Friday, 30 March 2012


The shock election of George Galloway in Bradford West is with hindsight not really surprising.
PC commentators have stated that his election was owing to dissatisfaction caused by government "cuts", but that does not explain the fact that he overturned a large Labour majority.

If voters were protesting against government policies why did they not vote Labour?
Galloway was originally from the far left of Labour and could have made some progress in elections elsewhere.

There are many all over the country who disagree with the foreign wars Labour and the Tories have got us involved in, and many voters of the far left scattered around the country.

So why did he chose Bradford?

Simple because of the muslim vote concentrated in areas of Bradford now reduced to third world slums.
He is an unapologetic muslimist who has cosied up to such paragons of virtue as Saddam Hussein and has made inflammatory anti British speeches in other muslim ghettos in England.

Just the man to represent a once proud city now descending into slumdom.
His election material has been unapologetically aimed at muslims and they have responded to his anti British sentiments.
His postal votes were massive and going on past experience many will be fraudulent. This scam brought in by Labour to boost its vote has come round to bite that party on the backside.

Of course the cast votes massively favoured Galloway showing not so much political beliefs, left or right but, muslim solidarity and by extension an anti British mindset.

So what could be done to halt and reverse this take over of our country aided and abetted by traitors such as Galloway?

Stop ALL immigration, that goes without saying.
Abolish the fraudulent postal voting scam.
Restrict child credit to the first two children, which would hit large muslim families and hopefully stop them breeding the British people into extinction.
Enact laws which give the native people primacy in our own land.

These alone are not enough or this disaster will repeat itself in other towns and cities, there are many other policies which I will not detail here.

But will the main parties do anything to halt our indigenous demise?

I doubt it.
They will try to appease the muslim "communities" by subsidy and "positive discrimination".
Patriots will continue to be harrassed and muslims left unpunished for their crimes.
And we will sink further into the abyss.


The result may provide a wake up call for all British people and show them the dangers of the muslim menace. It may induce people to vote for nationalist parties, even if they are as wet as UKIP but even that would be a step but only a step in the right direction.
Anything is better than the status quo.

In the meantime ALL Nationalists should put aside their petty differences and unite against the common enemy, and we need a new leader who can unite us.

I have to give it to Galloway, he is a fantastic orator and motivator of his potential voters.

We need his patriotic equivalent, a man who can unite and inspire his followers, or we will in future be governed and bossed by traitors such as Galloway and his alien supporters.

WHERE IS THAT MAN who can inspire all patriots to rise and take our country back?

WE NEED HIM, and quickly.


Durotrigan said...

Galloway also caused the Conservative and Liberal Democrat votes to collapse in Bradford West. This was a straightforward case of Muslims voting en bloc for a sympathetic candidate:

Fascia and Roofing Specialists said...

Regardless of your opinions on the victory of the despicable and sordid George Galloway, bear this in mind and beware of the power of the Muslim vote. A relative of mine who lives in Bradford says that all the Muslim women were 'instructed' by their husbands and fathers to vote for the Respect party. Apparently outside the polling station that he used, a rubbish bin was full of photocopies of an election form with Galloway's name ringed on it and the area was full of veiled toothless old ladies that had not seen the light of day for eons, and could probably not read or write. These poor souls had been dragged out and shepherded to the polling stations under some form of 'respectful' custom. The form was in a foreign language. Can someone in the area investigate this please. My cousin has informed the Electoral Commission by telephone and they seem interested, and he has kept a copy for them, but whether they will act or not I do not know. The time has come now for pro-active action for there are dozens if not scores of constituencies in Britain where this could happen. Patriots, we have been given a message. We must act before the most dreadful happens. The Muslims will now know the power of our democracy, and they will not miss the chance to use it to their own ends.

Salford City said...

There is some poetic justice and satisfaction in watching the prime faciltators of the islamic invasion - Labour - be devoured by the muslim beast. The marxists have been investing and inculcating, by way of mass immigration, the faciltators of their own bid for power since the 1960s. If left unchecked the muslim beast will devour them too -theocracy will not tolerate the atheism of marxism ( though perhaps marxists will also have to adapt or die!) Obviously the muslim lobby will grow as their numbers grow and as such Sharia and the process of islamification without even forming a majority of the population would become inevitable. I presume they won't be inviting Professor David Starkey back on Question Time for some time after this event - let alone Nick Griffin.