Friday, 16 March 2012


Recently there have been several programmes on television about China.
Fair enough, China is expected to be the largest economy in the world before long, partially on account of their large population.
Much is made of Chinese competition in the production of manufactured goods and the fact that they work for low wages and thus undercut us.
Chinese wages are roughly on a par of ours fifty years ago and are rising fast.
Comparisons are difficult as exchange rates come into it and the cost of living for the average chinese person is less than it is here as they do not have to pay as much for services which are provided locally.

So what does this mean economically?
It means that chinese people are not much worse off than we are materially.
Their taxes are less and the costs of their essentials sourced internally are low.

Now just look at the average chinese populace. Do they look malnourished or deprived? They all have the latest electronic gear and look healthy and prosperous.

But in these programmes the absence of democracy is mentioned. The Communist Party is supreme and its edicts must be obeyed.
If the state says something must be done it must.

Yes the Chinese government is all powerful but it in general rules with the assent of the people of China. It does clamp down on organisations which threaten the stability of the state, unsurprising in a nation of thirteen hundred million people.
To let things get out of hand would result in chaos and loss of life and be of no benefit to China and its people.

China has shown the way.
Contrast China with India. There is much more poverty and squalour in India. That is because in India there has never been a strong government in control.
The other reason is that in India there are many different religions and sects all of which from time to time cause strife. There is the caste system still influential and hardly democratic.

But above all China works as a united nation,admittedly enforced, but it works.
Look at any picture of groups of chinese people and they look completely unenriched. No blacks, Somalians or other non Chinese.
That is their strength, unity.

No they do not have democracy. But do we?

We put a cross against a party label every five years. These parties all have the same policies and if they get in renage on all their promises and we can do nothing.

The will of the people in Britain counts for no more than the will of the people of China.
BUT the Chinese government, undemocratic as it is supposed to be puts the interests of its own country first, and that is why we are finding it difficult to compete.

Would that we had a government as much in tune with its people's wishes and which put our country first, for without those things the future for our nation looks bleak.

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