Saturday, 31 March 2012


This morning on television was yet more evidence of the interfering nanny state.
It was stated that smoking, even passive smoking was a cause of increased childhood asthma and even forty cot deaths.

Forty cot deaths? How do they know that?
Do the have statistics to back this assertion up?, and if so how do they know cot deaths are always attribuable to passive smoking?

When I was a young doctor I had never heard of cot deaths. Yes there were deaths in cots usually attributed to smothering and this was proved to be correct because of the vogue and advice that babies should be put to bed face down.
I never subscribed to that opinion and that advice has now been discredited.

Regarding childhood asthma, if passive smoking is the cause, how do they explain that cases of asthma have increased massively while smoking both in the home and outside has decreased substantially.
Now as a former doctor I accept that smoking is a threat to health and that is why I stopped, but I do not accept that passive smoking is harmful, or most people of my generation would have been long dead by now as most houses of my youth were a fug of smoke
The people living longer and causing a pension crisis were brought up in such atmospheres.

Yes the smell of stale smoke is unpleasant to non smokers but no reputable studies have demonstrated any damage.
In my house if non smokers object they can stay outside even though I and my wife do not smoke.

So why am I going on about such a minor matter.

Because it is a symptom of the brainwashing of the government which wishes to force its PC norms on everybody without any scientific reason for doing so.

If there is a valid reason for anything it should be demonstrably so, and the statistics should back it up. In this case they do not.

And that holds for all other matters.
The facts speak for themselves.

If a political party makes a statement or promotes a programme it must stand up to scrutiny, and that is where Nationalist parties must concentrate.
Demolish unsound arguments by the other parties, make them appear demonstrably stupid, (which they are) and then promote our more logical platform to the British people.

Many years ago I bought an aerosol labelled "bullshit repellant" (which my daughter had confiscated at school after spraying it on a teacher).
We need a bullshit repellant frame of mind when watching the news as we are all, or some of us are being indoctrinated by the latest PC fad, and we can use this in political discourse.


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