sort this out with the clear time restriction,we must hope the tipping point for native Britons will come before we are all drowned in a sea of Islam.