Tuesday, 22 June 2010

BNP lecturer behind Muslim heroin leaflet cleared of inciting religious hatred

Anthony Bamber, 54, a BNP activist, told a jury his intention was to create a debate about the ''crime against humanity'' that was the flow of the drug on to Britain's streets.

He was responsible for heading a campaign which sent up to 30,000 of the leaflets by hand or post to targeted areas and individuals throughout the north of England over a 12-month period.....

His aim was to create curiosity and interest which would then lead to a debate, he said.

''If I wanted to stir up religious hatred I would have aimed at a different group,'' said the former part-time lecturer of politics and economics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston."

(Not) So full article on this LINK

Now take a look at the full article written on the Lancashire Constabulary website here

You will have noticed that there are two very significant paragraphs missing (as below) from the Telegraph report........Why?

1)"Notwithstanding today's decision we condemn the contents of the leaflets and their distribution which we are concerned has the potential to damage community cohesion.

2)"We continue to work very closely with all our communities and partner agencies around community cohesion issues and we will take positive action against others who engage in such activity."


Dr Chris Hill said...

Below is a Lancashire Constabulary's spokespersons comment about the Tony Bamber case.

Detective Supt Neil Hunter Said:
"....... we will take positive action against others who engage in such activity."

But hold on there hasn't Tony's campaign just been proven to be perfectly legal? Are the police then now taking positive action against honest citizens engaged in perfectly legal activities simply because their political masters are embarrassed by the truth!

Silly Kuffar said...

I think we at Wigan BNP should get copies of the leaflet and start handing them out and leafleting areas. Wigan has a major problem with HEROIN abuse.

Anonymous said...

Silly Kuffar,

Thanks for the link to Radio Red White and Blue, how about a link to BNP TV, lots of interesting stuff on BNP TV.

A request from some, who have asked, seeking the truth.

Can we set up a Search facility, so they can see the truth, about certain Political Opposition in Wigan.

Our site is atracting people but it would help if they could type in certain ? and see our articles on that subject.

Just a thought.

Most requested, the Tony Ward interview, and the UAF thug lovers in Wigan and Leigh.


"damaging community cohesion"?the war has already started,wether any-one acknowledges it or not,personally i would not piss on the wogs if they were on fire.

Silly Kuffar said...

Hi BRITISHLADY - The Tony Ward Interview is further down the page for all to view.

Silly Kuffar said...

Hi BRITISHLADY - Thanks need to go to Charles for Radio RWB. I've only just noticed it. But I can't access most of it as BNP website has banned me. And after many attempts to get the ban removed (don't even know why i was banned) I am still unable to access it.