Monday, 7 May 2012


Much comment has been in the media in the last few days over the poor turn out in the local elections.

The question that should be answered  but is not asked is Why?

The reason should be obvious.

We have no one to vote for, no one or party which motivates us to vote, no party which represents the policies which matter to the average British citizen.
When people are motivated turn out is higher as in Bradford when Galloway got the alien voters to the polling booths (and many multiple and dubious postal votes) on account of his statements about Palestinian persecution.
Of course these considerations, unjust as they may be are completely irrelevant to British people, but they motivated his non British voters who in a just world should not have had the right  to vote in our country.

What we THE BRITISH PEOPLE  want is a party WHICH REPRESENTS US, our desires and interests and then people will vote and I am sure vote the right way.

The BNP is talked about as a party which is a spent force, correctly I think, an irrelevence owing to the bad management of the leadership.
It is called "extreme right" by the media but on message boards is said to be extreme left.

Nationalism is in my opinion neither and if we can get together a party with a programme which looks after our interests we can progress.

So what are the policies of a "nationalist" party or nationalists?
Are we Left or Right?

I believe we are neither and that is a strength. We can appeal to people from both sides of the political spectrum if we get our act together as a movement.

To believe in our own country, people and culture is considered to be "right", but to believe in national ownership of public utilities and national resources and fair shares for the average person is considered "left".

The government is now trying to rescue its failing popularity by ceasing to promote gay marriage and reform of the House of Lords. Yes gay marriage is an oxymoron and anathema to any moral and civilised person and the House of Lords may need reform, but these issues are not the reason why the Tories were rejected and show how out of touch the posh boys of the Tories are.

These issues are peripheral and did not influence the voting numbers.

People voted as they did (or did not) because there is at present no vehicle which represents their legitimate interests.

As nationalists we believe in our nation, its integrity and right to control our own political and economic interests, democracy in other words. This of course means an exit from the clutches of the undemocratic EU.
We believe that the native people of these islands should have priority in our own and only land.

We believe the financial system should be regulated in the interests of the British people rather than international financiers and bankers.

We believe that our industries (such as we have now left) should remain in British control and that endeavours made to bring back into British control those sold abroad.

We believe we are overpopulated and should halt immigration as we have no room. If we need trained people we should train them ourselves by means of a greatly improved educational system which concentrates on subjects that matter to our future prosperity.

We believe native British people should have priority in housing. IT'S OUR LAND, and they are our houses.

We believe that our laws should take priority over those of foreign entities such as the European Court of Human Rights and we should expel those foreign criminals who abuse our country's hospitality.

We believe we should not become involved in foreign wars which do not concern us.

We as democrats believe in free speech and our right to complain about ANYTHING with which we disagree.

We believe that people who are prepared to work hard are entitled to a decent standard of living and that this should be ensured by the government.

These are just a few core nationalist beliefs which are also held by the majority of the people.
If one of the "main" parties promoted these principles they would win a massive majority, SO WHY DON'T THEY?


OUR POLICIES ARE PORTAYED AS EXTREME (or Fascist or Nazi),  by the state and banker controlled media who have their own anti British agenda.

BUT, if a party could stand on these and other suchlike principles I believe it would gain massive support.
People are fed up of politicians using us for their own ends and promoting the interests of their greedy friends and that is why they do not vote.

If we unite under a banner proclaiming these principles , which are neither Left or Right we can influence the politics of our country for the better.

The people are crying out for it, a fair deal. AND WE CAN DO IT.

These wishes are not extreme are they?

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