Tuesday, 15 May 2012


An interesting piece in the news today.
People including Trevor Phillips are bemoaning the fact that Social Services are finding it difficult to find adoptive homes for black and mixed race children and are trying to get the rules changed.
The cause it is said that PC rules adopted by Social Services prohibit mixed race adoption leaving these kids to languish in the "care" of the State, with all the disadvantages that entails.

The present theory is that children need to be brought up by "parents" of their own race and culture.
Mixed race kids even though half white are always classed as black by the authorities.

These prescriptive rules are said to be the reason why there are so many such children unplaced and efforts are being made to get the rules changed.

But think a bit further and what is evident is that black parents are unwilling to adopt children  even of their own ethnicity. They demonstrate a lack of compassion or desire to give a good home to one of their own.
As a corollary it shows that there are a disproportunate number of black and mixed race kids in care.
This large proportion in comparison to their numbers shows the lack of family values among black men who are content to have sex with many compliant women without any concern for the offspring from their brief liasons and leave the State to cope with the consequences.

Yes there are racial and cultural differences and these are shown in these facts.

The blacks cause the problem and the whites try to solve it but are not as yet allowed as that is not


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