Monday, 7 May 2012


The gang of savages in this video beat, rob and strip the WHITE victim, for no other reason but racism
How long before it spreads to this town?
(I know this attack to place in the USA but it will spread like a cancer in our society and already is in some areas of Britain)
London sees Black on White racial crime every day, not to mention the Northern Towns and Cities where racial attacks on the WHITE victims are ignored by the powers that be.

Don't worry though as racial attacks on WHITES in our Town will be seen on CCTV and recorded, to put on youtube to help defend the attacker, and humiliate the Victim, in a court of law, if it would ever get there in the first place.

Remember "KILL THE WHITE BITCH" when a WHITE woman was attacked by 3/4 Somali immigrants, they were never sent to prison for the VIOLENT RACIALLY MOTIVATED ATTACK on a WHITE Woman.

Their excuse was that they were drunk due to never having drank alcohol before and were not used to it, because of their religion.

You go into Wigan Town Center get drunk and start a brawl then blame your violent actions on not being used to drinking due to your Strict Christian upbringing and
you will be arrested, charged and found guilty in court for being Violent, breach of the peace etc.

So, according to the PTB WORDS not VIOLENT actions are more likely get you sent to Prison, especially if the remarks are made by WHITES.

The "MY TRAM EXPERIENCE" or the NON racial words put on twitter by a WHITE MAN in regards to a Black footballer who had collapsed whilst playing a football match, both were sent to Prison,and they never mentioned race or skin colour

Only the WHITES receive Prison sentences for not wanting to be enriched by immigrants placed in their Towns and Cities.

How vibrant, how Enriched we will all be when the Savages kick off.

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