Monday, 21 November 2011


As the Euro crisis deepens, hastening to its inevitable, and to most in our country welcome demise those in control desperately try to keep the show on the road at any price.
Unelected bureaucrats have been imposed on the peoples of Greece and Italy and only time will tell whether the people will put up with the measures prescribed.
Stock markets are falling and bond rates are rising, both indicative of a lack in confidence in the whole concept (or a ploy by bankers to cause further assaults on democracy)

Some were shocked at the imposition of unelected leaders to Greece and Italy, without realising that the European Community is run by unelected behind the scenes bureaucrats.
The EU Parliament makes resolutions but has no effective power. That is exerted by the unelected "Commission". Not exactly democracy, but then it is little different from the situation here when Cameron renages on his promise for a referendum, cuts in immigration and unsuitable and unelected people given power,("Baronesses" Warsi and Ashton for ecample)

The justification for this stealthy and massive retreat from democracy is that these people know better than the average pleb.
Well on past form those now ruling us have not acqitted themselves very well as they designed the obviously failed concept of the Euro and cooked the books to allow Greece to enter the Euro zone. It is ironic that the man who committed this fraud now runs Greece.

Democracy is a concept our people hold dear, have fought for and will not give up easily. We were ruled by kings and dictators in the past but nowadays it is bankers.

The will of the people they say is often wrong and dictatorships can be more efficient and get things done. What the people want is not always in the best interest of the country they say.
That is no doubt true sometimes in the short term until the inevitable corruption takes over, but do our so called leaders expect us to believe that our countries and lives will be run in our interests rather than the bankers who rule us now?

And don't think dictatorship by bankers is more benign than those of former Communist or Fascist dictators. Many of the recent wars have had banking advantages as a motive.

Cameron said last week that if we left the EU we would end up like Norway.
Well that's the best reason for leaving, as Norway has a high standard of living and a budget surplus owing to its gas, oil, hydroelectric and fish resources, the latter saved from over exploitation by its freedom from the EU.
Does Cameron really believe Norway is at a disadvantage, or Switzerland, a country which decides its future by referenda?

Cameron has shown himself as much a traitor and in hock to the NWO as his Labour predecessors and the Europhiles in his own party who, with the complicity of the bankers are presiding at the ruin of not only this country but Europe as a whole.

The Eurocrats have mixed our populations in order to dilute national solidarity and opposition to the injustices now being perpetrated on us. The multi culti mix will make a "peasant revolt" harder to sustain.

When the iniquitous Euro project does collapse it will be hard for all Europeans, but with luck we will be able to unite with the people of those countries to take them back, and

PUNISH THOSE WHO BETRAYED US by taking our peoples into a system destined to fail and against our interests.

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