Saturday, 31 March 2012


Today in Belfast they have unveiled the "Titanic Museum", a tribute to the shipyard workers who built the ship and those who died on her a hundred years ago.
I am sure it is very interesting and I intend to go and see it sometime.

BUT this is a celebrationof a disaster in an area of disasterous decline

Pictures show a modern archtectural image of the ship by the now derelict Harland and Wolff shipyard.

The exhibition cost £100 million and in spite of the interest I believe the money could have been better spent.

Think what that sum could have accomplished in regenerating the shipyard, training craftsmen and creating a sustainable world class shipyard.
What benefit would that have brought to Belfast in employment and wealth creation?

If Finland, a high wage country where it is dark and freezing most of the winter can produce ships competitive on the world market, there is no reason why Belfast can not do the same with a little help.

SO Interesting as the museum is I believe the money has been spent on the wrong project.

IS NOBODY IN POWER INTERESTED IN PRODUCTIVE INDUSTRY, or must we become a museum dedicated to former glories?

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