Saturday, 12 May 2012


Reports have indicated that police are investigating a new case of child grooming and abuse by alien muslim perverts in Rochdale.
I'm not surprised, there will be many more cases of such abuse in Rochdale and other muslim infested towns.
It's taken a long time to induce the police to get a grip and overcome their fear of being accused of "racism" instead reverting to their PC default position.
The Charlene Downes case is one the authorities wish us to forget especially since the case was dismissed owing to police incompetence.

Now in the Black Power activist and thug St Stephen Lawrence case, the law was  changed in order to gain a conviction, so determined were the authorities and police to push their agenda.
Up to now this double jeapordy law has not been used in Charlene's case. We can only hope.

The extent of muslim grooming which most knew about had been swept under the carpet until it became too severe to ignore further and the floodgates open.

The authors of the Mc Pherson report and their idiotic term "institutionalised racism" have a lot to answer for, many cases of abuse and even deaths. If justice were done they would be prosecuted for crimes against our people, but that will never happen.

On Question Time last Thursday panellists and audience tried to move the blame from the muslims and on to the children. The victims were it seems at fault.
I was particularly sickened by a vicar who blamed the girls and I switched off at that moment. No wonder the Cof E is such a laughing stock when its clergy take the side of the opposition.
How long before they cease to exist?

However there is a point that many of these young girls were in care and ran wild in spite of the care homes being lavishly paid to look after them.
It seems profit was all that counted and like many government organisations their actions were not "as stated on the tin",THEY DID NOT CARE.
These failing organisations have much to answer for.

A whole generation of young people have been betrayed by the authorities, Social Services, the police and educationalists and it is they who pay the price.
If a parent or teacher physically restrains a young person they can end up with a criminal conviction. There is no sanction for disobedience. Physical punishment is banned and young people prescribed drugs instead.
I do not see how years of being drugged up on Ritalin is preferable to a slap which is over in a moment.
It's the law of unintended consequences again.

But these deficiencies in the education of childern do not excuse their abuse at the hands of frustrated muslims. It is noteworthy that all these cases involve members of this pestilential creed.
Let's face it, they hold us and our society in contempt even as they avail themselves of our welfare provision and abuse our children.

It is no good the PC people in the media and goverment agencies trying to cover this up.
The cat is well and truly out of the bag and other convictions will follow and there is a head of resentment building up, in spite of the media not allowing comments.

Something will have to give and soon to at least stop the rot and begin to rid our country of this infection which threatens to kill our society, or-



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