Saturday, 19 May 2012


I have been following the reporting of the ENGLISH defence league and it's zionist political party the BFP.

I have asked once or twice on the GofV comments section what ISRAEL and ZIONISTS have to do with the DEFENCE OF ENGLAND and the EDL/BFP.

For my sins I have been banned from commenting on the PRO ISRAELI/ZIONIST GofV.

To all self respecting NATIONALISTS in Britain I urge you to shun the GofV blog, the ENGLISH (ZIONIST) defence league.

It seems the GofV would prefer it if the EDL/BFP do not defend ENGLAND but defend ISRAEL and it's ZIONIST masters.

If you don't believe me ask the GofV if ISRAELI/ZIONIST JEWS are going to defend the ENGLISH/BRITISH in our HOMELAND.

It won't belong before they ban you.


If you don't believe me go and watch the latest interview with TOMMY (I'M NOT ENGLISH) ROBINSON, HE STATES THAT THEY SUPPORT JEWS/ISRAEL.

ask them what does the ENGLISH defence league has to do with ZIONISTS/ISRAEL and JEWS.

Don't expect them to post your comments.

Strange how an American website tries to tell the BRITISH and ENGLISH who to support.

Gates of Vienna is run by the American Security Services.


Cygnus said...

GOV is not run by the American security services.
It is, however, a site run by Americans.
Paul Weston has been a regular contributor to GOV for a long time so their links to the EDL/BFP are no surprise. Impartiality cannot be expected from them.

As for the EDL having a staunchly pro-Israel approach, I do find it odd that they choose to muddy the message like they do.

But then again, there is much funding to be had globally for people who follow that particular path. Maybe it all comes down to money...

Silly Kuffar said...

You say GofV is not run by the American Security services.

Certain comments were left on our blog which, even though being in the public domain, were not easy to come across.
I have even tried to find them myself online and was unable too.
GofV didn't take long in finding them.

I still want to know what the EDL and Israel have to do with protecting the English.

I've been following GofV for a few years now, Weston was never a contributor or had submitted any articles on GofV that I can find, Only those that he submitted in regards to the BFP.
Why ?

Silly Kuffar said...

And, why should we believe that Tommy Robinson and friends are not nazis and racists?

He doesn't mind accepting what the far left say about British Nationalists but expects us to believe that what they say about him and the EDL are lies.

Rather strange don't you think.

Silly Kuffar said...

"Maybe it all comes down to money... "

If it does then the last thing you should be doing is supporting the EDL/BFP.

I'm sure my grandparents never asked how much they were going to get paid for putting their lives on the line and defending Poland.

And after saving Poland from the Nazis why have they all decided to come here?

Cygnus said...

GOV were publishing transcriptions of Westons speeches, and his articles long before he became leader of the BFP.

They, and he, have been involved together in the counter-jihad movement for some time now.

I'm not sure what you mean with regards to Robinson being a nazi, but I agree that being pro or anti Jewish has very little to do with the problems affecting our country at the moment.

My point about finance was that I think certain individuals seem to be targeting a rich vein of support, and the price for this is they must proselytise their paymasters beliefs.

My personal opinion of the BFP is that it is a platform from which Weston can jet around the world trying to look important.
It is not a political party, and certainly not a nationalist one.

Silly Kuffar said...

Could you post me some links to Westons articles before the EDL/BFP on GofV please?

Cygnus said...

Try this.

Silly Kuffar said...

Hi Cygnus,

What I meant about Robinson being a Nazi is this -

The same leftys who call British Nationalists Nazis are the same leftys who call the EDL/Robinson Nazis.

Robinson says that British Nationalists are Nazis, because the leftys say so, but Robinson and the EDL are called Nazis by the same leftys. He wants everyone to believe that the leftys are right when they claim Nationalists are Nazis but are wrong to call the Robinson/EDL Nazis.

He can't have it both ways.

They are either lying about Nationalists being Nazis and therefore they must be lying about Robinson/EDL being Nazis.

But Robinson is willing to push the leftys "all Nationalists are Nazis"

But they Lie about Robinson/EDL being Nazis.

Do you see where a lot of what Robinson says can't be trusted.

Silly Kuffar said...

Thanks Cygnus for the link.

You were correct about Weston.

But I now have even more doubts about his motives.

He was willing to stand for UKIP, so what happened ?

Now he's moved on to the EDL then BFP.

I watched the interview of him, robinson and the other EDL geezer (can't remember his name)announcing their support for the BFP.

Weston couldn't get a word in edgeways as robinson and the other geezer just kept talking over him when he tried to say anything.

Forget BFP and EDL.

If anything the EDL should be used as the boots on the streets protecting and defending our little girls from being preyed upon by the Pakistani Islamic community, who, according to someone from within the Pakistani Islamic community, they see WHITE GIRLS AS THIRD CLASS VERMIN and they are allowed to carry out these Paedophilic activities as part of JIHAD.

