Tuesday, 22 November 2011


The latest government scheme to stimulate the economy and solve the housing problem demonstrates their lack of economic knowledge.
The idea that to help first time buyers with their deposits by guaranteeing most of the amount will make buying a house easier is madness.
The cause of the present high house prices was that borrowing too much too easily caused a boom in those prices.

I know a high deposit is hard to save for but if this is made easier house prices will go up by an equivalent amount as more people take advantage of the seemingly favourable terms and rush to buy.
This will help nobody least of all those young people tempted by this seemingly good offer as they will end up paying a much higher mortgage. If in the meantime interest rates go up they would become unable to keep up the mortgage payments and be repossessed. It would be a repeat of the sub prime disaster in the USA.

The government it seems not to have learnt from this recent lesson in economic madness.
Continuing in this cycle of madness, after enough people had joined this band wagon causing a temporary rise in prices when the inevitable slump came many would be in negative equity.
Of course the banks and builders would benefit from this temporary boom but the price would be paid by those conned into buying at a time when prices are higher than what is sustainable in the long term.

Of course there is a severe house shortage as there is bound to be with 500,000 extra people entering the country each year.
That is what prices the young people out of houses, a shortage caused by immigration.
There is a shortage of council accomodation as well. The government idea is to continue the Thatcherite idea of selling public housing to tenants at knock down prices and using the money to build fewer houses elsewhere.

I have always been against selling council houses off. They were originally built to serve a social need, housing for those who were unable to afford to buy. Now it seems they are increasingly allocated to immigrants.
These houses were originally built with the taxes of the British people and should be reserved for the poorer BRITISH PEOPLE.
They should not be sold off, least of all to those people from abroad who have jumped the queue to gain social housing.

A simple way of solving some of the problems would be to reserve social housing (and housing benefit) for those of British stock. If that were done there would be houses enough for all British people, and it would encourage alien people to return to their own countries.
It would also reduce the cost of mortgages, rents and the price of houses, to the benefit of all apart from those who paid too much for their properties and speculators in the housing market.
It would also reduce the need for taxes as rents could be lower and thus housing benefits.

It won't happen of course as the government is in hock to the building industry and the immigrant "communities"which supply them with the cheap foreign labour to the detriment of our own youth.

But just say it did.

We could then have cheaper houses for OUR young people, more jobs and relieve our countryside from the danger of being completely built over.

If the value of the properties owned by my generation fell they would be just as liveable and be a small price to pay for the future of our descendants who it seems are now destined to a life of unemployment and unable to afford a family while immigrants occupy the social housing stock and use this asset to achieve race replacement by out breeding us.

Common sense Nationalist economics I think.

Our "leaders" for the most part studied "Politics, Philosophy and Economics at university.
Either they had poor teachers or were poor learners as their politics has been shown to be a failure (the EU project) philosophy(destroy the British people?,foreign wars?) or economics (massive debts).

We are ruled by incompetents who mostly have never worked with real people in the real world and know nothing of the subjects they were so expensively subsidised to learn.
That Cameron knew so little about life was shown yesterday when he walked round a building site in his specially provided boots with his trousers outside them.

Our leaders are fools but so are those who voted for them.

When will the people learn?


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