Monday, 19 March 2012


The recent lengthy report by Tom Windsor on failings of the police "service" needs studying.

He says 50% are overweight, a claim that was instantly proved incorrect as it covered only the Met and concentrated on those who were off sick and or attended weight reduction courses.

Many of the so called overweight cops were muscular rugby prop forward types. Their body mass index may have been high but their strength is above average.
Do we really want puny cops?
I know that the old height requirement was reduced to enable more asians and women to become cops and thus render the force more "inclusive"

One may notice club doormen tend to have a high BMI and those with the sense to see it would realise that these people have to be able to take care of themselves, as often do the police.

The idea that graduates be fast tracked to senior positions without time on the beat is also misguided.
By all means have graduates but a bit of "street wisdom" is also essential.
Many of these graduates have qualifications in social studies, courses infested by political correctness and bring these attitudes to policing. They will of course tend to be of the left and can be counted on to promote the latest lefty fads.

Motorists will be targetted and the requisite box ticking performed to show progress. Racist speech will be stamped on (if spoken by whites) and muslim "communities" will be assisted to promote social harmony and "inclusiveness". Efforts will and are being made to reduce the prosecution of muslims and blacks.

In other words the priorities will be all wrong and bureaucracy will prevail and the average Brit persecuted, (especially if they find he is in the BNP). This has happened already and is one of the reasons the police have lost much of their respect.

So what is needed?

Streetwise bobbies without a head full of trendy theories, yes and fit and STRONG as well.
No promotion to senior position without experience on the beat.
Senior policemen to reallocate their priorities to tackle crime rather than PC and motoring infringements.

Scrap diversity and gay outreach officers. Yes the force is riddled with them and if numbers of officers are cut their positions are secure.

BUT the only way to cut crime is for more severe sentencing. The present shambles is as a result of the judiciary who fail to match the punishment to the crime.

How to cut costs?

Scrap the PCSOs who have no powers of arrest and if they had would be generally too slight to arrest anyone. They are a complete waste of time.

Our police WERE the best in the world but in recent years the standard has deteriorated largely due to measures similar to those Tom Windsor considers we need more of.

So stop all this PC nonsense and let the police do the job the people want them to.

PROTECT US. That's what we pay them for.

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