Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I posted a story on here a few days ago reporting that Mike Whitby, BNP candidate for Liverpool Mayoral Elections, had been arrested for Electoral Fraud.

I have just came across the same story reported in the Gruniad and the Liverpool echo -

Now, I noticed that the Far-Left Gruniad article says this about Mike Whitbys so called Electoral fraud
"Police are investigating claims that he faked signatures and misled residents into signing his nomination papers, following an investigation by the Liverpool Echo. The newspaper interviewed several residents in the Wavertree area of the city who said Whitby had not mentioned the fact that he was standing for the BNP."

Now, Mike Whitby has not been accused of "FORGERY" but that he "FAKED" signatures. The definition of FAKE according to Wikipedia is
"Fake is a not a term and does not describe and does not imply that something is not real and that it is false"

Then when you read further on we are told that
"Whitby had not mentioned the fact that he was standing for the BNP"
The Liverpool Echo reported
"But one resident who said she had been approached for her signature by Mr Whitby said: “He never told me (he was BNP). That’s deception.“I can’t remember whether he said Liberal or Independent.”"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Mike Whitby has done, if the person who "can't remember" can't remember then maybe he said he was standing for the BNP or maybe even The British National Party.

Then we have someone else, not named saying
"Another of the people whose signatures are on the form added: “He did not say he was BNP, he just said he was a candidate to be the mayor."
So, there you go, Mike Whitby cannot be trusted because he DID NOT LIE NOR FORGE SIGNATURES according to some very strange unnamed signatories

So there was NO FORGERY, NO DECEPTION and NO CRIME in relation to the signatures, but that Whitby had not told the people who signed his form that he was standing for the BNP.
NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITED BY WHITBY, but the Police and CPS certainly seem to have been acting MALICIOUSLY.
(except that Mike is White and British and standing for the BNP, a LEGITIMATE POLITICAL PARTY).

Now Mike, get down to the Solicitors and get NICK and whoever else in the EUSSR to get this into the EUROPEAN COURTS OF HUMAN RIGHTS and sue these bastards for every penny you can get, might be an idea to check on what Human Rights of yours have been stamped on and the fact that the British Legal system and its enforcers have done this for POLITICAL PURPOSES.

I wonder how many arrests there have been in Bradford since Gorgeous George (I AM A MUSLIM, DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT I AM A MUSLIM, GOD KNOWS WHO IS A MUSLIM AND WHO ISN'T) Galloway, who hates Nazis but is willing to destroy the country of birth of those who fought and defeated the Nazis.

As an aside
Could someone ask Galloway about the Muslims who fought as NAZIS for the NAZIS ? (Muslim Nazi 13th SS Handzar Division) Nazi SS Skanderbeg Division)

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el-Husseini

It is also rumoured the RED KEN LIVINGSTONE has been involved in a similar, if not the very same, MASS ISLAMIC CONVERSION CEREMONY that Galloway undertook.
I wonder what he has to say about this ?

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