Monday, 19 March 2012


The tragic heart attack of the Bolton player Fabrice Muamba has shown how even fit people, even athletes can without warning be struck down.
Apart from his talent as a footballer common humanity should cause all to wish him a speedy recovery.
I wholeheartedly condemn the offensive comments put by a student in South Wales on Twitter . These comments were uncalled for and show a lack of compassion whatever the twitterer thinks about people from abroad.
Offensive as his comments were do they justify police action?
He did not as far as I know incite violence as many muslims do, he just stated his opinion offensive as that was.

I believe in free speech and much as I deprecate his comments I think he is entitled to say what he thinks.

If free speech which may not conform to the norms of society is to be prosecuted what does that say about that freedom.

It seems that we are entering an Orwellian society in which thoughts and comments which even though they pose no danger to the state are not allowed to be expressed.

If a person has a racist point of view in a supposedly free country he should be free to express it.




Morgan told us once"if you want to know how long your chains are ,just try reaching for something"We have no freedom because it has been murdered by psuedo-equality,you can not have both,to increase anothers "rights"means a diminution of your own,no matter how far you go,you will still end up UNEQUAL.Freedom however leads to the expansion of the spirit,broadens the soul,so that those who have awoken the spark of intellect can graze in the meadows of truth,in which case inequalities as there are would be meaningless,and self correcting.

Gem Junior said...

I see a pattern of a vile media cover-up of anything that supports the past nationality of England's ancient heritage, customs, laws,and culture. There is a goal to completely subvert all of it and to mix up the people until they don't know who or what they are. And it's not completely working because of those pesky nationalist organizations and that pesky internet letting people know what's really going on. This kid's incarceration is the warning, the actual clampdown will come when the internet is "regulated" LOL and the nationalist organizations such as BNP or EDL are shut down and jailed. I think that if the people do not rise up at that point there will be no hope. And while it's not quite as bad here with the free speech issue, it is also happening and consequently white Americans are starting to notice they are becoming second class citizens in a nation they created.