Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I see black left wing Labour leadership candidate Diane Abbott has justified sending her son to a private school on the grounjds that "black mothers are very interested in their childs welfare" or some such words. This implies of course that white mothers don't care about their kids, a rather racist remark I think. (come to think of it where is Mr Abbott?, does not this denote a racial characeristic?)
Now I as a BNP membher would be considered by Abbott and her ilk as right wing (I,m not) on account of my belief in and love for my own country and its people. I also do not believe in private education but can understand parents, driven to despair by the ruined education system imposed on our children by the egalitarian Labour governement whose beliefs are those of levelling down rather than rewarding achievement. They of course can afford to by pass this iniquitous system.

My grandchildren are trapped in it and their education is years behind mine at my old primary church school.
The subjects taught in secondary school are "soft" such as drama, cookery and dance while "hard subjects such as maths and science are neglected, and that's the boys.
No wonder there are so many unemployed youngsters. They have no qualifications relevant to the world of work.
Also there is no discipline in the schools and special attention is given to the disruptive pupils while those wishing to learn are discouraged.
How can we ever compete with China and India with this shambles?
On paper the results look good, this being as a result of making exams easier.

A difficulty is that many teachers have been educated under this regime and also know little. I have heard of maths and other subjects being taught by teachers, often supply teachers who haave no knowledge of the subjects. The good dedicated teachers are becoming increasingly rare as they throw the towel in in despair.
It is impossible to sack incompetent teachers owing to the PC marxist NUT. They only support sacking of good teachers following spurious claims of "assault" by troublesome pupils, and so the decline in standards continues.

The Government solution? Tear down the old school and build a new one (financed by PFI which benefits their parasitical friends in the City). Fill the new school with the same unruly pupils and incompetent teachers and call it "an academy" with the word excellence tagged on to disguise the deceit.
It would be nice if we could all take the left wing egalitarian approach and have decent schools for our children and grandchildren, but then we whites can not play the "race card" as an excuse for our hypocricy, in spite of the fact that we care as much for our children as black single parents.
Some people and their children really are "MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS"


Silly Kuffar said...

Let's get a complaint in to the EHRC against abbot.

Silly Kuffar said...

A little list of Ms Abbotts RACISIM towards WHITE PEOPLE.

"Labour leadership candidate Diane Abbott is at the centre of a race row after describing David Cameron and Nick Clegg as 'two posh white boys'."

( )

"Miss Abbott, 56, has previously faced accusations of racism after suggesting that the 'blonde blue-eyed Finnish girls' working in her local hospital were unsuitable as nurses because they had 'never met a black person before'.
Miss Abbott has positioned herself as an anti-racism campaigner and once claimed that Britain had 'invented racism'."