Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Congratulations to the Prime Minister of Greece in offering a referendum on the EU or the punitive terms of the so called rescue of the Greek economy.
At least he is offering the Greek people a say on the way their country is run.
I know the Greeks and other European peoples wish to run their own countries in their own way under their own rules and not dictated to by the bureaucrats and bankers of the EUSSR.

A Greek exit from the Euro will cause hardship but that currency and idea is destined to fail in any case and all will suffer including us who are not even in this web of deceit.

There are the shoots of democracy in Europe and the southern Europeans, being more volatile take to the streets more readily when oppressed in the cause of democracy. This latter concept has been lacking in Europe for the past forty years with more powers taken from elected representitives to the unelected EU bureaucrats.
Our MPs with a few honourable exceptions have been hoodwinked or bribed into believing in this untenable concept and with luck will get their come uppance soon.

The unimaginable sums supposedly owed do not exist. They are just lines of computer jargon, created out of thin air by the bankers who then charge interest on them condemning millions to poverty.

Now back to Greece.

The "experts" say that if Greece goes back to the Drachma nobody will trade with them as it is not backed by assets. They say Greece will not be able to buy essentials such as oil and food.

Do they think the Greeks are thick? Do they think they have wasted all this money they have had out of the EU and spent it?. Do they think the Greeks did not see this coming?.
What do you think they did with the money they were supposed to pay in taxes to support the banks but witheld?
They converted it into solid assets such as property and gold and hidden it.
I believe Greece has a lot of money which they have decided they will not give to the EU and the banks and underneath all this are quite wealthy as a nation.
If I were a Greek a year ago that is what I would have done, taken my money and put it in tangible assets and I am sure many Greeks have done the same now.

There is enough capital in Greece to start again with the Drachma.

So the Greeks in striking a blow for democracy will with luck begin to destroy the Orwellian EU concept and we will be able to look forward to a continent of friendly nations unconstrained by the banks and commisars of Brussells.

The people will not fight each other, only their treacherous rulers.

Greeks, we back you in your quest and to quote a Tory quisling we really are all in this together, apart from him and his ilk.

Yes there will be problems at first and some hardship but nothing in comparison to what could await us if they (and we)fail to rid ourselves of the EU yoke.

I congratulate the Greeks.




Andyj said...

Holidays to Greece ended after they took up the euro because their costs came to a parity with europe.
If they split from the eu I'd be tempted to buy a property there.

poppy said...

congrats to greece were a little premature as they have now fallen to the dreaded dictators MERKEL AND SARKOZY....WAKE UP YOU GREEKS AND FIGHT BACKrevab