The POLICE are unwilling to arrest and prosecute these paedophiles in case they are seen to be RACIST.

If the police are now so PC that they will not protect little indigenous white girls from the immigrants Pakistani Paedophiles then the EDL SHOULD.

The BFP hasn't a chance of being a force to be reckoned with in British politics. Most of their members are ex BNP, so as far as Robinson/EDL is concerned the members of the BFP are Nazis, the leftys told him.
So that's a dead end for them.

But a party will emerge that EVERYONE CAN RALLY ROUND without being tainted like Griffin and the BNP.

Don't forget, the leftys support the Pakistani Islamists paedophiles.

Maybe robinson/BFP should get a few of the EDL boys together and go knocking on the doors of the leftys and giving them a piece of their own medicine.

Their names, photos and addresses are available online.

Silly Kuffar said...

Oops, just missed this -
Weston, whose wife is an immigrant from Romania blah de blah.

Even European Immigrants are just a different type of invader.

I would like to know why, after the British went to war with Germany to protect Poland and lost a lot of indigenous British lives on the battle fields of Europe, that they have now become invaders of Britain.

What a waste of British lives.

Cygnus said...

Weston is also supposedly a landlord of properties in certain Eastern European countries...

As for his approval of UKIP, here is an interview where he describes the BFP as 'Basically UKIP, but we will talk about Islam'

As you can see, he is not a particularly good public speaker. Robinson certainly is so Weston is probably happy floating in the background and saying very little.

I completely agree that the EDL should remain a street level protest group and not get involved in politics. Most of their rank and file wont support the BFP so I dont really see the point.

Hopefully most decent nationalists can see that the party is a dead end and not worth supporting. Their economic plans would mean disaster and their 20 Point Plan is little more than a joke.

Silly Kuffar said...

I noticed the Weston interviewer is Jewish.

I'm not particularly bothered about Jews either way, but they seem to have an awful lot of influence regarding the Media and who WILL GET MEDIA COVERAGE, WHOSE POINT OF VIEW IS TO BE PROMOTED and WHO SHOULD BE SHUNNED/IGNORED.

Corens SUN channel is promoting Weston/BFP/EDL at the expense of all others.

Coren and his zionist SUN channel has given Weston and the BFP/EDL quite a bit of airtime of late.
Yet again another non indigenous British racial group trying to push their own agenda for Britain and the British.

We don't need anyone pushing political agendas that does not truly have the interests of the Indigenous British at heart.

I also think that NO IMMIGRANT, be they 1st,2nd,3rd Generation or whatever Immigrants to Britain should ever be allowed to stand for election and should never hold positions of power which can be used to further their own agenda rather than what's best for the Indigenous British.

I wonder how many non Jews are allowed to stand for election to the Knesset, how many immigrants are sitting in the Reichstag, Bicameral, senate in France, or the political systems of Pakistan, India, China etc.

So who decided to allow immigrants the opportunity of taking control of Britain and lord it over its indigenous population.

The English Bill Of Rights of 1689 expressly forbids it.

If Britain is broken up into separate states through the work of the Scottish National Party (Funny how the UAF/MARXISTS never attack Scottish Nationalism or Plaid cymru, Welsh Nationalism) then we should demand that our BILL Of Rights is followed to the letter, and if force is needed to reclaim and use our Bill of Rights for our advantage then so be it.

Andyj said...

Using Israel as a friend has to be for a purpose. Of course. Tommy Rob is deffo overdoing the Jewish thing. Can't see him backing Zionist Breviek in the same breath somehow.

What the pro-war, pro-muslim paedo UAF say of anyone is no consequence to me because they are mentally ill.

If Robinson et al are willing to keep all other like minded factions apart from his goals and aspirations then he is obviously racing for the cliff.

The English Bill of Rights has been superseded for EU law. They passed that after locking out the hereditary peers and replacing them for Brit hating sycophants. Since that time all new laws have been a sham.

At one time an outlaw was a man who was not given the protection of the law and anyone could do anything to him without reprisal. Now its sadly going the other way. We need 'out' to gain security and freedoms!

Andyj said...

Just attempted a site owner/registrant search.

Someone is keeping coy. The blog is under the "markmonitor" umbrella company.. That takes money.

As goes a CIA op. Interesting.....

"Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

US to reaffirm commitment to Israel's security

Just the recent news.........

Silly Kuffar said...

Thanks Andyj,

You know that when something doesn't smell right it's because it isn't right.

Do yourself a favour, go to VofF and find the latest EDL/BFP post and ask them what Israel has to do with the EDL/BFP and, most importantly, PROTECTING THE ENGLISH.

Let's see how friendly they are in not answering your question.

I also noted that VofF has lost a few of its contributors, there is only two left from around about 4/5 2 or 3 yrs ago.

I wonder why ?